Cost for a Two Story Two Car Garage. Now we're talking even higher in both dollars and height! This is our Legacy Two Story Garage that gives you a full subfloor on the second floor.� I purchased a 2 car garage from Sheds Unlimited and could not be more pleased. The craftsmanship is excellent, the Garden Shed Kits Costco Online crew was great. Amazed at how well organized they were and they cleaned up, left nothing behind. Single Keter Artisan 7x7 Shed Costco Ex Story Workshop Two Car Prefab Garage: A 2 Car Garage for Cleaning Out the Garage! You come home late and night, its cold outside and the rain is falling. How you wish for more Space for the car where she could be safe indoors and where you could launch the next morning with a fresh start. Space so you can clean out the existing garage and reduce the clutter in life!� Upon placing the order for sheds or single car garages, we ask for a 30% deposit if the cost of the building is under $8, and 50% if the order is over $8, In addition, any building being delivered to New York City or Long Island, NY, requires a 50% deposit. The balance is due on delivery. Scott�s Garage is a place for DIYers. I love my full-time job, but it doesn�t allow me to get my hands dirty.� I work on project cars some of which are classics. I will share my brainstorming, Small Shed Costco Zip product reviews, tool reviews, troubleshooting, lessons learned, and.

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