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But for men in Malaysia, the inconvenience or cost of flying there may cause them to think twice or even forgo having that one perfect tailor-made suit. Some of these cater to both men and women, but all five will likely be of greater interest to gentlemen. They also make, on a promotional basis, business suits for as low as RM1,, while at the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive one was specially made for an astonishing price of RM50, He is one of the few tailors in Malaysia chosen specially to use the exclusive Dormeuil Italian brand of fabric for suits by its manufacturer.

He actually has at his fingertips thousands upon thousands of choice fabrics which he couriers in from Europe and elsewhere specifically for the individual client.

He can also do floating canvases as well as the more commonly used fused interlining. He can make suits in as little as one week for clients who really need them quickly � and at no extra cost. He does alterations as and when needed also, just to make sure of a perfect fit for his clients.

Address: Pelangi Avenue, No. The tailoring business has grown and moved several times over the years before settling down in in the current address. Currently they focus more on fully bespoke tailoring services, where brand new templates are created specially, to make suits for the individual client at a minimum price of RM2, each. And for the full canvas floating canvas , which employs special workmanship, on top of the fully bespoke service, the prices of suits start from RM3, The range of their Bookcloth Collection is wide and includes fabrics like Cerruti , Hubeross, Dormeuil, and many others.

Their suits can be made within hours based on previous measurements, or could take as long as one month for the full Bespoke Shoes Kuala Lumpur Resource canvas type. His suits typically range from RM1, to RM5, while the most expensive one came to around RM20, a few years ago.

He also caters to suits needing floating canvases or fused interlining. He takes about two weeks normally to make a suit, whether it be fused or even having a floating canvas.

For urgent jobs, he can complete a suit in 10 days with one or two fittings and a surcharge of RM to RM The machines he uses for sewing are German and Japanese made. His clients usually Bespoke Shoes Kuala Lumpur Login are businessmen while a fair number are men wanting tailor made suits for their weddings. He normally needs up to four weeks to do fused suits and his prices start from about RM1, and can go up to RM3, or more for a business suit.

There is normally the first fitting followed by the second fitting one or two days later, after which the final collection can be done within a week. For clients who want a floating canvas instead of a fused interlining for their suits the cost is higher and the waiting period could take up to three months or even more. His quality fabrics come from Europe and other countries, but the best ones are from Italy with names like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, and many more.

The sewing machines he uses are mainly the world-famous brand Juki from Japan. With a team of master cutters and tailors, suits can be sewn within 24 hours for quick orders or in three weeks for normal orders and in six or more weeks for ones having a floating canvas. Fittings are normally done twice, but there are occasions where as many as five fittings have been performed when required.

The fabrics they use are largely from Europe especially high-quality ones from Italy and France, besides material from the UK, Japan, India, and Pakistan. Conveniently located at Amcorp Mall, PJ, this tailor has been offering bespoke tailoring services for over 30 years to both overseas and local clients and cater to both men and women. The overseas clients are usually businessmen and expats from Australia, America, Britain, Japan, and Singapore.

Local clients include well-to-do businessmen, celebrities, and public figures. They can also do suits that are priced below RM1, Their commonly used materials are Cashmere wool and European fabrics. Famous names like Lanificio Cerruti and Ermenegildo Zegna are some of their many fabric brands available. They can also do express-made suits especially for overseas visitors in as little as four days, but with an extra surcharge. They usually make suits with fused interlining, and do not do the floating canvas type, although they can do the half canvas for an extra charge.

The sewing machines they use are mainly from Japan and Germany, which are precise and of high quality. However, we kindly request that you use suitable language in your comments, and refrain from any sort of personal attack, hate speech, or disparaging rhetoric. Comments not in line with this are subject to removal from the site.

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