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It produces gin, vodka and moonshine. He expected to lease, but spotted a Tool Shed Kings Cross 40 former 19th-century church most recently a hardware store on an industrial property bounded by train tracks and a residential neighbourhood, close to downtown.

He purchased the 40,square-foot building for its rustic look, needing just 5, square feet for the distillery and leasing the rest to commercial tenants. Significantly, to meet Ontario fire code rules, Mr. Heisz had to build a thick fire wall of concrete block separating the distillery from the rest of the building.

Zoning rules vary by jurisdiction, with either smooth sailing or headaches for small-scale distillers. Despite their location, the distillery and brewery are close to public transit and residential neighbourhoods, and operate with permission to offer tasting rooms and retail. In contrast to the experience in Toronto, some distillers have had difficulty setting up in rural municipalities. Don Di Monte, owner of Last Straw Distillery, was told he would need to seek rezoning approval if he wanted to set up his facility in Erin, Ont.

Ultimately, he decided to open a 2,square-foot distillery in Vaughn, Ont. Sherman says he and his partner already have blown past milestones set for their seven-year business plan.

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Tool Shed co-owners Jeff Orr, left, and Graham Sherman are former tech consultants who turned their love of craft beer into a business. Orr and Mr. Sherman looked for 18 months to find the suitable site for their brewing operation. The space allows visitors to taste product and watch the beer-making in action. Tool Shed hopes to triple its production this year to one million litres.

Strange Fellows co-founders Aaron Jonckheere, left, and Iain Hill moved their operations into a former carpet warehouse in Vancouver but had to endure a lengthy approval process with the municipal government. Ray Dosanj. Jonckheere says choosing the right building was key to getting the suds flowing, citing an adequate sprinkler system, water supply and, in British Columbia, seismic upgrades.

Here's a comment from Chola:. Now he spends his days doing what he loves Spark's used my 12x16 barn with side porch plans to build this really nice looking shed. Cory used my 12x16 barn with porch and roll up door plans to build his neat shed.

He modified the plans somewhat to store his riding mower and 4-wheeler in his shed. Here's what Cory had to say about using my shed plans: "You might recall I had asked if you had any plans for a roll up door, service door and window.

You referred me to the plan with the porch. But here it is completed. I obviously made some changes along the way. I used 2x8 floor joists sense my riding mower and 4-wheeler will be stored in here. Plans were great. And very detailed. Thank you. I plan to finish up the ramp and steps in the spring. I just ran short of time with a baby due. Thanks again! I don't know if you remember me buying a plan from you in june but I remember telling you I would send you the "kinda" complete shed pictures when we got done.

We really learned a lot from your plan too. We've had a lot of fun and some not so fun moments. A learning experience that's for sure. As you can see we altered the plan a bit. There is a little pitch to the porch roof, more than you can see on the pictures. We'll see what happens this winter. Also we changed the pitch on the side of the loft so we had more stand up room. I'm betting no snow stays on that steep of a roof for long. So my husband gained a man cave upstairs and I guess I'll share my she shed with my razor downstairs.

I love that my grandson helped me out with building the trusses and my sister and brother helped us raise the trusses up. We did cheat a little I had to hire a contractor to put on the ply boards and tin on the roof. It was too dangerous for us old folks.

But I think we did alright considering my husband had a double hernia surgery in the middle of this and I was still recouping from a back fusion in january. Oh I got to give a shout out to my father in law who is 85 and he made sure we were level and precise.

He always showed up for work and never got paid. Best employee I ever had. I think he had a lot of fun! We love our shed! I wish the landscaping was done but it's hunting season now and that can wait till next year. Hey John, here is another testament to your great plans! Jeff used my 12x16 barn shed with side porch plans to build this neat shed. You can learn more about these plans here. I'm a civil engineer on paper but have zero hands-on "DIY" kind of build.

Having interpreting drawings as a job, following your estimate and plans were so simple to follow along while making minor adjustments to better suit our needs. I'm sure anyone with little to no experience would feel confident and comfortable in a similar boat. Click here to learn more about my 12'x8' saltbox shed plans. This is Roger's 12x16 barn with 6' side porch project. I can only hope to be as active and productive as Roger when I get to be his age! For Roger obviously age is not a factor but only a state of mind when it comes to accomplishing things that most people half his age would not attempt to do.

