For long days of walking through the cities, my pick is definitely, hands-down the Allbirds I included in our post. So freaking cute and absolutely up to the task of very long days and lots and lots of walking. Hope that helps! I think I want a sandal and an actual shoe.

What would you recommend as a shoe option for the hot weather? Thank you for this in-depth review! Thank you for these in-depth reviews! FYI, your Vivo discount code no longer works. Do you have another?

Thank you! Hey Crystal, thanks for the review! I learned this the hard way when my first big trip was to Europe for a month and I was only focused on looking cute and ended up missing out on some activities because my feet got SO sore in cheap flats!

Omg yes you are me! They are perfect 3-season travel shoes and I Luxury Shoes Website 00 love them! I have never been able to find a flat as comfortable and cute. They are super easy to dress up or down! You can toss them in the washer and they look brand new again. They have some super cute new sneaker styles as well — will def be my next purchase. I have these ugly pair of sketchers which are super comfortable and I carry them everywhere on my trips.

I think the biggest issue I face is finding shoes that go with every outfit, and yet are comfy for long hours of walking. Thanks so much for the tips! So I clicked on all the links to look at the shoes, and almost all are sold out! Such a bummer! Thanks for a great list! Hey Kayli! Thank you for letting us know! Happy shopping! Great post! I plan to check out the shoes you recommended. Are there any particular shoes you recommend to build up my calf muscles?

Thank you for all the helpful tips and advice! Honestly, walking in barefoot shoes will do that for you! Just do as many as possible until you feel that burn! You can also do them on a step or stair or curb, or any ledge you find so your heels dip beneath the step on the way down for maximum effort.

I also like to turn my toes to face inwards and outwards as well as straight ahead to work different parts of my calves. RIP, cute fall boots!

This post was super useful! I thought I needed waterproof, but I like your idea of using waterproof socks instead. Do you prefer that to the shoes being waterproof? What are your tips for lacing up hiking boots so they work for you? I love this article! And I hope my calves survive! Thanks for such a fun article! It looks like the current version is called the Ysidro, which is available on their website.

Hi Lia, thanks for your great tips! I am a bit skeptical about the Teva sandals.. Thanks a lot!! I wear them as my water shoes too. Teva is the original water sandal and these definitely hold up to that reputation IMO. This post is great! I hope that helps! Wow you described the exact same issues and injuries I have.

Been walking heavy bc himing boots for years, created several foot problems. Discovered trail runners this year nd never going back. Topo Athletics specializes in wide forefoot shoes. Their zero drop shoes made my short calve muscles get more flexible. Too bad their not suited for normal walking as they started to rib at the bend point after only few months and strangly the soles are slippery when walking on wet streets.

Saucony peregrine 8 has amagingly rugged soles and I can almost walk a rock vertically with Luxury Shoes Sale Online Zip them. Too bad no zero drop or not too wide forefoot but they still walk like you walk on clouds, can bearily feel blind guides stones and besides the sole the shoe itself is flexible, breathable but gives more ankle support than the topos. Will definately look into your suggestions as well because you litterally wrote down my years and years of struggle with feet problems and finding fitting shoes as I have a wide front foot but small size.

A shoe salesmen actually told me we have more foot problems here in the west because its fashionable to have pointy shoes yes even the average sneaker is too narrow. Keep up the great work, love your blogs. OMG the pointy shoes! And it was a pair of sneakers that gave me my killer plantar fasciitis injury those stupid Nike free runs that are SUPER cute, but terrible for your feet, which I learned after going running in them for 2 weeks! I need to add a new pair of boots to my winter wardrobe for Michigan and these sound perfect.

Do they run true to size? I have a pair of barefoot shoes from Merrell that I friggin love and never ever want to stop wearing. Last year I got a pair of waterproof hiking shoes and wore them around Philadelphia in the winter. Though those Gobi boots are little temptresses…. I always struggle with what shoes to wear when traveling! I always want them to look good but I need to be able to walk in them for hours and that is hard to find! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Seriously considering those flats and the trail runners! They are very comfy and cute as well. These suggestions sound so good. I definitely need a pair of good travel boots so I will check out VivoBareFoot. As a former runner who has also suffered Plantar Fascitis, I feel your pain! Exploring for hours when travelling always leaves me with sore feet and I too have struggled to find shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. Will defintely look into purchasing a couple of these travel shoes!

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Also, ads are how we pay our bills and keep our blog free for you to enjoy! We also use affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission for which we are deeply grateful at no cost to you. Table of Contents. Shop for AllBirds Tree Skippers. They even kept my feet warm in degree weather in the Arctic Tundra.

