Heavy Duty Rear Blades | Rhino Ag Rhino Shelters is committed. Rhino Shelters is committed to delivering the best portable garages and shelters in the industry. After all, we are a family run business, started in , conveniently located in the heart of the Milford, CT business district. Our expert team is full of knowledge and experience. � Rhino Sheds Website by The Visual Source. rhinocustomsheds@www.- Hours Location: Auburn Street Whitman, MA, United States. We recently purchased a 10x16 A-frame shed from Rhino Sheds. The shed arrived on time and was constructed with our custom paint colors. The delivery team (Raoul and Raoul) expertly maneuvered the shed into a tight spot, using high-tech machinery for install and placement. The home office (Mary) was very helpful in getting us the warranty information.

Read more March 17, Ten Greatest Strengths of Industrial Metal Buildings What gives steel industrial buildings such a powerful edge in the industrial building market? Here are the top ten reasons industry chooses steel-framed construction: 1: Industrial Metal Buildings and the Bottom Line No business can afford to ignore the cost of building a new facility, much less operating costs. Quite simply, RHINO pre-engineered steel framing delivers the most cost-effective way to build and operate large industrial structures.

Businesses find metal buildings cost less to build, less to maintain, and less to operate than other building alternatives. For example: Pre-engineered steel buildings erect quickly, cutting construction time by one-third. Steel buildings require very little maintenance.

In climate-controlled industrial operations, a well-insulated steel building cuts heating and cooling costs in half. Non-combustible, commercial-grade steel industrial buildings earn discounts on insurance premiums. Many industries require the use of volatile chemicals or materials.

The fire-resistant qualities of steel provide greater protection for these operations. Aesthetics take a back seat to function. Therefore, an industrial building typically starts with a basic box-shaped design. In addition, industrial businesses demand open, unencumbered floor space� and lots of it.

With the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, pre-engineered metal buildings produce immense clear span structures up to foot wide� the length of a football field. Prefab steel buildings reach up to feet in width with minimal interior support columns.

The unobstructed interiors of clear span steel industrial buildings mean greater floor space options. In prefabricated industrial buildings, space is not only horizontal, but also vertical. Metal warehouses and industrial structures allow soaring heights of feet or more. By adding economical mezzanine floor systems, industrial building owners expand usable space. These second floor systems provide storage room, office space, or warehousing for smaller inventory items.

That is why they appreciate the consistency and precision of factory-produced RHINO prefab warehouses and industrial structures. Trained steel manufacturing professionals cut, shape, drill, punch, weld, paint, and mark every component of a steel building kit to exacting engineered designs.

A prefab industrial building system saves time, money� and hassles. Easy access saves time� and avoids accidents. The bigger entryways afforded by strong steel buildings help move large equipment, products, trucks, or aircraft safely and easily. Steel buildings factory-locate doorways wherever most convenient for your particular industrial application. RHINO offers overhead doors ranging from foot to foot wide.

Insulated and wind-rated doors are also available, in a variety of lift styles. A well-constructed steel industrial building lasts decades longer� and retains its value far better� than any other building system.

Adding steel framing to either endwall is simple and economical. Since steel framing is completely self-supported, sidewall extensions are also an option. In addition, pre-engineered steel buildings make renovations far less disruptive to business than other types of construction.

RHINO prefab warehouses and industrial metal buildings can be engineered to handle overhead crane loads, as well as industrial-sized heating and air units. In fact, steel is the only material that can be recycled repeatedly without losing any of its built-in strength. Conclusion Steel dominates the industrial building market because it is the only building material that fulfills all the special needs of industry.

Our experienced metal building specialists will answer every question on industrial structures and our pre-engineered steel buildings.

Prefab Barns and Outbuildings for Rural Living. Pre-engineered steel barns and other steel structures create space for agricultural products, animals, equipment, vehicles, storage, and so much more. Steel barns, farm sheds, and other outbuildings stand up to the rigors of country living.

Prefabricated steel structures offer built-in resistance to damage from: Howling winds Pounding rain Heavy snows Devastating fires Sizzling lightning strikes Shattering earthquakes Wood-hungry termites And even irritating mold Metal prefab barns and steel buildings do not attract birds.

However, web-trussed metal buildings and wood barns invite birds in to roost and nest, fouling the contents of your buildings. Nor do metal pole barns, steel farm sheds, and storage buildings require the unrelenting maintenance so common with wood-framed rural structures. Built strong to last long, RHINO prefab metal buildings remain attractive and functional decade after decade. On the other hand, an old, leaky, dilapidated wood structure in need of repairs actually decreases your property value.

Such eyesores send potential buyers away to search for better-maintained rural properties. In some areas, wooden pole barns actually violate local building codes. Trying to sell a property with such a blatantly illegal structure becomes almost impossible without extensive� and expensive� reinforcement, repair, or removal. Ask one of our experienced rural building specialists for more information about RHINO prefab metal barn kits and other steel buildings for farm, ranch, and country living.

Detailed erection instructions and a DVD accompany the building. What could be simpler? Erecting your own metal building saves money, too.

Moreover, it is just plain fun for a skilled do-it-yourselfer� if you avoid a few common blunders. In fact, local authorities might even force you to take down your new structure! Therefore, never erect a structure before obtaining a building permit. In fact, you will need to know all your current local building codes before ordering your RHINO steel building.

You will also need to know� and clearly mark� the location of any buried utilities. With clearly marked packages and fewer, stronger pieces, steel buildings are easy to assemble. Our steel is resistant to damage from winds, fire, mold, snow, earthquakes, termites, and more. Unlike wood, which can split, crack, and twist, steel holds together in the worst conditions. Beyond their durability and dependability, steel building kits are also highly flexible.

The interior of a metal building has few obstructions, allowing for limitless floorplan options. With options including concrete , stone , brick , stucco , steel panels , cool panels , glass , multiple color choices, and more, you can dream up the perfect metal building package for you.

With endless choices both inside and outside, steel buildings offer versatility for any building need. When it comes to the size of your metal building kit, you also have many choices. There is no limit to the length of your building, and our buildings reach heights of 40 feet or more! And if you eventually outgrow your space? No worries.

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