18 Best Small garden buildings ideas | house design, tiny spaces, small house Garden Buildings Transform your garden with our excellent range of garden buildings, all from big name brands that provide great quality and style. Adding a garden building to your garden can not only provide new storage space or a place to take out a new hobby, it can also add extra space to your home to relax and enjoy your outside space.

This single-storey studio was built at the bottom of the garden belonging to a semi-detached London house, with a glazed strip that runs around the bottom of the facade to make the building look like it is raised above the ground.

Hatches on the timber-slatted front wall open to reveal the windows, and the designers included more hatches in the garden's timber decking to hide a sandpit, paddling pool and fire pit. Artists Studio by Arquitecturia. Built around an ash tree in the garden of a family home in Girona, north-east Spain, this timber-clad studio is shaped like a cross. Designed by Josep Camps and Olga Felip of Arquitecturia , the unusual arrangement was created to accommodate the size of the canvases preferred by the painter as well as incorporate a double-height central space and huge windows.

Light Shed by FT Architects. The timber frame of the single-room building is visible through its corrugated plastic cladding, and the multi-faceted gable roof was designed to create the biggest space possible on a small budget.

The Hackney Shed by Office Sian. Tucked behind a house in Hackney, east London, this low-budget garden office space was designed for just one person and is hidden behind a pair of oak-framed doors that fold away from the facade.

Bookshelves are sandwiched between the structural columns, while the spaces between the roof beams are filled with glass to create a skylight.

Dug into a hillside overlooking the town of Bregenz in Austria, this weathered steel artist's studio projects out at the bottom to frame the view. Architect Christina Tonko designed the studio based on the camera lucida � an optical device used as a drawing aid � with glazed walls at either end to turn the concrete interior into a "bright chamber" of light.

Inside, pegboards line the walls to create hanging space for displaying a collection of handmade tools. The workshop is one of two structures the architect has designed and built for his garden � the other serves as a home office.

Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza added this minimal white designer's studio to the garden of a house in Madrid that he'd created 25 years earlier � also a simple white cube.

The addition even has a stone floor to match the original building, while window walls at either end create views straight through the space and allow the sides to remain pristinely uniform. The Sunday Stuga by Liddicoat Goldhill.

Another cabin in a Hackney garden, the Sunday Stuga Crane Garden Buildings Cranleigh Glass is surrounded by brick walls on three sides so features a zigzagging roof line to fit in a big window at the front.

The wood-floored studio is used mainly as a work and entertainment space, but also incorporates a shower room and storage space. Lack of access to a garden doesn't have to be a limitation, as architect Edwards Moore demonstrated by building this artist's studio in a car park of an apartment block in Melbourne, Australia.

Clad in translucent fibreglass, the building provides light for the car park at night, and includes work space, storage, a shower room, a toilet and kitchen facilities. Garden Studios by Soup Architects. This pair of studios with matching corrugated cladding and slanted roofs was created in the garden of a home in Suffolk, England, and sit between a row of tress and a pond. The first thing to consider is what you want to use your shed for. If you plan to spend a lot of time working in the shed, you may also want to invest in insulation and some form of heating.

One of the most important factors is how much space you have available for the shed. Measure Garden Buildings Direct Reviews Email and mark out the space, making sure you allow room for the door to open and access in and out. Take note of overhanging trees, or other obstacles, that might affect how tall the shed can be. If space is limited, corner sheds fit neatly into right-angled spaces and lean-to styles are great for fitting snugly along a wall. There are two main shapes of shed roof.

How you plan to use the shed and how much space you have available will determine which shape is right for you. This is the traditional triangular-shaped roof, with two sloping sides meeting in a peak in the middle. A pent roof slopes in just one direction. Usually the roof is higher at the front and slopes away to the back of the shed. Internally, the most headroom is at the front of the shed, where the door is. The most traditional material for a garden shed, wood is a popular choice with the most variety in style and shape available.

Wood may warp over time, but there are various treatments to help you care for your garden shed. The roof is usually covered in felt, but some have tile-effect shingles. They are weatherproof and long lasting. There are a number of types of cladding available for wooden sheds, but the three main styles are overlap, shiplap and tongue and groove.

Overlap cladding consists of individual strips of wood overlapped and nailed together. The angle of the panels lets rainwater drain away and gives the wood the space to expand and shrink with the weather.

Tongue and groove style cladding interlocks together to keep water and drafts out. These sheds are sturdy and have a neater, sleeker appearance. Essentially an advanced version of tongue and groove cladding, shiplap has a scalloped appearance.

It has all the benefits of tongue and groove plus the scalloping allows rain water to run off the shed more effectively. All sheds featured below come with the flooring included or with the option to add it as an extra, unless stated otherwise.

The sheds in our list are all made from either wood or metal. In the interest of reducing plastic usage in the garden, we have not recommended any plastic sheds here, although they are widely available. This barn-style shed has robust tongue and groove cladding and a window fitted with toughened glass. The barn-style design offers slightly more headroom at the sides than an average apex roofed shed. Installation is included and it comes with a 15 year guarantee.

This characterful shed provides two types of storage � an enclosed apex shed for storing items that need protection from the elements and a lean-to for easy access to items that can be kept outside. It features overlap cladding and a window to let in natural light. The eaves are approximately six inches higher than most apex sheds, to give you a little extra headroom.

This pent-roof shed features tongue and groove cladding and is made from pressure-treated European softwood, guaranteed against rot for at least 15 years. The door is set to the right-hand side and is wider and taller than the average single shed door, offering extra room to get bulky garden tools in and out. If space is limited, or you only need to store a few tools, then a simple sentry box shed could be the answer.

For an additional fee, the shed can be delivered with a tin of paint or wood stain in the colour of your choice. This shiplap shed is made from European, kiln dried, softwood. Large windows offer plenty of light for working inside or even to grow a few potted plants. The barn-style door is set to the right and the pent roof, sloping in the same direction, helps the shed to slot under any overhangs. This corner shed has double doors to make it easy to stuff in and out.

This shed is made from galvanised steel and comes with a 10 year anti-rust guarantee. The door handles are lockable and attached with anti-tamper bolts.

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