I want to thank Roger's wife Chola for sending me these shed pictures of her awesome husband and his equally awesome shed. Keep them coming Chola. Here's the 12x16 barn with side porch plans Roger used to build his shed. Dayne built this awesome looking 10'x16' barn shed using these shed plans. He also built a neat little gambrel style dog house that matches the same style as his beautiful shed. If you would like to take an interactive tour of this shed download the 'kubity go' app on your phone and then scan the code below:.

I just wanted to thank you for the great shed plans. As a relatively novice builder, I found them easy to follow and to adapt when needed. My 16 year old son and I spent about three weeks building, not every day but probably three days a week. I understand from the news that a lot of Americans are building sheds during the pandemic. Thank you Chris for your picture of your neat saltbox shed. During the pandemic treated lumber has been scarce and various adaptations have had to be made by buyers of my shed plans.

You can find the plans Chris used here: 12'x8' Saltbox Shed Plans. Brad did a great job building this 6'x8' lean to shed! Here's a little bit of what Brad had to say about using my lean to shed plans :. Great plans and tx for answering my questions. Lee sent me his shed pictures of the neat 12x16 barn shed he built. Here's a little of what Lee had to say about his project:.

Post away, here are a few more as well. Now doing this for the first time I did a few things I'd like to have done better. I don't know if you have a blog or user's comment section but that might be helpful. I made several mistakes doing this the first time around that is definitely do differently of I was to build another shed. But overall, things turned out great and I thought your plans were very well explained.

Casey sent me his shed pictures of his awesome 12x16 barn shed. The plans Casey used come with the option of putting the doors on the short end wall, or the long side wall with 2 windows as the picture above shows. Your website says that you like folks to send in photos of the finished creation. I wanted to wait until I installed the patio to send a photo, the large dirt patch in front of it kinda took away from the look.

It went from a backyard eyesore. To a wonderful backyard living space. Thanks for your website, it was the most valuable tool that I had. Josh used my 12x16 barn shed plans that come with the option of putting the doors and windows on the long 16' wall, or just the doors on the shorter 12' end wall. Here's Wade's really cool barn shed with porch. Wade modified my 10x16 barn shed plans and added this side porch. Here's what Wade had to say about using my plans and building this neat shed:.

To support the porch, I ran the joist for the loft under the framing at the top of the wall. And married wall studs under them to support the loft. Not the cheapest way but it looked better I thought.

It made the 8 foot exterior wall not look as tall without decreasing interior qubicft. I ran the 2x6 x14' loft joints through a hole cut in the siding at the top of the wall out to the face of the porch. The support for the porch is in large part coming from the continuous loft joist that protrudes I calculated the roof pitch for the front porch at After attaching the 2x6 fascia to the front of the porch I filled in the spaces where loft joists were not available.

I know it's more your plans but it's mine. The deck for the porch is built using standard deck design. I used extra ridge cap so dirt didn't directly contact the pressure treated wood as I put backfill around the deck.

Thank you Wade for using my plans and doing an excellent job building your neat shed! And thank you for sending me your shed picture! Dan did a great job building his 10x12 barn shed. Here's a few comments Dan had about this project:. John, thank you for sharing your shed plans with us! This was my first ever shed build and I really enjoyed your blueprints and guide - the shed came out great!

Originally I wanted to build a 10x16 but it would have required a permit, so I went with the 10x It took me about 9 full days to get it done alone. The sense of accomplishment I have from building my own top quality shed is priceless. Your plans are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again, and feel free to post my pics on your website! Dan K. Here's Brian's very nice 12'x12' shed with loft. Brian modified my plans somewhat by adding windows on the side wall and upper gable end for the loft area.

Here's something Brian did that I don't see very much and that's insulating the floor framing. This is a great addition to any shed building project. Read more about Brian's 12x12 barn shed with loft and see more pictures here. Jon sent me this picture of his neat barn shed. He used my 12'x12' barn shed plans and modified them somewhat by changing out the 5' double shed doors to a single shed door. Great job Jon on building this neat shed! I love the color too of the siding and trim together.

Here's David's picture of his neat 12x8 saltbox shed. David is almost 70! David, I hope I can do this when I am 70, which is not too far away for me! Thank you for your inspiration! He modified the roof structure by extending the eaves to 8", and used galvanized 2x6 metal studs for the floor framing. John yes that is galvanized metal 2x6 studs they will last for 30 plus years. Also how did you like the 8 inch overhang on the eaves?

I'm proud of it and have got many compliments. I still need to wire it for electricity and build my shelving and my work bench. Thank you for you kind remarks. Learn more about the plans David used.

