The grey color in the interior and its combinations with other colors

Chicago-based interior designer Jean Stoffer turned to Benjamin Moore's statement color Englewood Cliffs when creating a sitting room for her clients. Stoffer says it was the ideal choice to coordinate with the new decor and offer a respite from the adjacent open-concept kitchen, dining, and living space.

This gray creates beautiful movement and interest, which is why it's one of our favorites! I have used it in kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. It is the perfect neutral dark gray for any space.

As with any painting project, the key to achieving success is testing colors in person before making the final decision. Aldred encourages homeowners to always be sure to "sample, sample, sample. To sample paint like a pro, Wadden suggests painting a 3-foot square in the space. By Elizabeth Sweet June 01, Save Pin FB ellipsis More.

Credit: Marty Baldwin. Credit: Courtesy of reDesign Home. Credit: Courtesy of Light and Dwell. Credit: Poppi Photography. Credit: Ariel Okin. Kitchen with bar seating and white cabinets Image zoom. Credit: James Nathan Schroder. Credit: Becky Shea. Credit: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams. For rooms that call for a bolder statement, try these expert-recommended dark-gray paint colors. Credit: Dana Wolter. Credit: Courtesy of Jean Stoffer Design. View Series. Kitchen cabinets in Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore.

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All rights reserved. Red and black have always made for a good combination and no matter what shade of red you use, it should comfortably fit in alongside black. If you plan on making a fiery design that shows you mean business, experiment with a color scheme such as red and black. Just like the drink that this color is named after, Mango Mojito is a delicious, pleasurable shade of yellow-gold.

Terrarium Moss is an earthy, green-brown and, while you might not initially think these are two colors that go together, they do look great side by side. Yellow and green are two colors that represent life and growth. We find renewed energy in this refreshing color combination. When mixed together, they make a luscious lime green shade. In addition to this, yellow and green are analogous on the color wheel. A business could use these colors on their logo to highlight their environmental awareness, but also show that they are creative and cheerful.

A pearly white plays off the deep red of Space Cherry in stunning fashion. It could look amazing when used on the walls of your house, where the white gains an added radiance alongside the cherry-red walls. Hunter Green is a gloriously deep color that makes you think of a lush and expansive forest. Raspberry is a deliciously fruity contrast that helps create a color combination which has a natural, wholesome flavor to it.

Green symbolizes clean living and health, and when interspersed with Raspberry, you get an energizing splash of passion and playfulness. As Raspberry is a sort of pink-red color, it could take on a wide variety of meanings in the eyes of color psychology. This color combination could be fantastic for advertising health products or organically produced foods. Green and purple are extremely complementary colors, even though they contrast so much. The contrast is indeed a spectacular one, and it can be seen in many gardens.

Purple flowers can look absolutely stunning amongst a sea of green. Both purple and green are positive colors that imbue a room or a composition with increased vitality and energy.

We see a very delicate, pale pink here accompanied by a reliable shade of navy blue. The contrast is obviously very noticeable, but the two colors compliment each other magnificently. For example, pink and navy are two colors that go together when it comes to clothing. The navy acts as the demure half of an outfit, while the pink grabs the attention. Pink in itself can have multiple interpretations. Lighter hues of pink, such as this one could be seen as gentle and peaceful, while brighter pinks might be considered symbolic of sweetness.

Stand out from the crowd with a Bright Red and Cyber Yellow color scheme. This color combination can be really effective for advertising and creating sales posters. The eye sees yellows first and this helps to enhance the effect of the message you are trying to get across. It inspires quick decision making and coaxes the viewer into taking action. Bright Red is also a thought-provoking color that inspires movement.

Yellow and red are also said to increase hunger, which is why so many food brands use it on their packaging. Ultimately, the color combination of red and yellow is extremely captivating.

It bursts forth from a design 6 X 10 Grey Plastic Shed With and launches an assault on the senses. Toffee instantly conveys imagery of lots of tasty toffee, but set that aside for one minute and consider the more reserved Sweet Corn.

