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Small Parts Storage Cabinet Plans. Workshop Storage Cabinet Plan. Swiveling Storage Plans. Garage Storage Cabinet Plan. Video Game Storage Plan. Recycle Tower Plan. Related posts:. Shelf Plans. Bed Plans. Desk Plans. Cabinet Plans. Garden Project Plans. Kitchen Project Plans. Kid Projects Plans. Cart Plans. First lay a side panel on your work surface with its dadoed face up. Apply glue to the dado and insert the bottom.

Then glue the dado on the other side panel dado and mount it on the bottom. Then cut two stretchers that length to space the front drawer stretcher that distance from the front top stretcher and pocket-hole-screw the drawer stretcher in place [ below ]. Measure and center the back drawer stretcher flush with the bottom of the front drawer stretcher. Check for square, as with the upper cabinet [ below ]. After the glue dries, cut the back to fit. Then glue and nail it in place. You can join face frame parts using everything from dowels to half-laps to mortise-and-tenon joints, but we like pocket-hole joinery.

Why those sizes? From that number, subtract twice the stile width for the rail lengths. Position the middle rail so its top edge is flush with the upper face of the middle stretcher.

Cut the upper and lower vertical dividers to fit between the middle rail and the top and bottom rails. Using two pocket-hole screws at each joint, Building A Wood Storage Cabinet Email assemble the frame [ below ]. Check that the top stile ends sit flush with the top ends of the case sides. Clamp the frame in place, including the middle rail to the drawer stretcher [ below ].

Then fill the holes. If you have put off learning to make cabinet doors, Building A Wood Filing Cabinet Music these easy-to-cut stub-tenon-and-groove joints will help you overcome your door horror. Divide the job into these six simple steps. Then cut a groove the length of the scrap. To ensure the groove is centered, turn the scrap end for end, and make a second cut [ below ]. Cut grooves in both stiles and rails. Assemble and clamp the frame and panel, measuring between diagonal corners to check for square.

Thanks to their adjustability, European-style hinges make mounting doors as easy as assembling them. Place a hinge cup in a hole with the straight hinge edge parallel to the stile edge [ below ], and mark the center of the mounting screw slots. Then drill screw pilot holes and install the hinge.

Repeat for the other hinge. Hold the door in position centered vertically in the opening, and mark each hinge screw mounting location at the center of each oblong hinge screw hole along the frame edge.

Drill pilot holes and screw the door to the frame. Refer to the hinge instructions for details Best Wood For Log Cabin Building Games on adjusting the door position. Imagine all the potential pitfalls about making drawers.

Test the saw settings in scrap; then cut dadoes at both ends of the two sides. It should just touch the teeth of the blade.

Next, rabbet both ends of the drawer front and back to create a tenon that fits the side dadoes [ below ]. Tenons should fit dadoes snugly, with the outside faces of the front and back flush with the ends of the sides. Glue each tenon, assemble and clamp the drawer, and then check for square. Assemble a frame-and-panel drawer front as you would a small version of a cabinet door. Then mount the glides [ below ] on the case and on the lower edge of the drawer box side according to the product instructions.

The plastic mounting bracket lets you adjust these slides up and down and side-to-side for smooth-opening drawers. Make the front of the drawer box flush with the frame. With the doors installed and aligned with each other, lay a spacer the width of the space between the doors and drawer fronts atop the door [ below ].

Apply double-faced tape to the inside face of the drawer front, align it with the door, and press it against the drawer box. Then drill pilot holes from the inside front of the drawer box to the drawer front frame, and screw on the front. Make a template the size of the exposed panel on the drawer front, and center two mounting holes to suit your hardware.

Place the template on the drawer front panel [ below ], and drill the hardware mounting holes. Then install the drawer pulls. Use longer screws as needed for your hardware.

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