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This one gives you some great tips on how to increase stability. One of these tips is to use double studs on either side of the door rough opening.

This design also touches on the use of cripple studs! The included plans and diagrams break down all the individual components of a shed, as well. The design for this shed door is pretty straightforward. What I like about it is that it not only shows me how to build a single shed door but also a double.

The instructions are uncluttered, telling readers in the simplest possible way how to perform each step in the process. I like their use of diagrams as they explain the steps. Not so with this design!

ShedKing is brilliant at explaining their process. They avoid complicated jargon and provide detailed photos and diagrams, making everything easier. They also point out common problems you might run into and offer preventative advice.

Doing this provides additional weatherproofing! Do you know which wall you plan to install the shed door? This is actually more important than you think. Installing it on the gable side instead of the sidewall requires different planning. This article explained all of that really well, and then some.

What I liked most about it was that it laid out every detail without sounding repetitive. Which is great, because repetition turns me off of reading instructions. Remodelaholic offers an excellent door design in a fun and upbeat tone. This one is a Dutch door, meaning that the top and bottom halves operate as separate units! For your shed, you could use it to keep your pets from entering while still enjoying a comfortable breeze. This is another Dutch door, but what I like about this one is its list.

This article actually gives you some ideas into shortcuts to make a Dutch door. For example, using an existing door or purchasing a kit!

The PDF file is straightforward; no flowery language at all. It gives you the material list, the blueprints, and the step-by-step guide. Everything in the file is necessary. It would be easy to print it out and keep it on your workbench for reference. There is a picture of this DIYer performing every task to construct his shed door design. With captions beside everyone, explaining exactly what is happening. The doors themselves look amazing! No problem! This door design has a budget of under one hundred bucks!

The Garden Tool Shed For Sale Western Cape Model step-by-step guide is easy to follow, too. This step-by-step DIY guide is awesome. This single shed door design should only take you about one day, according to the article. The instructions and diagrams do make it simple to understand. Tongue and groove have many benefits, one of which being that the boards are less likely to separate.

The instructions are a bit sparse. This YouTube video shows you from start to finish how to build and hang a set of double shed doors. It runs about fifteen minutes long and takes you from the raw materials to the finished product. This makes it inconvenient to follow along when actually building the project.

If you plan to use this instructional video, prepare to take notes beforehand. For some great tips on how to build a set of double shed doors that are more weatherproof, check out this tutorial.

This DIYer thinks of everything. She actually forgot to include the insulation in her own shed doors, she was so excited to build the project. She supplies many pictures to assist in the building double shed doors for others.

Trial and error is the overarching plot of this tutorial. To be fair, they were old and already rotting. The result was an odd-sized rough opening that required custom shed doors. The DIYer documented his journey and showed us how he built a set of replacement double Dutch doors. Despite his mistakes, his instructions are serviceable. He points out where he went wrong and offered tips to make the project run smoother for others.

Between her misadventures with her donkeys and a carpenter bee, the project went on. She provides pictures along with her instructions, though some of them are of her donkeys. Also, she understands the need for a budget, detailing how she managed to reuse her old barn hardware. From the same DIYer in Number 17, he now shows you how to construct a set of double doors. As with his instructions in 17, he provides lists of materials and tools necessary to the project. The double doors project should also only take someone about a day to complete.

We recommend Sheds Unlimited to anyone that is looking for a quality building. The entire team at Sheds Unlimited is top notch! We recently had a two car garage installed. The two guys from Sheds unlimited, Gideon and Mark were unbelievable!

They worked so hard and had the garage up in one day. They were also super nice and easy to work with. John, who we dealt with during the design process was also great.

Couldn't recommend them highly enough. Our garage is beautiful. The process could not have been any easier to get our shed ordered- super fast turn around time, expert delivery and install in our backyard the driver had a yard slope AND well access obstacle to mitigate. Everyone that comes over immediately remarks on the shed and how amazing it looks- we highly recommend sheds unlimited to anyone who asks! Skip to main content. Doors - Wood. Already have a shed and just need a replacement door?

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