Its subtle white tone gives this color combination a thoroughly delicious texture. Think chocolate and milk, for example. One might be seen as luxurious and pleasurable while the other could be seen as healthy and stable. This is one of those color combinations that follows suit with real-life scenarios. Toffee would be too dark and uninspiring on its own, but when combined with Sweet Corn it gets a huge lift.

Dark green and black is a color combination that looks strong and impactful. By using a darker green, you can almost blend it into black. While this is one of the more dusky color combinations, Fifty Shades Of Grey 3 Qartulad it can still shine bright when given the chance. When used on clothing, it can give a classy, modest look to an outfit. However, if you were to employ this color combination in a room, it might come across as too gloomy.

Due to the fact that orange is such a loud, vibrant color, teaming it up with a neutral color like white can result in an outstanding color combination. A lighter shade of orange would be good here too, but if you want to really show your fun side, splash out with this vivid shade of orange. Bold orange can be a divisive color, just as many people will say they love it as those who hate it. Take liberty with it on your walls, your clothes, and your designs.

Aspen Gold is a gorgeous shade of yellow-gold that brightens up a design like a field of daffodils. Princess Blue is akin to the graceful Morpho butterfly landing delicately on their petals for nectar.

Yellow and blue are two colors that go together really well. Aspen Gold brings warmth and optimism, inspiring us to feel positive and look to the future with renewed hope. Princess Blue calms the boundless yellow and adds some responsibility and tranquility into the mix.

Picture the evening sky, still blue, but pierced by a collection of golden stars emerging from their hiding places. This is the type of effect you can achieve with some Princess Blue and Aspen Gold. The yellow really pops against the deep blue. Soybean is a very flexible, neutral shade that can be mixed with almost anything on the color wheel.

The nocturnal Eclipse is a complete contrast to Soybean, but it acts as an excellent companion to it. The warm tones are welcoming and approachable, encouraging interaction and engagement from someone viewing the colors.

A mixture of orange and pink can be found quite frequently in the plant world. Orange and pink flowers have a cozy, comforting vibe about them. This vibe can be replicated on interior walls or garments of clothing. Rose Pink is an attractive companion to this confident shade of purple. Pink and purple are close together on the color wheel and this commonality ensures that they are two colors that go together well.

They are both darker shades of their respective colors and this changes how they are perceived. Purple and pink in this instance could be seen as signifiers of creativity and wisdom.

Naturally, people will associate pink and purple as being one of the classic feminine color combinations. It has been used prominently in campaigns that discuss female health, such as breast cancer awareness.

This combo is effective in creating a warm, welcoming aura. Verdant Green, as its name suggests, is symbolic of growth and nature. Mellow Yellow is full of happiness and boundless joy. Let your fun and passionate side loose with a helping of Fiesta and Jester Red. As the name suggests, the red-orange Fiesta is the perfect party color. As far as clothing goes, Fiesta and Jester Red make a superb combo. Different shades of orange and red can clash in some instances, but these two colors look amazing together.

Jester Red and Fiesta could even work as a duotone style design that ever so slowly blends together. Powdered Sugar is a stunning alabaster-white that combines superbly with a sharp and sophisticated silver. Powdered Sugar and silver are both cool, relaxing colors that generate a vibe of sophistication and efficiency. Mix this profound purple with some Lemon Tonic to create an amazing blast of color. The 50 Shades Of Grey 3 Netflix sheer brightness of this color combo makes it superb for using advertisements or social media posts that demand attention.

A new brand could choose to use color combinations like these in an attempt to be fresh and exciting. Iconic basketball team, the LA Lakers, are proud proponents of yellow and purple. They have used the two colors on their shirts since The fervent Fiery Red roars hot beside a cool and gentle teal. Red and green evokes images of Christmas and families gathering around an open hearth. We think of wreaths hanging from doors and beautifully decorated Christmas trees standing tall in living rooms.

However, teal and Fiery Red can easily look good at other times in the year. Red leaves falling on green grass is an example of how the combination can also be a reminder of stimulating nature scenes. Try out Nebulosity and Pink Yarrow to add one of the most contrasting color combinations to your design. Nebulosity provides a daring dive into an endless black abyss, whereas Pink Yarrow is the exact opposite, bursting forth in all its unabashed pink glory.

