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Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. If you cannot scroll best built sheds bohemia quest the quest book, or select a multiple-choice reward, please stop submitting any RF Submission or Large Supply Orders any quest that uses one of the Submission Stations.

There is a bug best built sheds bohemia quest the version of BQ in the pack. The HQM reputation tracks are depricated and no longer used. The tracks were left in by mistake, and are already removed http://www.- /onetable/garden-shed-tool-brackets-group.html the next update.

There is no easily accessible quest in BQ to check your reputation. The next update here questlines to track all three reputation tracks.

For now, you can use the commands in the section below to complete specific quests that rely on reputation. It tends to look like. This is an issue that has been reported to the Better Questing dev. Unfortunately there is no real good workaround for this. I will not be adding much more text styles like bold or color until its fixed.

The text was updated best built sheds bohemia quest, but these errors were encountered:. There will be shed organization journal small number after the quest name, which is the QuestID. I've experienced the same bug twice in two different mod packs and I hope this is the right spot to report. In both Modern skyblock 3 and Forever stranded LS the quests unlocks themselves without me finishing them and the "new quest http://www.- /onetable/wood-storage-sheds-10x20-quick.html dings goes on click to see more and never ceases to stop.

Since it's only better questing that is affected after the last updates I suspect it is a fairly new bug. I hope this was useful. You appear to be talking about a bug for Better Questing, not this modpack. Hi, I just started playing this modpack yesterday. I was in the "Initial Research" questline, and a lot of the quests I'm turning in are completing, but do not let me claim the rewards and will stay flashing blue saying "unclaimed rewards".

Does anybody know of a possible solution? Update It is now every quest that will not let me turn in rewards, not just the few I found halfway through the "Initial Research" questline. Best built sheds bohemia quest it on any quest quesy has a Multiple Choice reward selection, and you are selecting http://www.- /onetable/garden-sheds-sale-victoria-50.html before attempting to claim?

So far, they are all on choice reward quests, but the claim button is not highlighted as if I had not completed it in the first place, but it takes the items I turn in and tells me I've completed it.

Don't know if whether or not it is a choice quest will affect it. Ok, I'm very dumb. I'm really sorry vest wasting your time. All I had to do was click one of the choice rewards to get it to work. One still doesn't work, but that's the one I quest edited. I haven't used Better Questing in this manner before, where there are so many choice rewardsso I didn't know that's what you had to. Sorry :. Hey, so for some reason, Visit web page have a quest for flint hatchet that won't complete, shdds holding shift over the quest won't show me the quest ID so I cant admin complete it.

Any thoughts? Why are you commenting in this unrelated issue thread? Please make a new one and describe it in more detail about its setup. The thread is better best built sheds bohemia quest issues Nevermind http://www.- /onetable/garden-tool-shed-sentry-range.html. I've decided to go with a different modpack all.

I'm unsure where I have a quest for a Flint Hatchet, unfortunately. I have been trying to get this same issue resolved, the shedds axe in better questing bullt. It is causing some issue here as I am attempting sheda stream the game play and without being able to "detect" the flint axe in the first bit of questing after having crafted the item and having it in my inventory and even having it on my hot bar it still does not reflect as detected.

Is there a fix for this quest, as I remember http://www.- /onetable/shed-builders-edmonton-2019.html very clearly working the first and second attempts I made pre-stream to biilt it. If it would help I will gladly submit in game footage of the best built sheds bohemia quest. Please help me.

This is not the github for Divine Journey or the other modpacks, nor for Better Questing itself, bohemiz I Best Built Sheds Brandywine Md Off can't really help you. I can only guess they have hidden quests you have not hit yet, are not seeing the quests drag the quest pages around, scroll wheel to zoom in and outor there is an issue with the pack or your. Skip to content. New issue. Jump to. Copy link. This is fixed in the next pack update. Better Questing uses the vanilla Scoreboard system to track reputation instead. This tends to happen in Multiplayer, but has been reported to happen in singleplayer.

Owner Author. This is important to best built sheds bohemia quest when the pack updates. You can also use the included quest in bphemia BQ Questbook.

CaiganMythFang mentioned this issue Oct 7, CaiganMythFang mentioned this issue Mar 27, Milana You appear to be talking about a bug for Better Questing, best built sheds bohemia quest this modpack. It's okay! I was about to ask if you selected one yet, thats when the Claim button lights up.

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