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The delivery is weekday service. Yes, all of our products require a signature as proof of delivery. If you are not happy with your delivery date then please contact before the day to make alternative arrangements. Our drivers are only contracted to provide kerbside drop offs and deliveries. They will NOT bring any of our orders through your home. A driver may offer to take an order further; for instance a back garden but this is ONLY at their own discretion.

If you have any questions about access or you live in a restricted access zone please contact us prior to ordering. Please Note: Additional items such as the riverter, security locks and shelving may be delivered separately on a different day to your main product. If you have ordered multiple products in one order then you may receive multiple deliveries.

We do not supply floor kits, but could provide a detailed floor plan providing details on Plastic Bike Storage Sheds Uk Free how to make a timber foundation. Please contact us for this. Description Specification Reviews 34 Delivery Floor Plan Keep your garden free from gardening and barbecue clutter with this sturdy metal tool shed.

It is fireproof, rot and rodent resistant. Lockable hinged doors and a lifting lid provide security and easy accessibility. Ideal size for storage of all your bikes.

Stable pneumatic springs for ease to open and close the lid Frame and base Rails made from heavy gauge galvanized steel Lockable with a padlock padlock not included Instructions Included Both front and top can be wide opened for easy access Easiest assembly, takes only half of the time to assemble comparing with other sheds on the market. All of our Steelmates Garden Sheds are shipped directly from our own warehouse to you.

No middleman means more saving. Affordable do-it-yourself storage shed solution. These sheds are manufactured by deep profile ribbed steel sheeting which made the shed's structural strength even stronger and also provides an attractive, durable quality for years of performance, Base Dimension: mm Door width mm x mm L x mm H Weight 45kg and 0. KW: sheds, tool shed , metal sheds. Would trade again. Start by building the frame for the floor first. A secure space to store your bicycle in without any worries can come in quite handy!

A bike storage shed can be so much more, including tools, helmets, locks, and many other things. Living in a busy town can make a bike quite a viable option for transport! While you can park your car in the garage under shelter, who says that your bike has to be out in the open? We beg to differ! Build a sturdy and functional bike storage shed for smartly managing your parking space! A bike shed can be so much more than merely keeping your bikes safe and sound.

Hang in the helmets in there, choose a corner for gardening supplies. The options are quite many. A wide and two-door opened DIY bike storage shed can be the next best thing you can choose to build this weekend! Especially amongst all the time that you might be spending at home these days, make creative and functional use out of it. This storage shed is large enough to easily store about 2 to 3 bikes.

The larges doors with hinges are making it an ideal space to easily keep the rea clean too! This lean-to roof bike storage shed can be made around in any corner of your garden and keep your entrance and garage clutter-free! By using some pressure-treated lumber or pallets , you can build this shed by yourself And you can also build it as a DIY motorcycle shed. Given its lean-to roof, it will be ideal to stay sturdy during any weather conditions, including snow or heavy rain.

Since nothing will get accumulated on the roof and pose any damage to the structure. Way to get creative and keep your exterior decor in check with this open bike storage shed. It looks like a little open hut, which, when empty, can also make quite a playful place for kids to enjoy some time out. You can add some hangers or wall hooks on one wall and keep your helmets easily accessible too.

Choose the space, level it carefully, and get started. This bike storage shed is going to make your backyard look much more welcoming then it might be otherwise.

It has a subtle concrete block entry, and the size seems pretty large too. So, it is safe to say if you have a house full of kids or say you like transporting by bike yourself as well, this is the shed for you and your family!

But hey, before starting, you must check with your local area regulations for building a shed outside. In the context of height and structure etc. This simple wonder of plywood can be said to be so much more than merely a bike storage shed! The shelves at the top and the lean-to roof is making it much more ideal storage space than any other you might have seen.

The shelf above can be used to keep your garden tools or gardening supplies all managed smartly. While the storage space below can not only store bikes but can also be used for keeping gardening shovels, etc.

Keep it simple, and keep it clean! How about we interest you in making a versatile storage shed? This one that you are seeing here is inspired by a lean-to shed plan and has hooks for even keeping the helmets just around the corner.

Keep it right next to the bike! Another functional and catchy wat to put those pallets to some good use! This open bike storage shed looks absolutely perfect for keeping in your backyard or even around the garden. Keep the scooters, bikes, helmets all lined up in it. Maybe even Bike Storage For Shed 95 put a rack to add some towels or a hand sanitizer.

Pair up Plastic Sheds For Bike Storage Type a lean-to roof structure with your bike storage shed and make the practical storage decision! This lean-to roof has hinges for the top roof and can be completely closed down, which makes it definitely weather resistant. If you have limited space available, this can be just the storage shed for you! It occupies minimal space but offers quite the same storage facility.

It looks like a mini version of your house! We are loving this outside lean to storage bike shed idea. The best part about DIYing a bike storage shed is that you can have more autonomy over design and its size.

This, you must lack in a pre-made shed. Make It large enough to store bikes from the youngest to the eldest in the house. Run an atmosphere of completely organized in your home. By designating a storage space for everything. If you have a small garden and not enough space to dedicate to storage shed , this small storage shed can do the job!

It has quite a sleek look, but it is spacious width wise. Easily store small and large bikes in it. You can build it using pressure-treated lumber or cedar. Always make sure to choose a sturdy material so that it can last much more longer. As well as resist various weather conditions.

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