However, in graphic design, it can look amazing. Pink on its own can sometimes appear overly girly, but alongside black, it gets toned down by just the right amount.

Feast your eyes on this electric summer color combo. Vibrant Yellow shocks the senses alongside the equally electric Blue Atoll. It helps build excitement and imbues a design with purpose and energy.

It can make a room look active and alive, but be wary that it may be too bright for when you want to relax in a smaller space. Two-thirds of the Irish tricolor combine here to create one of those color combinations that have an instant impact on the senses. Orange is loud and lime green is intense, but they can work well together when combined with each other.

There is a somewhat tropical vibe created from green and orange, reminiscent of an orange tree. Vivid colors are very trendy this year and lime green and orange could see a boost in popularity because of that. If the combination of lime green and orange is too much for you, it can be offset with a neutral trim. Gold is typically a symbol of wealth and luxury, and because of this, it is rarely used in a reserved manner. However, Inca Gold is a muted shade of gold that creates a more humble vibe.

Scarlet Sage enhances the visual effect of this combo with its sleek red tone. Both colors are warm at heart and will enliven any room or piece of clothing that they feature in. Red and gold also manages to be attractive and elegant in a certain old-fashioned way that exudes class and sophistication. When looking for slightly alternative color combinations, Pale Lilac and lime green can be a solid solution.

Pale Lilac is youthful and soft, while this tint of green appears healthy and awake. Lilac communicates tenderness and makes a room more relaxing. Lime green adds to the color combination by adding a refreshing, vintage flavor. When seen together, Pale Lilac and lime green makes for a delightfully retro color scheme.

Blue meets red here in a clash of water and fire. The calmness, trustworthiness, and security of blue combine with the volatility, passion, and danger of red to create a potent mix. While the common denominator here might be the inclusion of white alongside red and blue, it is undeniably a highly effective color combination.

Having a variety of colour ideas can be extremely useful when trying to be stylish in whichever area you need some colour. That said, the more colours you add, the bigger chance it has of going wrong. Three colors can combine to create striking logos, stunning interior design, dazzling dresses, and much more. This color combination is adventurous, yet mellow and slightly reserved. It would be a fantastic color scheme for a website to use, as it looks modern and is easy to engage with.

Living Coral, as it typically does, enlivens the color combination a great deal. Gray and green on their own would have a completely different feel. Boost your energy with this perky color combination. The three colors can form a stunning gradient when placed alongside each other, resulting in a glorious summer look. It gives an uplifting feeling that makes you feel more comfortable and at ease with your surroundings.

Marsala is a warm, universal shade of color that can be used in a variety of ways. Sagebrush Green and Granite Gray offer a stunning contrast to the warmth of Marsala with their cool, earthy shades. Red, green and blue are what many would consider three of the four primary colors, but they also create a superb color combination.

Google has had great success using these three colors as part of its branding and the color harmony they achieve is often unrivaled. With red, you have an attention trigger to draw people in, with Norse Blue, you get calm and focus and with light green, you get an attractive, but not overbearing, mediator.

Watch out for the charge of the light brigade as light purple, light blue, and light green take center stage. These stylish tints make for a superb color combination that has the ability to be loud and colorful without being intrusive and gaudy. When combined together, they deliver a gorgeous ensemble of soft, approachable colors.

You could potentially create a very relaxing, trendy interior space by using this color combo. The delicately soft Lightest Sky is placed between the lush Grass Green and the refreshing Clearwater.

We can imagine an image of crystal clear lake water lapping against a green shore with an open sky stretching far into the distance above it. This trio could look beautiful in the interior of your home and can help put a smile on the face of your guests with their cheery vibe.

Green, white and blue all give off an aura of purity and calm and ensures that they mix together so effortlessly. The combination of Radiant Yellow, Living Coral, and purple makes you feel warm and toasty by just looking at it! It inspires optimism about the future and a sense of playful expression that has the potential to uplift any design it features in. Radiant Yellow is reminiscent of a mango or some other succulent tropical fruit and is a really strong shade of yellow.

Alongside Living Coral and purple, it makes for a really modern color combination. Crimson and Raspberry enhance the Warm Gray with their vivacious colorations.