Wearing the exact same pair of Vivobarefoot Gobi boots, 2 years and 2 continents apart. These boots have lasted me through rain, snow, and everywhere in between. I love them so much! Browse Vivobarefoot Gobi Travel Boots. Just casually gallivanting around Lake Tahoe in my Vivobarefoot Tracker boots. Browse Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Boots. We both brought along Altra Lone Peak trail runners as our only hiking shoe for 6 months of backpacking in South America!

Yes, we matched … frequently. My very first pair of Teva sandals on our very first trip together to the Grand Canyon! Browse Teva Travel Sandals. Browse Born Tusayan Sandals. They do not, however, fix clumsiness. Browse Ollio Ballet Flats. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. For more tips, check out our complete guide to trip planning.

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Marie says: September 28, at pm. Yesss give them a try!!! I recommend the flat sneaker Breathe Easy shoe for light walking and the City Scene shoe for full-on sneakers. Skechers just came out with this new sneaker that's looks similar to the Adidas ultra boost!

I wore the classic Toms canvas slip ons for my 2 week trip to Japan and they held up really well. It took about a day to break them in first but after, the soft fabric stretches to your feet. The foot bed has surprisingly more support than you'd expect with a cushy interior. The only downside is that Toms are made of cloth and they can start to smell after extended use, so they may not last longer than a year or two if you wear them often.

But they're cheap and easy to replace! For a more long lasting option, I love this lightweight sneaker that's new for Spring — it's slimming with pretty suede uppers and a cushioned insole for arch support. Toms also makes comfortable sandals — same comfort but these will let your feet breathe a bit more. For a high quality slip on sneaker, the Olukai Pehuea is my top choice. A premium brand based in Hawaii, Olukai makes shoes that focus on performance while leaving the smallest possible footprint on the planet.

All of their shoes have anatomically contoured footbeds that make them incredibly comfortable and supportive, for long term wear. I wrote an in-depth shoe review here , but the main takeaway is that these are incredibly comfortable, straight out of the box. The Pehuea insoles can also be removed and machine washed, to keep them clean! Sold on Amazon. Pick up a sturdy driving moc or loafer that will mold to your feet and be comfortable all day long. Plus, with these stylish flat and loafer options, you'll blend right in with the locals!

We're obsessed with comfortable flats — here are 5 of the best travel flats that are chic yet don't chafe. Looking for a comfortable ballet flat? Check out Everlane's Day Glove which is made from butter soft leather. They're stylish, sleek and after a bit of breaking in, mold perfectly to your feet and are a dream to walk in. Modern and sleek, the best part about these flats is that there's absolutely no toe cleavage — a pet peeve of mine!

I never thought I could wear a flat shoe and call them comfortable, but Everlane changed my mind. With a whopping 16 colors , you're bound to find the perfect shade! In general, I go to Everlane for high quality basics. Although the prices can be higher than fast fashion brands, the material are worth it these are Italian leather and everything has lasted season after season. I wrote an in depth review of my favorite Everlane outfits here.

Sold on Everlane. I'm a huge fan of M. Gemi for their luxurious, Italian made shoes and accessible price points. They have a variety of moccasin shoe options each season — all of which are made from buttery soft leather and mold perfectly to your feet.

The best part is the huge range of colors they offer — everything from neutrals to pastels to fun bright colors for summer. Sold on M. See more of my favorite M. For a softer, slightly cheaper option I would recommend Jack Rogers Loafers. Jack Rogers sizing can vary from shoe to shoe — I find that the loafers run slightly narrow but fit like a glove in my usual size.

I have them in pink leather , although they come in a wide range of colors and also in a suede version on Zappos. In comparison to the M. Gemi, the Jack Rogers are softer while the M. Gemi are more durable. The M. Gemi moccasins are more of a driving moc — with reinforced heels and grips on the bottom. They also feel stiffer and more durable. It just depends on what type of loafer you prefer! The flats are an affordable version of the classic Chloe flat and quite cushioned in the foot bed — for these I sized down half a size to a 6.

I love the classic look of these Vionic leather flats. Vionic is a go to for comfortable walking shoes and these ballet pumps have the same classic cushioned foot bed found in all their shoes.

Available in regular, narrow and wide sizes, the Minna flat is perfect for a leisurely day of sightseeing and a nice dinner out. There's always some variation of them each season love the two toned color and these double as a great work flat. Vionic also has lightweight sneakers , spring sandals and these cushioned flats!

Read reviews and see all colors here. If you love androgynous footwear, this leather loafer is for you. Both feminine and masculine at the same time, these flats are incredibly comfortable once you have a chance to wear them in.

