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Shed World is proud to announce it has three new styles of buildings available. Unfortunately standard pricing is not yet online but please contact Shed World in person, via email, or by telephone to request a quote. Click here to request an online quote.

Sheds Take a few minutes to browse through some of the sheds that we have to offer. Our Super Sheds come in many different sizes, but the most noteworthy is the 20'x20' because it is the largest shed that we have to offer.

In fact the 20'x20' is the largest shed allowed by the California Building Code. Anything larger than square feet has to be attached to a permanent concrete foundation for buildings in excess of square feet please see our full line of Detached Garages. Our Super Sheds were originally designed to hold vehicles, boats, tractors, and any other heavy duty, large objects. Although we still see that many of the Super Sheds are used for just that, we also see many of our customers find the Super Sheds the ultimate hobby room, craft room, game room, etc.

Remember that the Super Shed, like all of our sheds, can be designed exactly how you wish. Let us build you one with just a 36" door with no large entrance or let us open it up with one of our large steel garage doors.

Whatever your use, we can design it to fit your needs! The Super Shed has all the same great construction features of our standard sheds with a few key upgrades.

See our Super Shed page for more information. All rights reserved. You get a quality metal shed you can customize to fit your needs and your budget. Sheds with overhangs, run-in horizontal sheds, and two-color sheds are all available, along with many other options.

Contact us today and let us get you a quote for the perfect shed that meets your needs. The main purpose of metal storage sheds is protection for the items stored inside.

That protection can be for animals, tools, vehicles, food products, and much more. Sheds can be built from various materials, but a metal shed provides both high quality and good value for your investment.

Phone Email. Contact us for latest prices. Metal Sheds Metal sheds are commonly purchased by people looking for durability. Top Selling Metal Sheds. Length Height 9. Get Your Quote. What Our Customers Are Saying. Hassle-Free Monthly Payment Options. Different Types Of Metal Sheds There are many types of metal sheds and determining how the shed will be used will help you decide which type you need.

Storage sheds are often used by homeowners to store lawn mowers, outdoor tools, hoses, and other small items that do not belong in the house, but that need a lot of space. Metal utility sheds can be used for a number of purposes. They are popular with Garden Sheds And Summerhouses For Sale Engine DIY, hobbyists, welders, woodworkers, mechanics, and more as they provide good space of moving and storing things.

Garden sheds are for people who enjoy gardening and having a shed to store their tools and supplies can make growing and tending plants much easier. Animal sheds give everything from sled dogs to livestock a clean, safe, proper place to sleep. Farm sheds help as a storage space for animals, tending crops, and general upkeep. Agricultural sheds are used to keep agricultural equipment. Garage sheds are good for those who do not have a garage attached to their home, or who need more garage bays and space than they have.

A garage shed can be a great solution for keeping vehicles and additional storage. Uses Of Metal Sheds There are many uses for metal sheds, with the main ones being commercial , agricultural, and residential. Steel Sheds Installations Steel sheds are often professionally installed, but there are kits that allow for DIY installation, too.

Barn Red. Combined, these elements are what set us apart. Our products aren't a temporary fix, but rather a long-lasting and reliable solution to a variety of your outdoor storage and recreational needs. Durable wood construction offers timeless beauty, versatility and quality…. All rights reserved. Backyard Storage Sheds. Not Sure What Shed? View Our Comparison Guide. Filter by Style Filter by Style. Gable Sheds. Gambrel Sheds. Ranch Sheds.

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