8x8 Wood Storage Shed for Tools, Gardening & Hobbies Whether you want to use the shed as storage, for a potting shed, or as an outdoor retreat, it will look great!! Panelized Kits come preassembled, primed, and ready for paint! Panelized means the walls are in panelized sections, everything else is precut and labeled for you! Saltbox 8 ft. W x 14 ft. D Solid Wood Storage Shed. by. 8?8: The Standard Size Shed Sheds and Chessboards are 8?8, but that's about where the similarities end. 8?8 is a great size shed to compliment any yard. Everything you use to service your small, medium or even large yard fits in an 8?www.- ted Reading Time: 7 mins. 8?8 sheds: The most common use for a 8?8 shed is of course, storage for those items people want to keep out of the way. However, there are many more uses for a shed of this size that most people don�t realize. Check out some additional uses for a shed of this size below: Mediation studio; Outdoor office; Playhouse/Play RoomPhone: ()

Use the notes below for additional information on the items you need. Please save the file to your phone or computer so you can read or print it any time in the future. Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Shed Building Forum Please visit my shed building forum if you have any questions about my plans before or after your purchase them or if you have any questions about the shed building process.

Pressure treated lumber is designed for long term ground contact without rotting or being eaten by termites. Pre cuts are cheaper and often times better quality lumber.

Composite siding holds paint better than real wood siding and speeds construction over using a plywood or OSB base and covering with strips of siding. It comes in various grades and thicknesses depending on your budget. This offers the best of both worlds, strength and durability. Regular composite siding will still give you a long service life as long as you keep it painted properly. Most of them are rated for 20 or 25 years.

You can do it with a circular saw but your cuts will not be so nice. No groove siding is siding without the normal grooves in it. Or else you will have a lot of waste if you try to plan your cuts around the existing grooves in the normal siding. It just needs to match the texture so that it matches when painted.

Or you can buy ready made trim boards but they are very expensive. The shed comes with a floor to keep your items clean, and hooks to store items on the walls. Skylights are standard in the roof to provide natural light and keep spiders and insects who like dark and damp places away.

Like all plastic sheds it does require a good flat base. A concrete slab is preferred but a timber frame or even a flat bed of gravel will do. It can be done mostly with one person. A great all-rounder for general yard and garden use.

See what fits in it here. Got a large yard and need a place to do your gardening? Maybe you just need a spot in the garden to yourself, when you can go and unwind.

There is not a more picturesque place to do what you like in than this Sunshed. It comes with 6 windows and 4 skylights for amble natural light during the day. There is also a wrap around workbench for those days when you feel like potting some plants or fixing something. It is easy to put together, with the shingles already attached to roof panels for convenience. All panels are cut to manageable sizes and made from natural, renewable sources.

The lumber is specifically chosen to repel pests. The most expensive shed on our list, but its quality throughout. See exactly how much, here. Although the construction is plastic, the look is classic. Two large front doors give easy access to the shed and allow riding mowers to be stored inside. The extra height given with cleverly made roof trusses makes it easy to stand and move around inside. Shelving available as an added extra gives this shed great storage options for small and tall items.

The reviews are above average for this shed, and many homeowners who have bought the shed, said they would buy the same in future. See exactly how reasonable, here. Assembly is easy all you have to do is snap the pieces together. There are no tools involved. When you're done putting everything together your shed will be sturdy with no leaking. The doors are extra wide so that if you need to store something large, you will be able to put it in and take it out of the shed with easy. Using this shed will definitely provide you more room in your garage or home because it can hold a lot.

If you needed a good shed that will get the job done, this shed delivers. Find out the exact price, here. Metal sheds are reliable, they do they job and they are durable.

And this one is as bare bones as it gets. The shed has a nice gable roof and a large window placed on a side wall. In addition, the access to the interior of the shed is easy, as you have double doors to the front of the shed. We recommend you to invest in the best materials you could afford. Therefore, you should buy weather-resistant lumber, such as pine or cedar. Always take accurate measurements before adjusting the size of the components at the proper size. Drill pilot holes trough the components before inserting the wood screws, to prevent the wood from splitting.

The first step of the project is to build the floor frame for the garden shed. Cut the joists at the right dimensions and then lay then on a level surface. Make sure the corners are square and align the edges flush. Place the skids properly so they hold the weight evenly.

Use rafter ties to secure the frame to the skids. Alternatively, you can drill pilot holes and insert screws. Align the edges flush and leave no gaps between them for a professional result.

Continue the outdoor project by assembling the side wall with window for the garden shed.

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