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Plus, to keep your furniture looking new and extend its life, we sell premium DuPont Patio Furniture covers that offer superb outdoor weather protection in all climates. Hi, Terri. Soon I'm going to be faced with that same issue. Yes, you can move and reuse your soil so long as it was not home to diseased plants. Also, you may want to skim off and discard or compost the first inch or two of soil in the bed as they probably contain weed seeds, spores, and other things you might not want to take with you.

Good luck to you! Can I bag my raised bed soil and carry it with me when I move? I used Black Kow Hi, Lamar. Thanks for commenting. You can store sterilized soil for later use rather than put it to immediate use.

We put ours in cans in our shed. Also, some people ameliorate their soil by adding compost and potting soil in the fall. That's when I do new flowerbeds and direct sow. Also some people sow fall crops, create fall planters, and use old soil to fill in low spots or holes in their yards.

The latter, of course, can be done anytime. Best, Jill. How can you place your potting soil in plastic bags in the sun to kill pathogens as the hottest time of year is June, July, Aug,. Too late then to plant as planting is April zone 7. Please don't advise people to use Plastic Bags for Solarization!

Instead a Hot House would be a much better option! Thanks for the information, Karl. Appreciate it. Unfortunately, your link is not working for me, but I can probably find the article by shortening it. Thanks again. I saw someone asked about coffee grounds being used for acid loving plants. I followed this advice for years until I came across an article reporting that, "One researcher found that the pH of soil treated with coffee compost increased after 14 to 21 days of incubation, gradually decreasing thereafter.

None the less, there appears to be other benefits in using coffee grounds that they cover in this article. I have a resin whiskey barrel that had water sitting in it. I drilled holes, the dirt no longer stinks. Can it be re-used to grow vegies or flowers? Hi Vivian! If you live in a warm climate and the soil in your plastic bag has been in the sun and gotten hot over the winter, the soil should be pasteurized and ready to use.

If not, place the bag in the sun now and leave it for a week or two. The point of the black bag is to get the temperature inside the bag up in order to kill harmful pathogens in the soil. Hi Mary Ann, I have used ladybugs to control aphids but never white fly.

Thanks for sharing your expertise. Ladybugs Love Whitefly. I have had no problem with Whitefly since. M Sharp, one way to control whiteflies is to rake up fallen leaves and destroy them then spray the underside of the leaves with insecticidal soap The Garden Shed Wellesbourne Student or oil.

That may get them down to a level where natural predators will keep them at a low level. No pee tea thank you. With so many alternatives, absolutely not. Hope no one gives me anything edible that they have used that on. Animal manure is nasty enough. I've prepped several new flower beds since summer, adding compost as I dug the trenches. It's rained here a lot too, and the temperature has gone up and down; however, I've gotten only two small weeds.

In other words, just because nothing's sprouting yet doesn't mean the soil is bad. When your area has had enough degree days to trigger seeds to germinate, you should see growth. I bought 4 cubic yards of used cannabis bagged soil. I rototilled this into my front yard soil. It has rained like crazy.

I deliberately have planted nothing and nothing has sprouted. Nothing is going in but yard plants. Did I kill my future plants with tainted soil before they even got planted? That shouldn't be a problem, Steven, if the tomato plant simply died from exposure to the cold. However, if it bit the dust due to a virus or some sort of infestation, you should not use the soil. Best to you! Thank you for the helpful article! I hope to recycle my soil from last year.

I have only one question, I left a tomato plant in a 5 gallon pot all winter. Is that soil still healthy to use? Thank you! Thanks, Jill, for this very helpful article on reusing potting soil.

So glad to learn about pasteurizing old potting soil. Baking the soil in the sun couldn't be easier. I do a Garden Sheds To Buy Company lot of gardening, so these handy hints will sure help me.

Hi Jim. Washing with warm sudsy water should do the trick unless plants died in the containers from diseases, then. I don't know. My impulse would be to recycle them rather than reuse them, but your extension agent could give you better advice. The advice is free. What about reusing the 5 gallon buckets I planted in last year - should I sterilize them some how?

I love gardening and I love this helpful post. I'll be using your tips this spring. Thank you. No, Dolores, you can pasteurize the soil in the oven at degrees for half an hour to kill harmful pathogens and insect eggs without losing the richness of the soil. I need to replant some of my container plants this Spring and was wondering about just this topic. I hate the idea of buying dirt, it just seems silly. When I was younger I used to make a mix that included outside dirt that I'd put in the oven on a low temperature for 20 minutes or so.

Then I wondered if I'd cook out nutrients. Would it? Hi Rose. The compostable material needs air in order to decompose, so. Can i make a compost bin out of a 5gal bucket with out putting holes in it i have no way of putting holes in the bucket. Thanks, Peg. I like to pass on whatever I learn, and most of it is for newbies.

There's so much to know! Every time I look into any subject, it quickly becomes complicated, and gardening is no exception. I just discovered, for instance, that the ugly hummingbird I've been seeing at our feeders is actually a moth!

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