Affordable Garages and Sheds in Brisbane - Affordable Sheds Southside $3, After $1, OFF Braxton 12' x 24' Garage Shed Pre-cut and ready for assembly; Includes: 3 Windows with Screens, 32� Side Entry Door, 7� High Sidewalls/10� Overall Height and 8� Double Doors/5(80). Home. At Affordable sheds and garages "sheds made easy", we deliver the highest customer service and workmanship possible to ensure your shed will be enjoyed for a long time. We take care to make sure your shed is built right the first time. We believe in quality products and honest service to our clients. We manufacture high quality wooden storage buildings and storage sheds, backyard barns, & hunting cabins. We build these buildings on your lot. We provide a wholesale service to the public. These buildings are built on site, so no additional taxes are needed. This is an opportunity to buy a high quality building for a fraction of retail cost.

Viking Steel Structures is the place you can count on for quality sheds. We are one of the top metal building dealers in the USA, helping many get their dream steel structures. We bestow commercial-grade steel structures, carports, garages, barns, workshops, RV covers, custom structures, industrial buildings, farm buildings, etc. So, order your pre-build storage shed now!

For ordering your pre-built shed or any other support, call us at Building Notes. Yes No. Yes, it is okay for Team Viking to call me. Check out our tools that helps you in creating your own custom metal building. You can get in touch with us or Call us to know more. Pre-Built Metal Storage Sheds. Contact us today! Let's find it together. Phone Number. Width 20'. Width 28'. Width 30'. Width 24'. Width 18'. Uses of Pre-Built Storage Buildings As mentioned above, regardless of the primary function of pre-built storage sheds, you can use these for various applications.

Customization Options for Pre-Built Metal Storage Sheds You can have multiple functionalities and several other benefits with the customizations. Roof Style for Pre-Built Steel Storage Sheds Roofs are responsible for safeguarding your assets against weather and environmental elements. Hence, choose the roof style which is right according to your proximities. Affordable Pre-built Storage Sheds Costs Pre-built sheds are the most economical structures you can have.

Get Your Price. Building Information. Need Rent-To-Own Option? Personal Information. Buying Tools Check out our tools that helps you in creating your own custom metal building.

Choose your building colors with our Color Planner. To learn more about metal building elements try our Component Visualizer. Like a Viking Metal Building? Use this form to get a Free Quote.

Exceptional Customer Service. Best Metal Building Price. Prefabricated Building. On Time Devivery. Phone No. Mobile Number. Zip Code. Additional Notes. Yes, it is ok for team viking to call me. View Our Service Areas. These are fully customizable, and you can choose from different roof styles and many other color options. These buildings function well as storage sheds, car garages, workshops, personal offices, man caves, or she-sheds. One of the great advantages of deciding to go with a metal garage is the choices in types that are available.

We provide any size and styles of metal garages to our customers. Garages are an important addition to any home or business for increased storage and vehicle protection. Our steel garages can be designed and adapted easily for residential, agricultural and commercial purposes. We work with our customers to design and provide steel garages that meet their unique building specifications.

One car metal garages work well for the single vehicle family. They are compact in size yet leave plenty of space for housing the vehicle and room for moving around it. For those with two or three cars there is the option for these as well. Many individuals that only have one vehicle often go for the two or three car steel garage so they can use the additional space for other storage needs.

One Car Garage is an enclosed metal garage unit built to park one car, truck, boat, recreational vehicle, lawn equipment storage, and a variety of other applications. However, we can customize your Affordable Sheds And Garages Muchea De garage to any size you may need. Another great advantage that comes with steel garages is the choice to have side entry metal garages. It also adds a great look to the overall style of the steel garage.

This is a great feature to have especially if the metal garage is going to be heated, as it prevents the heat from escaping in a large open area that would occur when using the main doors. The features of the steel buildings is going to be important as you need to know if the one you are choosing is going to fit your requirements.

Some of the main features that they come with are�. Metal garage buildings provide a lot of benefits and it is important that specific wants and needs are identified so the right choice can be made from the different types that we have to offer. For example, some people find that having a side entry metal garage is an important option for them.

The first consideration when it comes to buying steel garages is deciding on the size that is wanted and needed. This will partially be determined by the amount of space that is available for its construction but most importantly will be based on what the final version of steel garage chosen will be used for. For example, you may want to go to a 12 to 24 foot wide or perhaps you are looking for something much larger and want a triple wide such as a 26 to 30 foot wide.

Another consideration is going to be the roof type that is preferred. If you are planning on staying with just looking at the options that are classed as standard then this would mean going with the regular roof garages option. For those that are staying with the standard steel garages versions this regular roof is usually the best choice as it is the most economical, and yet is very attractive looking with its top to bottom curved ridges. If the preference is a A-frame roof there are metal garages available comprised of this style that come with the horizontal ridges and are very impressive in their looks.

A steel garage will also demand consideration for the type of environment that it is going to be constructed in. If you are dealing with a lot of snow and rain then your best choice for roofing would be the vertical roof style that is available which is comprised of the vertical ridges and uses the A frame structure. While these are considered as the most important components there will be lots of other choices that are available which provides opportunities to look at metal garages customization options.

When looking at customization it can be broken down into two categories of wants and needs. Wants for metal garages are those components that are nice to have but they are extra options that are going to focus on your preferences. While most people look at metal garages as the primary solution for protecting their vehicles there are many other uses that it can be utilized for. For those that have a lot of outdoor equipment it can be difficult finding proper spots to protect these items which are often expensive.

Having one central location rather than several small outbuildings to house this is cost effective and convenient. For the sports minded family that has a lot of sports gear this can take up a lot of room in the main house, but metal garages provide the perfect atmosphere for housing all types of sports equipment allowing plenty of room to store it properly to prevent damage.

This also includes exercise equipment. Making the choice to choose from metal garages must also include making quality and workmanship a priority. When you are making your choice of steel garages among the ones that we here at Viking Steel Structures you are not only going to get the best that there is, you are going to get it at the most affordable prices. What makes Viking Steel Structure the best choice. If you are looking to create more affordable space and provide the ultimate protection for your vehicles and other items then now is the time to contact Viking Steel Structures.

Building Notes. Yes No. Yes, it is okay for Team Viking to call me. Check out our tools that helps you in creating your own custom metal building. You can get in touch with us or Call us to know more. Building Styles Garages. Enclosed Metal Garage Metal garages are structures installed in the exterior part of a house to shelter cars and other vehicles.

Width Some of the main features that they come with are� A variation in size Gauge for steel Choice of number of windows Types of doors Maintenance free Choice in roof styles Durable Easy to install Metal garage buildings provide a lot of benefits and it is important that specific wants and needs are identified so the right choice can be made from the different types that we have to offer.

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