sheds - ������� �� ��������� - ������� ���������� | Reverso Context "assigned shed"???? ???? "avalanche shed"???? ????; ????? "balloon Wooden Sheds Barnsley 90 shed"???? ??? "ballot shed"???? ?????????? "barn(shed)"???? ??? "bathing shed"???? ???? "beet shed"???? ?????; ???; ???. sheds ????? | ????. ??????/????/???. Chinese-English Dictionary / Calculator. ?????? [sheds] ???. ??? (pydict): shes shed ??? (xdict): shes shed ??? (gcide): Shed Seeds ??? (wn): shed ??? (vera): shed ??? (moby-thesaurus): shed. shed?????????:1. a small building, usually made of wood, used for storing things: 2. a large, simple building ??????.

Many trees shed their leaves in autumn. His nose told him that he was getting near the cow shed. He planned to build on a shed. He shed his blood for his country. I wonder what those children are after in that shed.

The shed is neatly screened by a hedge. Mother went home. Many a tear did she shed at night. The presence of the Premier shed lustre on the assembly. The ducklings have shed their yellow down.

The shed will store 30 tons of coal. The carpenter ran his ruler over the shed and sized it up at once. The walls of the dilapidated shed lean outward. I didn't shed a single tear. The group has already shed 10, jobs.

The three of us manhandled the uncovered dinghy out of the shed. Vegetarianism has shed its cranky image. I trotted down the steps and out to the shed. Gunmen in Ulster shed the first blood of the new year. She'd come if you asked her. The lawn mower is kept in the shed. As the day warmed up, she shed her sweater.

A single bulb shed a harsh light on the table. There are rumors that the retailer will shed more than jobs over the next year. The Dow Jones industrial average shed The structure is used as a truck storage shed. Up to several thousand snails were collected at each site and those snails shedding apharyngeate, spined, cercariae also lacking eye-spots were isolated.

Twelve farms were known to have had a prior history of shedding before the start of the study. In contrast, the length of the shedding period and the number of Tile Sheds Garden Centre 42 cercariae showed no significant differences between the two snail groups.

By shedding excess and approaching sung dialogue as if it were speech, singers were to be singing actors - the imperative of a musical dramatic art. Uninfected snails were included in the data for the duration of cercariae shedding, while Bespoke Sheds Glasgow Quantum those containing trematodes were excluded. When analysing the emergence curves per individual snail figures not shown , a total of 6 shedding pauses are evident. The analysis was, finally, confined to observations at weeks 10 , when shedding of eggs had stabilized.

Only low intensity shedding by A peak in the high intensity category and shedding in the medium and low intensity category were also observed during this period. The snails were examined for emerging cercariae from day 28 following exposure and checked for cercarial shedding until death.

The treatment of the death rate of shedding snails is more complicated. Shared intelligence can be very valuable if it sheds light on important foreign policy problems. Each season, the rectal samples were collected from different calves at different cattle sheds in a farm. Research on one aspect of language use - how the turns of speakers and priorities of topic are determined sheds light on conversational politics.

Research is shedding light on the mechanisms involved in selecting and establishing preferentially active neural patterns. March 15,

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