In fact, I have one of these sitting in my backyard and it has so far made it through a couple of hot summers and heavy winter snows without a problem. I hope you have enjoyed reading the information I have put together here on the best cheap plastic sheds; they are a great way to put a shed in your backyard on a budget. Related Articles:. Share 0. Tweet 0. Pin 0. These cheap plastic garden sheds will surely fit your budget Quick Navigation.

Quick Navigation 1. Heavy-Duty Walls for Added Strength. Keter Factor Large 8 x 11 ft. Resin Outdoor Shed. Keter Manor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin Garden Shed. Low Profile Storage for Your Backyard. Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 by 5 Feet.

Pitched Roof has Trusses for Added Strength. Fusion Wood and Plastic Composite Shed. Wood-Composite is Designed Not to Rot. Duramax Vinyl Shed with Foundation. No Foundation Needed for this Big Shed.

Long Term Fully Portable Storage. Easy Up Storage for your Backyard. Today we are looking at several of the top low-cost plastic sheds on the market. Short assembly time, approx. Lots of brackets to figure out during assembly which can be confusing and slow down the process.

Some parts are not labeled with part numbers, again this can slow down assembly. Bolt together assembly instead of snap fit adds to the overall strength. Some sheds are shipped with the wrong parts and customer service is rated as poor. If you don't have the base perfectly level, the doors may not line up or stay closed properly.

Can be assembled in less than 5 hours by one or two people quite easily. Some of the assembly holes do not line up properly, making assembly of certain parts properly.

Priced well below some of its competitors yet offers higher overall quality. The instruction manual is poorly laid out, making it hard to follow. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you are so to love the extended roofline. Easy to assemble in an afternoon with a minimum of tools and experience. Doors have double handle that can be secured using a padlock. Holes and some parts have excess flashing that has to be removed. Can be placed directly on the ground as it has a built in plastic floor.

Superior quality and heavy duty resin materials make the Manor a very good deal for your money. The corrugated resin parts seem to be flimsy but only until your shed is fully assembled.

Sliding roof for ease of access. The plastic assembly screws are flimsy. Low profile keeps shed out of sight. Must be assembled on a flat location. The plastic padlock loops are not very secure. High-density polyethylene floor is slip and stain resistant. Assembly process is more complicated than most plastic sheds. Steeply pitched roof lets rain and snow slide off easily. Needs to have a good solid level foundation. Steel-reinforced doors for added security. The plastic seems to be overly flimsy.

This shed is the perfect size to fit on your deck or back porch. Doors do not seem to close securely. Everything fits together very snugly. Tight fit ensures shed is watertight. You have to lift the lid to open the front doors. Some pieces are poorly made and require extra trim parts to cover any Studio Plastic Garden Sheds gaps.

Has over screws to assemble. Natural wood look fits into any yard nicely. Doors have been known to fall off. Two people can easily assemble this shed with common household tools. Easy assembly with 2 people and common tools. Plastic may warp when exposed to high temps.

High strength impact resistant floor. Steel bar front support challenging to install. Double-wall construction for added strength. Steel reinforced vinyl panels add a lot of extra strength to the shed. Challenging to assemble, requires some experience and quite a few hand tools. Doors are double wall for added security and have a place to secure your shed with a padlock. Walls are single wall which makes them flimsy in appearance.

Wind tested to mpg snow load tested at or 20 lbs. Lightweight and easily portable. Can be blown away by high winds. Takes 2 people to set up quickly. Industrial grade tarp is completely weatherproof. Not very secure, you need to have a post to secure things to. Material has a short life span in extreme heat. Frame is strong once assembled. Replacement covers are very expensive. Most of the front panel is a wide roll-up style door. Instruction manual hard to follow.

Final Thoughts. With the assembly, everything that could be done for you is. The siding is treated and resists rot and termites. You do have to provide the paint, shingles and drip edge flashing roof material to stop leaks. But the ready-made doors, window and custom crafted louvers come standard. There are plenty of added extras to customize the shed including a flower box, in door windows, and a floor kit.

Expect to pay a little extra though. Everything is thought about with this shed. The siding is man-made which comes with a 50 year warranty. And the timber used for the frame is selected from the most stringent grading system. This means your shed frame is being made from some of the best wood available. There are a few added extras for the shed, including windows, and a treated wood ramp. A premium floor is offered which raises the shed, but you are required to cut and construct it yourself.

Although it could be a little pricey depending on your added extras, the biggest downside from owning this shed is that you may like it so much you might want to use it as a man cave. Then you have to buy another shed for your mower. It's available here. The siding is heavy duty steel, coated in vinyl to help protect it from the elements. Although the lack of natural light really prohibits this shed from being a full on work shed, the roller door allows enough light for you to do a job or two.

This shed really deserves a concrete slab, and having a flat level surface will make it easier for you to install it to. Available here. But the fun is in the shed raising. The wood frame and trim is pre-cut and the panels and doors are ready to install. All you need to do is teach the kids or wife how to paint!

Great for those once a year items like camping equipment, and Christmas decorations. The framing lumber is sourced and imported in from Sweden. To build the shed, you do need to provide the shingles, roof edge and level base, but the quality of everything else is taken care of. A well built, family friendly shed. The shed comes with precut and pre drilled parts, making it easier to assemble. It comes with many screws and washers which are required, but are quite fiddly.

The steel is also galvanized and the paint finish is baked on enamel which is quite hardy. There are accessories available for this shed which are needed for some. Especially the roof strengthening kit for those who live in snow conditions. Great value for your money. It is user friendly with the sliding doors open up 4.

The top of the shed also measures 7. Assembly is a little tedious. There are plenty of screws and washers that come included with the shed that need installing. We recommend a cordless drill rather than a screwdriver. The siding is vinyl coated to help protect it from the elements.

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