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We are proud to offer UK-sourced quality garden sheds for customers across England. Our 9x7 sheds are manufactured using % pressure treated timber, made to your specifications and requirements using our simple customisation process. Whether you require a garden storage solution, home gym, garden office or children’s wendy house, our 9 by 7 timber sheds 5/5(). CRAFTSMAN ft x 7-ft Craftsman Resin Storage Shed Gable Storage Shed. Arrow ft x ft Eggshell Metal Carport. CRAFTSMAN 4-ft x 6-ft Storage Shed. CRAFTSMAN 4-ft x 2-ft Shiplap Pent Shed 7ft X 5ft Pdf Storage Shed. Let Lowe's Meet All Your Outdoor Storage Needs. When storage space is running slim, expand it with shed . NOT SOLD - RESERVE £ Lot 19 - Loader bucket (VAT) NOT SOLD - RESERVE £ 20 x 9ft railway sleepers (VAT) NOT SOLD - RESERVE £ Lot 13 - 29no 9ft x ” & 9no 7ft x ” treated round fenceposts (Non VAT) £ Lot 15 - Whisky barrel (VAT) £

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