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We used 5 boards as the beams for the ramp. Decide how steep you need or want your ramp and what length you want it to be. We decided that a 75 degree angle was a good angle for our ramp and that we wanted it about 2.

One end of your board will go against the shed. The end of your board needs to be cut at 75 degrees using a miter saw which is the 15 degree mark on a miter saw. Measure two feet from the longest point of the board, mark it, and you will then cut a 15 degree cut so that the board will sit flat on the ground.

This number will be Rubbermaid 7x7 Shed Box Size Unit different depending on how high your shed is off the ground and how long you decide to make your ramp. Once you have all the boards in place, you can screw them from the inside of the shed foundation into your front beam.

We then put it back in place and nailed it to the boards it crossed in three places per beam. Next, take your second sheet of plywood if you need one depending on the size of your shed and lay it down, mark the excess, cut it, and nail it in place. Finally, we will be adding the top of the ramp. It took seven 2x4s for our ramp. We screwed all the boards but these two in first. Brando used a table saw to rip the first board diagonally end to end.

The top board took a little more figuring out, so we laid the board in its place, drew a line down the length of it at the height of the deck floor, and ripped the board from that line to the opposite top corner with a table saw. Once the boards are ready, you can nail them all into place! Then, we built the shed! Most of it, Brandon was able to actually do by himself. But, there were a few parts that took both of us. It was pretty easy to assemble, but it did take an afternoon.

Now that our shed was up, it was time to fill it! For the sake of being extra because why not? We added a few pretty plants along the side and mulched around our shed. Our long-term plan is to grass seed where the mulch ends so our yard will go right up to the shed, but it will have pretty flowers around it when these ones grow a little more!

I even added a cute little doormat similar here because, why not? Our new Rubbermaid Shed is so cute and makes the perfect addition to our yard! Head to the Walmart website to learn more about their sheds and why they are perfect for adding attractive and durable style to your backyard!

The shed looks great, I will have to check them out. I could use one in my backyard and the tutorial will be very helpful. Used this to make our foundation. Thank you for the help. I could not figure out how to make the ramp, past my skill level. Thank you for sharing!! I found this website when trying to decide which shed to purchase. I purchased the shed and now I am building my shed foundation per your instructions and it is coming out just purchased.

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After seven months of being apart, we are SO happy. Do you PM? If it's a bad deal why don't you say why? Anyway, OP can you post a scan of your receipt? This shed could come in handy for me. L7: Teacher. L3: Novice. L2: Beginner. Rubbermaid sheds are only good if you are in a area with no wind at all L6: Expert. SKU is I can confirm it! I got one from Spring Houston , TX today. Wow HD staff are a "special" bunch of folks. My mom picked it up for me she has a pick-up and they began loading the wrong one and then stopped and made her wait 45mins while the look for the correct item.

They bring back a box that had been drenched cardboard soaked and load it. Beware like OP says this puppy is big. If you have a SWB truck with a toolbox expect to be putting the tailgate down. It has to weight at least a couple hundred pounds! I don't have a receipt because I didn't purchase one. As the above poster confirmed, however, just use the sku to check local inventory. It will not work on HD's site because it is old stock or something.

The new ones have a different sku. The site is wrong anyway and said there was no stock in my area even though the store said they had at least 5 left. That is pretty funny that someone threw in a thumbs down. This is a solid deal. You can reinforce the insides with wood if you expect snow on the roof for instance. You are also told to anchor to the ground if you expect really heavy winds.

This holds true for all sheds that are not built out of wood L1: Learner. Great deal on great shed! Picked one up yesterday. These are heavy duty and not the flimsy resin coated aluminum that blows away in the wind.

Well hopefully you guys will have better luck with them, then my neighbors did. A couple have them, and last year when we had some wind come through, and tore them both up. Try and keep them out of the sun, because the sun will fade it..

Thanks OP. I needed a storage shed, and this is perfect. I went to the local home depot and they had 3 outside stacked up beside a setup display model. The display model was really nice, and was much bigger then I expected. Looking for MM Deals. This sounds like a great deal. I hope they have them at my local store.

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