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Shed Door FAQ � I get asked a lot of questions about building shed doors and so I have pulled together a lot of these onto one page for you to browse. Hopefully, you can find an answer to your question in amongst.

If not please visit my Shed Questions page and ask away. Click only request before you do this is to take the time to submit several pictures and write a good summary your problem.

Click here to post comments. Return to Shed Door Questions. I am looking for the shed door hardware that slides the door along the outside of the building. I found a picture of a wrought iron one for an interior door that slides the door along the wall instead of a pocket door or a swing door. Would like to use an old shed door I have found to close a room in this manner.

Haven't found any sliding door hardware like you show in your blue door example on the see more site. Click here to add your own comments. On the long wall of a 10' x 20' shed, where is the best place to place the door?

Either end shed door wickes usa the middle of 20' Angled Shed Door Jack wall for best use of interior space? Answer: Hi Jim, Shed door wickes usa best spot to locate your shed door will depend upon the use that you have for your shed. Probably the best thing I can do is to sketch out some of the possible uses and how I would see potential door locations. Then using similar reasoning you will be able to work out which one will shed door wickes usa out best 10x12 metal sheds 90 you: i If the shed is to be used as a shed door wickes usa for working on a classic car then, of course, it should be a double door in the end wall.

Here you can drive the car in and have space to work all around it. Door location for car workshop ii For general purpose storage then I would say that for a shed of this size a double door in the centre of the long wall would work best. This way you have a large opening for getting items into and out of the shed.

Door location for Storage Shed iii For a garden office then a single door in one corner either long or short side would work. With desks on the wall space or a central meeting table the small circulation space required for the entrance maximises the internal work area.

Door location for Garden Office I hope that these sketches and reasoning give you some pointers as to how best to place the door shed door wickes Images Of Sheds With Barn Doors Zen usa your shed Shed Doors Kit door wickes usa. Regards John. I'm looking at buying a Duramax Woodbridge 10X13 vinyl shed. The doors are on the 10 foot side but in there any reason I couldn't put them on the 13 foot side?

It looks possible since the doors aren't any higher than the walls on all sides. It looks like just a simple matter of sliding in the side panels with the door jambs on any side I want. Since you have experience building one of these sheds what do you think? Thanks, Ron. I have a Gambrel Roof 12x20 building with a double-door on the long. The shed is about 8 years shed door wickes usa and the left door as you are facing the building is rotting from the bottom up.

The building is on blocks. The doors face to the south. The angled 2" x 6" above the centre door has turned up and out for the first 9 - 12 ". I thought perhaps building a porch cover would help stop the door from rotting but don't shed door wickes usa where to hook the rafters.

Do I run a board across the angle above the wall shed door wickes usa start rafters from there? I can easily build a door such as you show or I can attempt to copy the one that is already on the shed. I thought this was something special to my shed until I went to my cousin's up North and he is having the same problem with the same door location.

My cousin said he has to replace his about every 5 years or so. He did put a small jut out over this web page doors which did not stop the rotting problem.

How do I stop the door from rotting in the future? I have a large outside storage building with 2 doors which meet in the center. I need a lock which cannot be opened by crooks. Answer: Hi Shirley, The locking arrangement for a double door is as in the sketch.

Locking arrangement for double doors One of the two doors has a pad bolt top and. This secures the door into the threshold at the bottom and the lintel at the top.

These can only be opened from inside the shed. The other door then has an sheds plastic network storage garden lock shed door wickes usa can be anyone of these solutions : 1. Rim lock 2. Pad Bolt 3. Hasp and staple 4. Door bars Each of these options are discussed further on this page about shed door locks. I am building a 12' x 12' storage shed with a door opening 5'w x 7'h and would like to install a barn style sliding door.

Where is the best place to find some sturdy hardware for a sliding wooden door at a reasonable price? The only quality sliding door hardware I have been able to find is extremely expensive. I would like a quality exterior use product that can stand the test of time since the shed that I am building is of very good quality and construction. Most would probably say overbuilt. Any recommendations or feedback you could offer would be appreciated. My father has asked me to build and replace his shed door as it is falling apart and not fit for purpose.

The current door is Garden Sheds With Side Door 95 inward opening and therefore does not keep water. I shed door wickes usa to change it to an outward opening door. The shed is built out of cavity block and I'm looking for advice on hanging the door.

If I attach a 4X2 frame will that suffice to hold the door? And is it ok to bolt the 4X2 frame into the block? Any advice would be very much appreciated. The dimensions of the opening are 33" X 71". Answer: Hi Joe, I have sketched out a typical detail through a door jamb in cavity masonry this goes a bit beyond my normal remit of just dealing with timber sheds.

General arrangment of shed door frame and section through door jamb showing fixing Shed door wickes usa door frames were fixed in place using built-in frame cramps. The zinc passivated screw is typically mm long.

Anchors are fixed at a maximum of mm centres and within mm of the top and bottom of the door. But you should at least have a vertical DPC to stop damp penetrating. Preferably a properly insulated cavity closer would prevent a cold-bridge forming, but probably a bit too much to hope for with a shed. The type of frame anchor you use might have specified edge distances.

Also, a hollow block would require a different type of anchor. I know that there are a few more questions shed door wickes usa but it should give you something to get your teeth. I have a beautiful Heartland shed that needs the doors replaced. Is there any such thing as a door kit I could buy? If so, where would I be able to do that? Thanks for your help. I've just finished source standard timber side gate - 3 horizontals with 2 parallel 45 deg braces.

A builder came round to quote for a job click said I had my braces the wrong way relative to the hinges - they should be at the other With my reasonable grasp of mechanics I can't see how it would make a difference which way the braces lie relative to the hinges - any comments?

I purchased a 8 X 10 shed some years ago. I was shed door wickes usa after it was put up to make sure I seal doors and paint. My question is can a person purchase a shed door? Even though I sealed and painted the doors, one of the door frames is starting to click the following article. Do I need to replace the 2 x 4's if I cannot get a door?

Sliding shed door hardware by Susan United States I am looking for the shed door hardware that slides the door along the outside of the building. I take it these are the blue sliding doors that you were talking. In the US, Better barns and Rockler have architectural style sliding door gear.

The best value place to find this equipment though would be a farm supply store. This type of door shed door wickes usa used extensively on farm buildings, as farmers are pretty cost conscious folk shed door wickes usa you should find them at a good price.

Hope this helps. Cheers John. Sliding Shed door Hardware by: GreenBoy Just a comment - as i had originaly thought of doing this as well - deck box black jacket is a security issue with sliding doors as they can be sprung off of their rail, therefore you may want ot consider some additional iron work to make the door secure.

Placement of shed door by Jim Hildenborough, Kent On the garden toronto 202 sheds modern wall of a 10' x 20' shed, where is the best place to place the door? Changing door location on Duramax shed door wickes usa. Review the instructions? The shed that I built was the 8x5 Duramate, so it was a lot smaller than the 10x13 Woodbridge shed that you are building.

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