You asked me if you could use my photo on your Facebook page and website. Actually I would love that. There were a few photos of your customers in various stages of the build. I thought I would send you a few to chose from if you can use them. Two things I wanted from a shed. I have an open carport and no basement. Besides needing lots of space for storage, I really wanted some where I could work on things.

I chose the Gambrel style due to the loft storage and the fact that I would have plenty of room for a small workshop. You said my shed was the first photo you got with the doors on the long side. I thought long and hard where I would put the doors.

They have a glass sliding door that they love to look out. Our small deck was in their line of sight, not no more!! He He. The two neighbors on either side, put up fences to isolate themselves.

One older neighbor came by when I was just starting to build the shed and asked me, are you planning on planting some Elephant Ear plants this year? I said probably, why you ask? He said because they blocked the woman behind our house line of sight when they sit out on their deck. I asked him, let me guess, she started some sh When and if you use my photos and story, please send me a link so I can enjoy what you used them for.

See more of Steve's pictures of his shed on my facebook page. Learn more about the plans Steve used. Here's pictures of Matt's 12x16 barn with front porch he built. This quaint little tiny house, shed home or even a small cabin , has a 6'x16' front porch, front entry door, and a total of 4 windows. He added solar panels for electricity, and windows in the loft area. We have also added raised floor during the framing to put insulated sheeting in the floor to have it insulated, but away from bugs and critters.

Here's the plans Tim used to build this neat small cabin. Everyone that sees it is shocked that a woman organized and built it. Here's the shed plans Heather used.

It is clear and very easy to follow. Also the cut list is perfect and saves hours of figuring. I worked as a carpenter for forty years and didn't think I'd enjoy working again until now. I included a few pictures and thanks again. Have a great holiday! Jerry built this 8x10 barn shed and did such an amazing job modifying the doors by adding windows to them. He also modified the area just above the shed doors by adding in a transom window.

His workshop is so neat you just want to go in there to get away from it all and work on some nice little project. Jerry used these plans to build his neat shed. Here's a barn shed with porch built by David. He actually purchased 3 of my shed plans and incorporated bits and pieces from each one to build this neat shed. Read more about Davids barn shed and his outstanding testimonial about the plans he bought from shedking.

Tim is building this really neat 12x16 barn style shed that's got a huge loft, lots of space on the first floor, and a nice 6'x16' side porch.

You can learn more about the plans Tim is using here:. Jeff built this 12x20 saltbox style shed that he is using for a really cool looking workshop. He modified my 12x16 saltbox shed plans by adding on another 4', and the plans show double shed doors but Jeff added a really functional and useful roll-up shed door. Inside Jeff's shed is his really neat workshop that looks well organized and quite functional as well.

Getting tools and projects in and out of his shed is going to really be easy with the roll-up shed door. The additional windows he added let in lots of natural light too! You did a great job building your shed Jeff! Thank you so much for sending in your shed pictures. This is Dan's 12x10 saltbox style shed. This shed has lots of character, makes for a nice garden shed, and can be spruced up with a nice flower box under the window.

See more of Dan's Awesome saltbox shed. Craig and his son built this awesome 12x16 barn shed that has lots of storage space inside and a huge loft.

Jason build this awesome 10x12 barn shed with metal roof and vinyl siding. He also added a few windows and pre-hung double doors. See more of Jason's neat shed. Rod built this 12x16 barn shed while coming home from the Middle East. Rod is standing in front of the shed with a little boy they take care of.. Ross who was so impressed by the event he's been running around hammering nails into whatever he has the strength for: foam, pumkins ect. Yes, in spite of a few mistakes I deemed 'minor' Here's the pictures Rod emailed to me of his project.

John Miller sent me pictures of the 12x16 barn with porch plans and the job he did was absolutely fantastic. He added a metal roof, pre-hung side door, and windows on either side of the entry door. This project is going to be used for his workshop and various storage needs that he has. The loft area in this barn is great for any storage needs you might have. Read John's comments and see more pictures of his barn shed. Plans for this barn can be found here.

This is a smaller version of our 1 2' long x 8' wide saltbox shed plans built by Shawn. He did a great job in modifying the plans to build a smaller version to suit his needs. Shawn is from Canada and because of the heavy snow loads he has spaced the roof trusses every 16" instead of the 24" called for in the plans. Good planning and Nice looking shed Shawn! Your plans were very helpful, to be honest the only thing that I found could have been clearer is the diagram on the roof truss angles.

Who knows, maybe I put to much thought into it, however your plans did help me very much, and your willingness to answer questions was much appreciated.

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