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View Additional Options. Royal Retreat 20x20 Keep your garage clutter-free by storing pool necessities where they should be: right next to your pool! Store toys, towels, bathing suits, outdoor furniture and pool equipment. Plus, this pool shed offers a place for you and your guests to change in and out of swimwear to keep wet feet, dripping swim suits, and the smell of chlorine out of your house.

View Available Colors. Our made-to-order prefabricated pool houses combine the convenience of a cabana, storage capacity of a shed and attractive features of a gazebo.

Grand Manor 12x16 Delivery Info. A customizable pool house shed is the best way to increase the value and utility of your pool by creating a more useful space for everything from entertaining to easily accessible storage. See more in our photo gallery. See What We Do vs. What You Do. Skip to main content. Dual Gray Dual Gray. National Blue National Blue. Vintage Green Vintage Green. Interested in Rent-to-Own Yes No. Interested in Site Prep Yes No. Interested in Financing Yes No. Do you have site access for your building to be delivered fully built?

Yes Shed Manufacturers For Sale Philippine No. First Name. Last Name. Additional Details. Double Wood Doors. Double Colonial Wood Door. Carriage Wood Doors.

Single Wood Door. Single Arched Wood Door. Single Fiberglass Slab Door. Slab Door 4-Lite Glass. Slab Door 6-Lite Glass. Slab Door 9-Lite Glass.

Slab Door Lite Glass. Double Fiberglass Slab Doors. Double Colonial Slab Doors. Solid House Door. House Door 9-Lite.

House Door Lite. Double Solid Outdoor Storage For Pool Supplies Mod House Doors. Double House Doors 9-Lite. Double House Doors Lite. Sunburst Supplies Needed For Shed Sheds Garage Door. Garden Hinge. Standard Hinge. Strap Hinge. Standard Garage Door Latch.

Garden Shed Latch. Carriage Garage Door Latch. Horse Shoe Latch. Carriage Window. Add Transom Window above standard window. Octagon Window does not open.

Row of Transom Window in Gable. Louvered Shutters. Raised Panel Shutters. Z-Style Shutters. Wood Flower Box. Vinyl Flower Box. Classic Vinyl Series. Window Series — Vinyl. Wood Series. Vinyl Shed Series. Wood Shed Series.

Classic Wood Series. Window Series — Wood. Black Weathervane. Painted Weathervane. Vinyl Stone Veneer. Brick Veneer. Outdoor Light. Designer Overhang Bracing. Trellis Overhang. Outdoor Outlet. Breaker Box. Garage Door Opener.

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