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My pool equipment is all out in the open and I want to put a wood shed shed over pool equipment analysis it. I am looking at a 8' x 12' Wood shed with a wood floor. I was thinking that I don't want to put it on skids. I equipmrnt like to set the floor on the ground.

I was thinking of digging out around the equipment pad about 3" deep to the size of the floor. Fill and level with pea gravel and put the Shed Over Pool Equipment Nvidia floor directly on the gravel. I would use oveer treated 2x4's for shed over pool equipment analysis floor joists. I would also need to build the floor around the pool equipment leaving shed over pool equipment analysis floor open because all of the equipment is already mounted and working and I don't want to remove sned of it.

I would have ober pipes running out under the shed to divert unwanted water, back flush. Also it think the gravel will aid in runoff shed over pool equipment analysis the shed if any water were to leak inside.

This would bring the floor closest to the pad level without having to do major excavation. I think this would also keep the vermin from borrowing under the shed. I really don't want to concrete in a larger pad. Do you think this would work well? May 8, 2, Mexico, MO. Judging from your location, I'd say it would be a good idea. What you propose would quite likely last a good long time. Mod Squad.

TFP Expert. Platinum Supporter. LifeTime Supporter. In The Industry. Apr 1, 34, Sebring, Florida. That's doable. Another idea might be to sink 4x4's probably six into the ground and then put your joists and flooring up off the analyssis or dirt by a few inches. That would make your new analysiss perhaps too high in relation to the equipment but give you a bit better platform. Best of all might be to dig out all around your existing pad and then bring your new floor supported by 4x4's and joists up level to the pad.

Isaac-1 TFP Expert. May 10, 6, SW Louisiana. One thing to consider is whether you will get into need for a building permit. Sheds in our city can be up to sq ft without needing a permit. Aug aanalysis, 5, San Clemente, CA. This was my solution: I kept it to sq ft shed over pool equipment analysis is allowed without a permit here as well but I had to provide plans, engineering, a permit and have several inspections just like building a house.

Had I known it was going to be treated as such, I would have made it much bigger and incorporated a bar and bathroom in it. Jul 6, 4, FL. Keep in mind your venting issues for the gas heater. You also need to have sufficient clean air coming in so the heater burns properly. BuckeyeChris Well-known member. Jan poll, Buckeye AZ. We did exactly what op suggests: sloped shes wood frame over the equipment, though the 4th wall of the shed is our house.

And to get around having a "permanent" structure requiring permits and HOA approval, it's just sitting on pressure treated 4x4s and not attached to the house at all. So free standing. We have sliding doors like your closets in the house for easy access in case repairs are needed. This gets the equipment out of our killer sun, but the air temp in the shed is pretty high; not enough air equipmfnt in.

So while the motor shed over pool equipment analysis equipmeht degree direct sun, it may be exposed to a higher ambient temperature. I analydis some more vents. I'll get some pics once we finish most of the trim. Apr 12, Houston, TX.

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