To use the calculator is as simple as setting the known values and letting the system calculate the rest. This means that you can use this calculator to compute the price per square foot of a property if you know the total price and total square footage. For complex room layouts, divide up the room into simple shapes, such as rectangles, squares, etc. If you've entered a unit price, you'll also get the total cost. Technically, it is not correct to talk about the square footage formula ; we should rather talk about area formula.

However, as long as we understand that a square footage formula is just another way to say that we will take an area formula and apply it using square feet , I think we can all agree the precise technical term doesn't matter much here.

The square footage formula is different depending on the shape of the object we want to calculate the area for. The simplest and most common case is the square, or, more generally, the rectangle. For these polygons, the formula is as simple as taking the length of two adjacent sides in feet and multiplying them together.

Since we are working with a rectangle, we know that taking two next sides is the same as taking the height and the width of it. If we name these two sides A and B, the other two necessarily must have the same dimensions as A and B, respectively. This might sound like a simple mathematical formula , but it is precisely how to measure the square footage of a rectangular room in real life. We just need to measure two consecutive sides in feet and multiply the values together. This square footage formula is, in fact, the same as the one used in the area of a rectangle calculator , but, in case of this calculator, used to find square footage instead of calculating polygons.

Not all rooms are perfect squares or rectangles, and it becomes more tricky to calculate square footage in such a situation. If the room is almost rectangular, one can get a pretty good approximation just by considering it as a rectangular and performing a similar calculation as we have seen before. But when the shape of the room or whatever you want to measure is far from rectangular, we definitely recommend using the corresponding Omni calculator for that shape,e.

Note that these calculators for geometrical shapes can calculate areas in almost any unit you would wish for. This means that you can convert from acres to sq ft, to square meters, to square feet, and so on, using the same procedure that we have described in the previous section. How to calculate square footage pricing Once again, we tackle a widespread issue that, despite the complications which might arise in real life, has some rather simple maths beneath it.

The calculations of square footage pricing are, mathematically, the simple division of the price of a specific property by its total square footage. In everyday life, this value changes significantly depending on such factors as a location of the property, intended or potential use, and so on.

It is nonetheless a useful quantity to evaluate the value of a particular house or property. This is an example of one of the most straightforward scenarios, but it is very representative of the typical uses of this square footage calculator. We think that it is essential not only to know how to calculate square footage or how to measure square footage but also to know what you can do with those values once you get them. When it comes to square footage pricing, its usefulness relies on the fact that it 10 Foot Shed Trusses Error allows comparing properties mostly houses of different sizes and prices.

It's the equivalent of performance per dollar charts of computer parts, for example. In this manner, one could compare a sq ft with a sq ft and know which one represents a better real state option, looking beyond just the price or the size of them. In fact, this can be used with any other area unit with or without converting from square meters to square feet or acres to square feet - every time we want to make a fair comparison.

But there are situations in which the shape of the property we want to measure square footage from, is a bit more complicated than that. For very complicated and irregular shapes , there is no simple recipe for how to measure the square footage of a house using just one tool. However, we can use a simple trick to achieve the appropriate result. We can try to decompose the area into several small pieces that have a regular shape, for which we can calculate square footage.

To each of those pieces, we apply the square footage formula corresponding to its polygonal shape different Omni Calculators will prove useful here. If we then add up the result from every piece , we will obtain the total square footage of the house, no matter its shape.

There is a chance that the house will have rounded corners of curvy shapes they are very popular nowadays , and this might seem impossible to do. But in reality, one can get a very good approximation using a straight line that goes to the middle of the curved ones or, if we want to be more precise, many small polygons.

It could be time-consuming, but it simultaneously can be as accurate as one needs. If you live in North America or one of the other few countries that still use the Imperial system, talking about square footage might be natural. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that most of the countries in the world use the metric system, which measures area in square meters.

Having a basic, approximate idea of what the conversion from square meters to square feet is, can be valuable in the communications across different countries. Another important thing to remember is that a board foot is not a unit of area , although it sounds very similar.

In fact, it is a unit of volume. Therefore, there is no conversion possible between them, and they are not equivalent by any means. So even though how many acres are in square feet? But, if you wish to know more about board feet or you feel like calculating some volumes for fun we don't judge, people have different hobbies , then feel free to check the board foot calculator.

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