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Sherfield securit became and man appeared inebriated. At session' cancelled. Marie Nicholaou is still standing for the post, against the ever-present Ne Election, a n d n o seems favourite to n n Impetial students go to the polls in thc last k of term. In a letter to Ecli and Imperial College Union, reproduced in full on , Mr Trailor stated his principle page reason for g as being financial. Apparentl his local education authorit have refused to f u n d his degree for the first term of t , c o m p l e t e d the as he has alread Autumn tetm this.

Even if college agreed to cancel fees for the A u t u m n Term, Mr Trailor d still be unable to get a grant. Although s o m e Union sources have said that it is possible the Union d pa his grant for the Autumn Term, the resolution of the problem is b no means certain. Mr Trailor felt that this situation d be "ver d a m a g i n g to m studies and a c c o m o d a t i o n plans for t , and that it s therefore in "both m.

Marie N i c h o l a o u has d regret over Mr Trailor's decision, and is no the onl Teal' candidate left for the election. Hustings at South Kensington l take place toda at m in the Union Building, e at St s the l occur on Wednesda evening al a similar time. Voting takes place t Monda and Tuesda 14 and 15 December in h all departments, on all campuses, the result being announced sometime Tuesda evening in the Union Building at South Kensington. Instead ICU to keep student travel..

Mr Heeps demanded that Through a variet. The QMWthespians gave an t account of themselves in the light-hearted drama 'It could be ' A fairl dr plot s invigorated b the talented , much of the Tamil-speaking elements of the audience being particularl impressed h the elderl matriarch of the. The Union Manager s once again asked to sit on the selection panel. Yet the committee did not contact her about meetings until the last minute, and then did not allo her to ask questions or see an of the financial.

I his attitude has profoundl affected Mr I leeps: "I am. Most have n themselves to be d and no better than schoolchildren, g to the student bod in the short term to get their n. Masters' degrees are also commenced its academic programmes conferred. The universit has With nearl e percent of strong links h Imperial College, h academic staff being s and the provides academic support. This s s curriculum being based on Imperial's g links h Mahanakorn and closel g that of IC h the Universit e staff from IC direct post- successful tutorial model being adopted graduate courses as l as setting and as , Asian UST promises to usher in marking n papers of the a ne infusion of science and technolsame standard and qualit as Imperial's og training to Thailand.

The ,. As the of Mrs. T o maintain this success we need to recruit individuals o f the highest calibre to become the managers o f tomorrow. We invest heavily in training, d e v e l o p i n g what is considered the world's finest management training scheme - U C M D S.

The team has no doubt benefited from t h e merger n St. A victor in the; national f against the northern champions, set to take place at the end of , d nicel round-off the team's alread impressive performance. Some of the top s professors are currentl debating over r s students should be d to take a PhD after just a three t degree course. At the Standing Committee of s Professors held last month, Malcolm Longair, head of s and astronom at Cambridge said "although , e ver it is not absolutel strongl encourage people to do a fourr course" , the IC s departr ment does not consider a degree to be mandator for progression onto a PhD.

Research undertaken b thc universit of Central London have f o u n d that some students are spending the equivalent of o s a k part-timing to make ends meet. The danger is that some universit students ma suffer academicall as a result of g to support. This comes in themselves thc e of the on-going tuition fee saga, h still arouses feelings of. Since this article t to press, e have learnt that such a meeting did not take place, and d like to apologise for an inconvienience caused to either Mr Warren or M s Burnett.

The s e at the centre of a potentiall catastrophic situation due to the mechanical fault in a minibus. On 22 of Novembet. The had not gone far before the driver s afoot. The realised that something change s subtle at first leading thc driver thinking that the untesponsive steering s d u e to high.

After travelli ng a little futthet the driver lost control. Ihe minibus shook and veered , at 60 mph. It Is across the believed that this s directl attributable , to a mechanical problem. Alhough the bus s thc onl , thc societ members e forced to t three hours at a nearb service station before the could return to college. ICU said that the cause of the crash s uncertain, and that an insurance d determine t actuall assessor happened.

It is tumoured that sufficient infors n about the unroadmation bus to avoid its use prior to thc. It is allcdged that the condition of thc vehicle had been assessed and the steering had been recorded as defective. Then visit the Teaching in London Event. I'm not December. I turned Dear , t arc u doing? Being and s ignored is not m favourite past-time, and g this lettet to n m I am n I , I stuck m fingers up in decision not to stand for the post of protest.

I believe that ing me through a group of people and g m candidature is in both nearl to the ground. Fie s shouting m and the Union's best interests something to the effect of "I'm bigger because of the unforeseen complica- than u so n u complain about h have arisen due to the time me being a tions , I have the right to of r at h these elections arc assault " being held. Yes, ho true he is satire , I'm glad B the time the elections are held I I share a e l have completed virtuall a e college h these sport people.

In m local eduterm of m third? Wh do u do it, M point is. Just calm Bp T Sunhouse Shd6870 Guide , loose the fore not require funding for this 1st term s and people l enjo again and the arc thus onl prepared to their union nights more. This d Cheers, require me should I have n the elecs Man tion to return to m studies after Christt. I d also get no grant mas for the 1st term meaning that I d not Environmental Lectures be able to afford to live in London during the first term.

This d be ver Dear , damaging to m studies and accommot. In order to be up to date h other European particularl Spanish guarantee that a solution l be found, I feel that no is the best time for me to universities, the Environmental Societ is from the election.

I apologise proposing that lecture courses tailored to for an inconvenience that m - each discipline should be introduced as r options. I d We l be holding an open half da h session t term to h e are invitalso like to take this opportunit to Marie ever luck h her campaign as I ing academics o research and teach t candidate in these areas. We also hope that course believe her to be an for t I am certain l prove to be a administrators l be able to attend so challenging position.

Yours , We l be putting supporters lists on Tim Trailor lecture theatre doors and in common areas h e d ask e to sign o e interested in these courses "Rugga-buggars" so that e can have an idea of their.

Signing d not potential Dear , commit people to be involved but d help us to rall support. I s in the Union Outdoor Sheds Wayfair Office last night [I. As usual, s at 6. Tom Smith I don't kno t time the all arrive Environmental Societ after their , but b the time the band had finished the e thoroughl tanked-up. I s minding m n business n o of these. S o thank. It is a refurbished hall h t facilities housing up to undergraduate students. Application forms arc available from the Accommodation Office at 15 Princes s Department.

The should be returned Gardens or from Dr D Britton in thc ' to thc latter no later than 14 December Wednesday 9 December and Wednesday 16 December 3pm to 4. The onl practical effect of opting out l be that the cannot stand for elected office or take part in Union elections and teferenda. Seafood's 'Porchlight'. I have happ� memories of the Monarch in Camden and the Blue Note is fantastic too.

It used to be finch's on the Fulham road, but no. Eagle in Camden. Ihe 'Big kahuna Burger' at the Mars Bar. Napp� rash don't ask! Beautiful South- Dumb 3. Sno Patrol- Little Hide Brothers Garden Office Company Reviews Zoom In Sound-Journe� Song Grand Mai- Whole Lotta Nothing. Which w a y to vote? But who should you vote for? Fighting this is 5 ver cool Altogether, this is one classic game.

Simple enough? I certainl not disappointed. LucasArts have tried to modernise the look of this game. Gone are the flat 2D characters of ptevious games, hello 3D. This has the effect of making the! There is something G fish going on in the land of the dead. Dan is going to do this in true 3D. The main problem h creating realistic. The Gamebo. A much , though V-Rall. Sega get the price right in the UK? PSX did to thc Saturn? C d care to mention.

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