When seen together, the trio is one of the most cultivated color combinations. White is combined here with the gentle colors of Pink Lady and Sky Blue. A clean palette such as this one can be thoroughly re-invigorating. The combination of white, Pink Lady, and Sky Blue can make for some stunning interior design and looks great on clothing.

Due to its light and innocent appearance, it is often used as a symbol of purity. This can be seen in the color scheme of Evian, who sells their water as a natural product. The Color of the Year features again here alongside the splendid Spiced Apple and a placid peach. The coziness of the three colors also make them a good fit for a living room. Brown and peach are two colors that really contribute to a wholesome, healthy vibe.

It is also reminiscent of some of the commonly used colors of highlighter pens, which is a testament to its eye-catching nature. Yellow, orange, and pink can be a superb theme for your wedding colors. In this color scheme, we see the classic primary combination of red, yellow, and blue. While navy is used here instead of a more traditional blue, it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular color combinations. The Romanian flag features all three colors, where they represent fraternity, justice, and liberty.

However, these colors can be used in a wide variety of designs and Fifty Shades Of Grey Rotten Tomatoes they can have a whole host of different meanings. Each color in this combination complements the others nicely and none of them outshines the other. As a result, this color combination is a great choice for an environmentally conscious design.

Green is one of the best choices for using as a background color. We are so accustomed to seeing green in the world around us and because of that, this is one of the most unobtrusive color combinations you can find. The deep Windsor Wine is a classy, elegant companion to the more youthful and vibrant Scarlet and Bright Red. Red has a focusing effect and we tend to concentrate better with red around us. Neon signs, strobe lights, glow paint; disco fever has truly taken hold in this color palette.

If you want to create a design that is full of energy and demands attention, then this color combination is the way to go. Here we see a thoroughly earthy and natural compilation of colors. Brown and green are two of the most natural-looking colors and their symbolism of growth and renewal really shine through here.

When red and black are combined, they often represent a villain or an enemy of some sort. Blue Blossom offers a calming, peaceful companion and completely changes the dynamic of the color combination. Depending on how you use it, the light blue can really pop against a red and black background. Such a noticeable contrast can be fantastic for creating effective CTAs. Sometimes you might need more than two or three colors in your color combination.

These intricate color schemes are perfect for many different purposes, from social media themes to interior design. This color combination is a superb palette to use for social media. The presence of Living Coral ensures that this is one of the trendiest color combinations around too. These colors inspire fun and help bring about joy when you view them.

The vibrancy of these colors will be excellent for getting engagement on social media, where eye-catching colors will be all the rage this year. Brighten up your day and your design with a splash of these colors. It radiates a pleasant summer energy that makes it ideal for seasonal designs that are created at that time of year.

Goldfinch, Vanilla Custard, and white act as a gradient of sorts, and interspersing these three colors with a strong red creates a delightful contrast. Using this color combination in your home can create an uplifting aura that lightens the mood and promotes comfort. This blue color palette with an earthy brown coffee color is calming in nature and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Color harmony is on display here with a mixture of multiple shades of blue and an uplifting taste of coffee.

Picture the steam wafting from a fresh cappuccino as you lie back and watch the waves roll in. This toned-down color scheme is extremely flexible and can be used in so many different situations. Instead of bombarding the senses, it soothes them.

While vivid colors will be very popular in , there will undoubtedly be a counter-movement that will see more muted color combinations being used too. Not all golds and yellows will go together, but this color combination creates a stunning summer look. Dijon and Chestnut provide some reassuring support for their more boisterous partners. This color combination could also be considered an autumnal shade, being reminiscent of falling leaves from a deciduous tree.

Gold is often considered a color of wealth and excess, but it can also be reassuring and is sometimes associated with wisdom. Delphinium Blue, white, Atmosphere, and Fiery Coral make for a clean, modern-looking color combination.

Since Living Coral will continue to be hugely popular in , other shades of coral could experience a boost too. Fiery Coral is slightly darker than Living Coral, but just as vivacious. The red pops off the greens in this color combination really well. Placing this red over a green background ensures that whatever message you want to communicate is easily seen.

Heineken and Carlsberg are two popular brands that use color combinations similar to these in their advertising.

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