We reveal what the best metal sheds all have in common and teach you to identify quality metal sheds.� The best metal sheds always use real, corner-to-corner measurements when advertising dimensions. (This is always standard procedure at Gold Star Buildings.) Either way, make sure you read the fine print before purchasing a metal shed or preparing the foundation, so you don�t wind up with a nasty surprise and less storage space than anticipated. The best sheds are measured corner-to-corner, not eave to eave! 2. The best metal sheds use heavier-gauge metal panels. This might be obvious, but one of the big ways metal sheds are differentiated is by the quality of metal sheeting that they use. Metal sheds offer more security and protection from the nosey neighbours and tough enough to last through years of storing bikes, tools and brick-a-brac. Our range of metal sheds come with gabled roofs to help you store the ladder and tall shelves safely. Our metal garden sheds come with double doors, which is great if you need to store the lawn mower or large boxes in them. Metal sheds will get hot in the sun though, so if you're looking for an outdoor 'workshop' space, plastic might be better for you. Plastic Sheds. Plastic sheds are a great choice for low maintenance gardens.� Get creative and kit out your shed with shelves, storage boxes, hooks and rails to help you organise your tools and make the most out of your shed space. Metal sheds - Do you know what you are getting? Can you name three brands of metal sheds? If we were talking cars you would be able to tell me which were the top end of the range. You would come up with names that would epitomise quality such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz and Cadillac. If we were looking at the bottom end of the range I am sure that you could name a handful of brands that were known for unreliability and shoddy bodywork.� In this page I have pulled together information on a range of metal storage shed manufacturers. Some of the information is gained first hand in that I have built the shed myself. In other cases a friend has built the shed and I have seen it when it is completed and talked with them about how they liked the shed.

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