Madewell makes these in a high quality leather that's not stiff — so break in time is minimal and they wear well over time. The interior leather is really soft too! Available on Madewell. Read reviews and see colors here. Unlike many ballet flats , which are little more than leather fastened to a paper-thin shoe bed, the Lucky Brand Emmie Ballet Flats are built with the world traveler in mind. The padded footbed, 0. Available on Amazon. Here are some of our favorite travel sandals that don't chafe, pinch or blister your feet…and look gorgeous with skirts, dresses and every kind of outfit.

Plaka makes simple, chic rope sandals that are made from hand. I love the design of the ropes and these work particularly well if you have wide or narrow feet, as the ropes are adjustable. They come with a cotton bag for storage and are super comfortable. The rope is made of polyester while the soles are rubber. I think they're both simple enough to wear everyday yet dressier than a basic flip flop so they're versatile for travel! I like the black rope option but there are colorful options too.

Best of all? They're extremely affordable! Read reviews and Luxury Shoes Sale Online 3d see all color options here. I ordered these UGG Kamile Sandals for our trip to Europe and they were the perfect comfy sandal for weeks of walking on concrete, cobblestone and tile. The leather straps are made from a soft, smooth leather and the foot bed is very slightly arched and quite comfortable. They also run a bit wide, so if you have bunions or wide feet these may be the perfect travel sandals.

UGG also makes a sandal version here , which comes in leather, suede and metallic color options. Since I don't do well with slide on shoes, I opted for the strap across the bank.

I do wish the straps themselves were slightly thinner like the Kari sandals and that the sole wasn't white, but overall they're so comfortable I can't complain! If you like to pack light, I think these versatile travel sandals go with everything.

These sandals are incredibly comfortable. The straps hit at just the right part of the feet so that if you have narrow or wide feet or even bunions, your toes won't feel smashed at all and can sit comfortably. I like the criss cross detail to dress up the basic sandal and you can adjust the shoe with the buckle near the heel. Perhaps the only downside is that the shoe is made of synthetic leather but they're more affordable because of it. Blowfish Sandals. For a sturdier strappy sandal, pick up the Olukai Upena.

With adjustable straps and a whole host of different colors , there's plenty of options for everyone. In particular, these sandals would hold up well to lots of walking — whether it be cobblestone streets or a moderate hike. I wore them while walking from midtown Manhattan to the Lower East Side in the dead heat of summer and they were incredibly comfortable!

They're also incredibly easy to pack as they don't take up any space and you don't have to worry about them getting crushed. For more pictures, including how these shoes look on, you can read my in-depth Olukai review. These are hand crafted from soft, supple vegetable tanned leather and I especially like the simple silhouette. It looks pretty on the feet and the asymmetrical strap keeps your foot firmly in place as you walk. The arch is molded for comfort too! I'm so tired of cute sandals with hard thin footbeds that feel like you're walking right on the ground.

The only thing is some people find the fit slightly off — I recommend ordering a couple sizes especially if you're in between sizes. Beek Sandals. Available on Amazon , Nordstrom , Shopbop. As travel sandals, the Crocs are perfect for hot or tropical vacations. Unlike some sandals, though, the thick and sturdy heel strap — not to mention the textured, memory foam-like insole — provide for ease and comfort during day-long walks or light hikes.

These Crocs also provide the the fashionable lift no pun intended from its 0. Shoes are worn in puddles, dirty streets and all over the place so I never want the soles to touch my clothes! I individually wrap each pair of shoes with the tops facing each other, soles out. I recommend picking out your shoes first before clothes and everything else and laying them in the very bottom of your luggage. Try to pack the shoes close to the bottom of the suitcase, near the luggage wheels. Generally I don't mind if sneakers or flip flops get crunched in transit as I prefer my clothes to be as wrinkle free as possible.

The Most Comfortable Sandals for Summer. The Most Comfortable Boots for Winter. The Most Comfortable Heels you can actually walk in. Cute Casual Sneakers to Wear Anywhere.

The Best Slip On Sneakers. Comfy Slippers for Women. Comfy Mens Slippers. The Best Manolo Blahnik Lookalikes. Follow Sher She Goes on. What a perfect post! I really love the adidas ultraboost and the dr scholls slip on is such a cool find too! I recently discovered OluKai, […]. This is such a great stylish list. I also signed up for your posts!

Hey Soo — so glad you liked the post. If you click the link in the post, it should redirect to the mgemi website and the code will auto apply.

Or, try mgemi. Finding the perfect travel shoes can be a huge challenge.

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