Buying Format. All Listings 5. Accepts Offers 2. Buy It Now 5. Item Location. US Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition Used. Garden sheds are the simple solution to keeping your garage 10 Feet Tall Shed Youtube free and clear for your cars.

Small sheds are an easy addition to your patio or deck because they keep all of your tools easily accessible and organized. There are plenty of larger garden sheds that can handle the weight of larger equipment, and still have enough room to store your bikes, garden furniture , and tools too.

With cubic feet of storage, the Suncast all-weather resin storage shed is the ideal mid-size option for most families. Metal-reinforced multi-wall resin panels are easy to drill and set up racks and shelves for even more vertical storage. This storage shed has hints of farmhouse style as well as some craftsman design influences as well, so it would fit well with many modern homes.

This mini-barn features all the amenities of a real building that offers a spacious interior plus a large loft area for all your storage needs. The first floor offers high sidewalls that are ideal for installing additional storage shelves and hanging bars for long-handled tools. Double pocket doors on one end make for easy storage of your larger garden equipment like lawn tractors and tillers, while a walk-in door offers access to all the rest of your goodies.

Designed to look classy, the front features two good-sized windows with shutters. It comes with a deluxe floor system that features treated joists and runners. This shed from Lifetime is extra large and can hold all of your lawn and garden tools, including lawn mowers and other heavy equipment. It is made of dual-walled HDPE panels and has a door on the front and on one side.

Steel trusses provide additional strength for the roof. This is a low maintenance shed that has a nice cottage style without the care required for a wooden shed with real shingles. The shed also comes with steel-reinforced shelving inside and is expandable with additional shelves you can purchase separately. The doors lock with an internal latching mechanism for maximum security. It also has screen vents to provide airflor while still keeping flies out. This stout shed is made from premium Galvalume steel that has been plated with aluminum and zinc for advanced corrosion resistance.

With 72 inch high walls, this shed allows for easy storage of large items like rakes, shovels, and long-handled items. The wide double doors provide plenty of room for easy entry and exit with your riding mower.

The rigid swing doors have beefy brushed metal door handles that are lockable to keep your tools and equipment secure. Vented gables allow for increased airflow into this shed, helping to prevent mold and mildew.

The 17 inch gable height makes this shed easy to walk around in, and you can also build upper storage into the gable if you need to store more than the floor space allows. This shed comes with pre-cut, pre-drilled parts and does take some assembly time, which the manufacturer estimates to be about five hours with two people working in tandem. This big resin shed has room to stow it all, and it features double doors with windows that swing from the center making mower parking simple.

It will never peel, rot, or rust, and it never needs painting. Unique WPC walls are easily drillable, making it simple to customize your space with shelving, tool racks , and more. This shed offers Find more Keter Newton 7. When you need substantial space to store your garden tools, mower, outdoor furniture, and more, the Best Barns wooden barn style storage shed might be the perfect fit for your requirements. The 9 foot 6 inch peaked roof is supported by 5 foot 11 inch sidewalls that are ideal for hanging for your long-handled tools.

Large double doors make for easy access to pull in and take out your riding mower or lawn tractor. These doors feature full length galvanized steel hinges and a high-quality locking T-handle for added security. Two opening windows ordered separately help ensure adequate airflow and keep mold and mildew at bay. You will need to plan for a floor as well. This unit is built with solid wall framing and trusses are 24 inches on center. At a diminutive 7 x 7 feet, this shed is constructed of high-density polyethylene with steel reinforced dual walls.

The high pitched roof is steel reinforced which allows for quick drainage of rain and snow. It includes a full-length skylight plus two screened vents to allow for ventilation. This shed is also UV protected and weather resistant, plus it has a ten-year warranty so you can feel solid about your choice.

We love the arched double doors which make this affordable shed really attractive. But functionality is also a key here, and this shed comes with a 30 x 10 inch shelf, two corner shelves, flooring, and installation hardware, so you get a lot for your investment.

Lifetime has a similar design in an 8 x 10 foot size should you need more storage space than this smaller shed provides. Find more Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed information and reviews here. Resin has lots of advantages when it comes to outdoor storage, and this Rubbermaid resin garden shed offers the perfect combination of style, durability, and space. The mid-size 7 x 7 foot structure easily fits into even a small yard, but it offers big tool storage space in a practical and attractive design.

With cubic feet of storage, it features two windows and double doors that swing open to allow for riding mower storage. It will also accommodate shelving, peg board, and more storage options.

This shed is virtually maintenance-free. With two people it takes around five hours. This locking storage cabinet from Goplus is made of durable and rot-resistant natural fir wood. Retrieved 17 November — via ResearchGate.

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