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Find the perfect gifts for woodworkers in your life. These functional, simple, and useful gift ideas are sure to be appreciated! There are great stocking stuffers for Christmas too! When you are shopping for gifts for woodworkers, you might think you need to buy expensive tools! Items like clamps, jigs, gauges, bits etc. Many of these making perfect stocking stuffers too!

I have gathered a few of my very favorites below. Most of these are simple little things and will also make perfect stocking stuffers for woodworkers at Christmas too! You can never have too many pencils�and these carpenter pencils work double as hard with the printed rulers!

Be sure to add in the sharpener too! I love this silicone brush set! It spreads glue well and the clean up is a breeze with the silicone. This is a great upgrade to the glue bottle. All the glue applicator attachments make applying glue uniform, easy and less messy!

Have you tried getting glue out of a bottle? You have to turn it upside down and shake it till the glue makes its way to the nozzle. The Glu-bot glue dispenser is absolutely brilliant! All you need to do is squeeze at any angle and the glue is out.

It helps saves so much time in the woodshop! It can measure so many configurations. It even has a built-in level.

Ever since I got one of these, I use it all the time! A woodworker needs to deal with fractions � lots of fractions. This quick-read tape measure is absolutely life-changing!

It saves time with all the basic fractions marked right there including their decimal equivalents! These bench cookies are used to elevate and hold a project off of a work surface without clamps. I use it when sanding, staining or painting. This pipe clamp is super affordable and the best part is that there is no restriction in the size of the clamp because you buy the pipe that goes in it!

You will never hear a woodworker complaining of having too many clamps. This little ratchet bar clamp will be a great addition to any clamp collection. I have 2 of these and I absolutely love these magnetic wristbands! As a woodworker, the need to create even spacings is very important in various projects. They will find this set of reusable shims is very handy when building any project. The shims come in a set of varying sizes! This is a life saver- literally!

Every woodworker builds cabinet doors or drawers. This cabinet hardware jig makes attaching the hardware a breeze! I use it all the time!

It is used to measure angles between cuts of boards. I love the improved accuracy! I recently got this Japanese pull saw and it is great for quick flush cuts! It is super light and the handle has a great grip! Accuracy is alw89ays a woodworkers best friend! Safety is most important with any power tool! One of the most important parts of building anything is making sure the project is square.

This corner clamping jig makes it easy to get everything square. I use it all the time� especially while building drawers. We have talked about ear and hand safety and these gloves are the perfect pair to keep fingers protected from all those splinters.

It easily helps drill pilot holes and drive the screws without having to carry two drills or manually switching out the bit each time! Pocket holes are a great quick way to join wood. They may already have a larger pocket hole system, but this little Kreg system packs a whole lot of bang! It makes it easier to work with larger boards. Trust me, they will love it! Keep them excited for a new gift every month with a subscription to the Craftsman Crate � they get a complete kit with real tools to make a hands-on project!

There are mugs too! AND hoodies to work in the shop on a cool day! If you need more ideas, be sure to check out my list of gift ideas for DIYers and Woodworkers! I keep adding more items as I come across them so it is always updated! Need to buy a larger tool?

Take a look at my ultimate gift guide for DIYers! Your post really has opened my eyes to some neat gift ideas for my hubby. Happy Holiday Season, Kippi. Hi Anika! Great gift ideas for anyone who loves creating things with wood. I used to make all kinds of decorative yard signs so I learned A LOT about using a router, jigsaw, scrollsaw which I used as a jigsaw , carving tools, table saw, and drills.

I had no idea that carpenters pencils had such a thing as sharpeners! And clamps, yes! Now all I need to do is find a way to get my hubby to find your list before Christmas! Nobody likes spam! I made the hard decision to turn off comments on my posts after two weeks. Thanks for visiting! I am NOT a professional.

Just learning as I go and trying to inspire others! I advise you to always follow manufacturer instructions, take appropriate safety precautions and hire a professional when in doubt. I love it when you use my site for inspiration, but by using it, you agree that you do so at your own risk. Full disclosure here. What is a good gift for a woodworker? Comments Ooh! I see a few things here that my husband would like. I need the corner clamp! And all the other clamps�.

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