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It's a great way to organize. Love the printables. Yeah I was so excited to see the printables. I haven't put our stuff away yet- these are perfect Abby: Thanks for sharing!!!

You will love this when you pull it out later this year, Abby! I haven't put ours away yet so these are just in time! Thanks Abby and happy Friday! Thank you Abby! Just what I needed! I was saying to my friend last week that I really need to go through all my storage bins and actually note down what is inside them - most a sentimental items that I do need to purge because trying to find that ONE thing is a MISSION!! So thank you for inspiring me to get it done!

This is perfect timing and thanks for these labels. It helps when moving things around to know what's inside those bins. Is it strange that I want to get rid of my storage bins and buy ones that match?

These bins and labels are awesome Abby- I love how you so clearly know what exactly is in each one! I bet your printables are going to be fabulous!! Great tips! I am obsessed with bins and baskets and crates Cute labels don't hurt either!

Thanks for sharing. I really need to get all of my stuff organized. The problem I have is no closets, a wet basement, and not a whole lot of other options! I tend to get rid of almost everything so that I don't need to store it. With three kids, it seems like our stuff constantly multiplies though!

Great idea with the labels! I had thought of doing this a while back for my boutique items while I search for a new location.

Thanks for the reminder! I will be replacing regular cardboard boxes with bins as I go. They protect from wetness. Water can be a double edged sword! Love this idea, Abby!

I have labels on my storage bins but I like that you can list what is actually in the bin. Thanks for sharing the printable. We're about to experience the Christmas "bomb" effect this week, Lord willing.

Thanks so much for the pretty labels, Abby! I'll use them on my ebay storage bins also. I actually organized my Christmas bins like this over 10 years ago, but I took my organization one step further. This library is kept in a 3-ring binder. I do this because my bins over 13 of them are stored behind the wall in my loft area and are hard to get to. I place the binder on the bin nearest the entrance.

Doing this keeps me from having to read every label on every bin. You get the idea. I do a separate page for each bin. I also put the year in the upper right corner.. If I discard anything I just mark through it. I also have a page titled Discarded that lists each year what I discard. This is a running. Why a discard page? So when I start looking for that oversized tree-shaped coffee mug that I just know I would never get rid of, I have a record of where it is.

I also have a page titled Purchase or Make by Next Year and it is exactly what it says it is. This page also is a running list with the year. That is efficiency x 10! My labels usually come off too easy my OCD brain can't stand to see the curled up corners of the labels What specific tape or adhesive do you use? Hi, Terry! I just used duct tape to attach these. When they are laminated, the duct tape has held up well for me.

These are in our garage and aren't messed with a lot. Have a wonderful week! After using the see thru bins and boxes for years and adhering labels to them, one day it occurred to me that I did not need the tape or adhesive. It is visible, stays in place and if I ever decide to use that bin for something else, I do not have to deal with the removal and residual tape.

Taking this storage process one step further, I like to take a photo of the contents before actually putting them inside similar to your shot of everything in the living room. I like Kim's idea of the binder and love your labels! I like this idea of slipping the label inside because, as much as I like laminating, it just adds more eventual plastic pollution to the environment. Good idea. Of course I want quality at a bargain. I had picked up a bunch of clear bins and lids cheap and of course the lids don't close securely!

The printables are great! Thanks a lot! For a long time already I've been thinking to buy boxes and to organize my home!

Greetings, Storage New Southgate Ltd. I finally did this when I retired and organized my garage! Mine is similar to Kim's although I only print out the page that goes into a protector sheet - which gets placed on the end that is visible or on the top of the bin if it is a solid Xmas Red bin. I keep the original only on my computer.

I collect Nativities, I have over 50, I also buy one ornament each year. Well 3 one for each of my two sons and one "family ornament". All my bins are on the top row of shelves in my garage. I took the time to reorganization my Xmas bins this year too.

Quite a task. I organized mine by room with another few bins for outdoor. This year our calendar was so busy that I only had time to decorate the living room. I still had to go through so many bins to find what I needed, that I decided to reorganize my bins by room after Xmas.

All of the bins are numbered and I keep a more comprehensive list of what is in each bin on an index card in my recipe file. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am on the same page as your thought process only about 25 years ahead.

Trust me when I say you are so going to be thankful in the future if you keep this up. The older you get the bigger your family gets and with age you inherit. Due to these things I have always had one box of: still love it but could live without it. The stuff you are on the shelf about. As they have gotten older and their-boxes have expanded they are labeled: babies first Christmas - age 3 ornaments and or - Christmas and their names.

I love your color coding ideas and lines for details. Thanks for the printable. What I don't understand is: Why don't you and others alphabetize? It makes looking for things sooooo much simpler. You only have to look so far and "nope" it's not in this container I also just put Christmas in certain containers and put them together so I know where Christmas is and then label them. I love this sytem! We just went through that moment when you are unpacking and you realize everything is a big mess!

Having air conditioning, water on demand, and electricity in our homes are all wonderful things, but they require bulky and unsightly machines and cords that litter the outside of our houses.

Cover them up with these 13 ways to hide outdoor eyesores and improve your curb appeal! A note before we dive into these awesome ways to hide outdoor eyesores: always check with your local utility companies on policies for covering up your water meters, electrical meters, trash bins, and AC units. Some of these policies might have to do with clearance, access for meter readers, and adequate ventilation for AC units.

Are your utility boxes and wires, like your water meter or the electrical meter, distracting to the eye?

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Do you have a cable box, an electrical box, or a sewer access cap sticking up through the grass in your front yard? Many people hide them by planting shrubs and other plants around them, but you could easily make a slipcover with beadboard and top it with a birdhouse.

Another way to hide utility boxes in your front yard, especially those huge electrical transformer boxes, is to add a corner fence and plant bushes and flowers around the fence. AC units are bulky and they need a lot of airflow to work efficiently, so they can be difficult to hide. Underbed storage units should have handles for easy access and come with some sort of cover to protect items from dust.

If you need bins that will sit on a shelf in your closet and allow for everyday grab-and-go access, opt for styles with open tops. Alternatively, clear bins with lids are great for stacking pairs that are out of season. For more than 75 years, Footwear News has been the shoe authority. Our coverage spans top industry news, retail trends, head-to-toe fashion, athletic and outdoor analysis and more.

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