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Each wood has been meticulously documented and photographed, listed with its Janka hardness value in lbf and geographic and global hardness rankings. Consider this: the venerable Red Oak Quercus rubra sits at only 33 in North America and worldwide for hardness! Aspiring wood nerds be advised: your syllabus may be calling for Worldwide Woods as part of your next assignment! Can anyone identify this hardwood , these African or Egyptian head sculpture hardwood carvings weigh 5 pounds each and stand 49 centimetres 19 inches in height.

Seem very dense heavy wood. If you go through the exercise of measuring approximating the volume of each piece in cubic feet, you can then calculate density of the wood by using the exact measured weight divided by that volume.

Because these pieces are irregular in shape i. The difference in height is what you would need to calculate volume of � Read more �. If I was to take some pictures of wood I cannot identify, would someone be able to definitively name it? I work at a lumberyard and I have gotten varying answers like ironwood, wenge, jatoba, cocobola, etc. Please let me know.

A lot will depend on the quality of the pictures and how well the wood especially the endgrain has been prepared to seen the details. I have learn a lot myself by a fluke just as I was looking for a hard woods in my area of southern Ontario, Canada. I need to find a wood for my wool spindle, specific to a Dealgan spindle. Next step to find a lathe and an operator-man preferably. Thank you all for a load of valuable information on wood. Now I need to learm more of a core gravity od a wood that will produce steady whorl.

My question to you Eric, � Read more �. I have been searching for an answer for my beautiful Hardwood coffee table. We were told it was carved from a tree root. I am passing it on to my Grandson who has everything he wants except this piece. Of course, I did not ask for spelling and wonder if there is a � Read more �. Possibly Bocote? It is very heavy, provides the most beautiful grain you will ever see.

The variation in the Bahamas Protected but can be taken as reclaimed wood is a nice choice. The wood is full of natural oils.

Expect the top to last forever � Read more �. Lignum vitae has so much natural oil in it and is so hard that they use it for ball bearings on nuclear submarines.

Because the subs are only refueled every three years, and regular ball bearings would wear out but the lignum vitae is hard enough to last, being self oiling. My brother-in-law worked on nuclear subs and was a hobby wood worker. However, lignum vitae is endangered and VERY expensive, and the good stuff is very , very hard to find. It checks significantly, but can be used in woodwork in small pieces. I see different weights given to a gallon of water. Old phrase� a pint is a pound the world around.

A gallon of water is 3. Therefore a gallon of water at standard temperature is Your 8 pounds per gallon is off by 4. Completely incorrect.

Unfortunately you are mistaken Murray. It says elsewhere that Black Ironwood African Ironwood is called Olea capensis and, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the heaviest wood, with a specific gravity of 1.

I have two elephants from South Africa � they do not float. This is, generally speaking, false. I highly recommend checking out my video explaining why this is. I even deal specifically with Olea capensis and the Guinness world record claim. Germany has some real crappy firewood, but Esche and Buche Beech seems to be the only real contenders burning longer and not giving you a headache.

Thank you again, awesome article! You claim that a cubic foot of water weighs 62 pounds. Now if we had 9 of these jugs and made a cubic yard out of them, then sure, 62 pounds would be about right.

A cubic foot is a cube with side lengths of one foot, i. Therefore, 62 lb sounds entirely plausible as the weight of a � Read more �. One gallon of water weighs 8. One cubic foot of water contains 7. The weight of one cubic foot of water is 7. The only explanation that I can think of would be that the wood is not dry yet. Oak is another contender. Probably Woodworking Projects Gone Wrong Youtube depends on the application, the size and shape of the piece you want, and possibly other aspects.

It is not as heavy as the South American timber mentioned, but should be less expensive and very readily available. It is originallly supplied to me by the late Arthur Green of Louisiana.

Any chance you might have any samples for sale or trade? Dear Sir, I see you message only now. I have a large inventory of wood samples for sale and for trade. United States All. Shower drain under concrete? Complete kitchen makeover. My new vegetable and fruit garden. Kitchen Remodel. Misaligned seam quartzite. Staircase update. Mapei Grout Color. From dark cabinets to off-white in galley kitchen. How can I improve curb appeal and symmetry? Pickled cabinets before and after a few updates.

Curb Appeal! My House Got a Facelift! Sierra Pacific windows�help, please! Consider the John Deere Woodworking Projects Youtube noise. To avoid a loud fan, check the sones 1 sone equals about 40 decibels. A fan set on low typically comes in under 1 sone, but high speeds can jump to 10 or more. For a quieter unit, look for one that's 6 or fewer sones at cfm. As a general rule, calculate cfm for every linear foot of cooking surface. For pro-style ranges, the formula is cfm for every 10, BTUs your appliance puts out.

Other factors come into play as well. For every 3 inches a hood exceeds the suggested height above the cooktop, add cfm. Island hoods require extra cfm to compensate for cross drafts, so calculate cfm per linear foot for conventional cooktops; add an additional cfm to the pro-range estimate.

And consider how you cook. If you rarely grill or stir-fry at high heat, you may be able to go with a lower cfm than recommended.

Shown: A built-in shelf and rails hold spices and utensils. This type takes up less visual space but cuts down on storage if the duct runs through the upper cabinet. Some hoods sit flush below cabinetry and slide out when needed. Vented combination microwave hoods can also save space, though they're less powerful. A stainless-steel unit with exposed ductwork plays well with the commercial-kitchen look, but there are options in a variety of shapes and materials to suit any style.

Usually hung above an island, it can be pricey because it's finished on all sides. Be aware: Since these units tend to be more powerful, some with internal blowers can be very noisy. This slim vent retracts behind the cooktop into the cabinet below.

This type tends to be less effective since it pulls rising smoke down, though some climb to 14 inches for better capture.

Not recommended for high-BTU cooktops. This wall-hung type pulls in smoke through vents around its edges instead of the center, like a traditional hood. It's ideal for those who want more headroom, but it isn't powerful enough to handle a 90,plus BTU range.

The Small Woodworking Projects Youtube Jp guts of the hood�a power pack and a liner�can be hidden inside cabinetry or a custom-built hood. Worried that a powerful vent hood's overly loud whir will make it impossible to carry on a conversation while you cook? Although most blowers are in the hood, they can also be placed in different locations to help reduce the noise. You just need to specify where you want it before you order the hood. In-line blowers are located in the ductwork in the wall or between the ceiling joists.

But while the fan noise may be less noticeable, you still might hear the duct vibrating. A better option is a remote or external blower, where the fan is placed on the roof or exterior wall with the exhaust vent. Placing the blower outside can also free up cabinet space.

The hood's blower pulls smoke and vapors through several layers of aluminum or stainless-steel mesh, catching the grease. These removable filters should be cleaned regularly�most can be popped into the dishwasher�to prevent clogs that can slow airflow. More common on high-cfm, commercial-style units, these slat-style metal filters force the smoke to change direction several times, causing grease droplets to separate from the air and drip down into a tray that can be taken out for cleaning.

In place of a filter, centrifugal force within the blower liquefies grease, which is collected in a tray or a cup that's removable for cleaning. With no filters to slow the airflow, these hoods require fewer cfm than those with baffles or mesh to do the same job, often with less noise.

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