Log Cabin 3D Model

Machine rounded posts for log diameter 26 cm. And a length of cm. The height of the crown - D3 - pieces. Join Login. Architecture Facade element. Comments 86 Rated Pablo Picasso 5 years ago.

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Help pzhl. Ready to share Pro models. Write one. AlexHappy 4 years ago. Everything's Alright. I am trying to make lumber and flitches Pro elements. AlexHappy, can make the carriage and beam Professor?

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Please tell me how to also apply textures - both on the ends and on the logs themselves? Noire-3t 9 months ago. If 3d model has PRO-status 1. Download the necessary FREE models in quantity up to 30 models per day. Log cabin of round logs free AlexHappy. Tagging rules.

You can combine the Item with other works and make a derivative work from it. Economy Class Passenger Cabin. Thinking of choosing finance? In mobile apps, books or magazines f. Economy Airplane Cabin Interior. You can create an End Product for a client, and you can transfer that End Product to your client for any fee.

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