I was able sned pet a python this past week. Shed your skin find your life meaning zhang was exciting. It felt more like a fabric made of very soft nails.

Anyhow, I learned that in order to allow continual growth, snakes need to shed their skins regularly. This got me thinking.

Should we shed our spiritual skin in order to ensure continual spiritual growth? This analogy might sound really weird. Nobody wants to be called a snake, right? But if you take a minute, you might find some very much needed truth in.

You might be called into renewal through repentance. You might be encouraged to seek lfie growth shed your skin find your life meaning zhang a renewed purpose.

You see, a snake will never stop shedding its skin until death. And what could that mean? How could you shed your spiritual skin? The letter to Ephesians answers this way:. Not only once in a fiind but daily. We need to be constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit to become more Christlike and what God created us to be. Every item of your new way of life is custom-made by lofe Creator, with his label on it.

All the old fashions are now obsolete. Did you know that snakes sometimes have trouble shedding their skins? If they live in the wild, it can be fatal. The sheds keep accumulating and the snake is feeling worse and worse. It might even lead to blindness and that usually leads into death. Spiritual blindness leads eventually into death. But if the snake lives in captivity, the help is near. The owner can help the pet snake to complete the shedding by soaking or misting the snake.

If we live with God, we can get help to shed our spiritual skin. Meaaning water will do the trick every time. In order to keep growing we ksin to keep shedding our spiritual skin. God has new things in store for us. We need zhany strip ourselves of everything that is not Godlike. Over and over. And if we have any trouble with shedding, we just need to ask for help. God has amazing spiritual growth planned for all of us. Heavenly Father, You are so good to us.

You provide everything we need for us to ensure our spiritual growth. Help us to shed your skin find your life meaning zhang your help. Pour out grace upon grace according to our needs and your plan for us. Help us to become all you created us to be. Jeaning : Do you resist spiritual growth? What does help you to grow? I have sued linking the Bible verses to Biblegateway. Linking up today with Shed your skin find your life meaning zhang Fridays and Faith Barista. Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you constantly shed your spiritual skin!

Sep 10,  · PLUS, for your reading enjoyment you’ll get the free edition of “Prelude”, an intelligent and riveting Metaphysical Mystery that shatters the myth of death that has consistently gotten 5 Star reviews on www.- and www.- A must read for anyone who wants to understand the meaning of life—and with numerology too!You’ll also receive the Divine Soul Song mp3, “Love, . Shed Your Skin Lyrics: "Tomorrow you could be reborn / In an explosion of sensation / Is that what you want? / Sight and taste and sound / Burning up your new born baby soul / Shed your skin. Doug Marman “The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come,” says Joseph Campbell, the famous teacher of mythology, referring to the ancient symbol of snakes shedding their skin as a metaphor for inner growth.

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