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See terms for more details. Show 30 items Show 45 items Show 60 items. Grid Sentry Box Garden Tool Shed 5g List. Page You're currently reading page 1 Page 2 Page Next. Compare 3 max. Image courtesy by IDI Design. You can pick up one of these closet tie racks for just a few bucks.

But instead of hanging your finest ties on it, why not use it to save your collection of wrenches from the tubs, buckets, drawers, benches, and who knows where else you currently store them? The double rack lets you use one set of pegs for standard wrenches and the other for metric. And of course, you can spot a missing wrench in seconds prompting you to put it away before it gets lost. PVC pipe has to be one of the most versatile materials for storage you are likely to ever find. Here we see a variety of pipes being screwed to a board at an angle.

These tubes can be used for pencils, wire ties, small hand tools, paint brushes, and more. The angle helps to keep everything from falling out and let you keep all those small things you usually lose safely in one place. This is nothing more than a wood towel rack that has been repurposed.

Instead of the towel bar, a piece of molding is used. The entire assembly is bolted to a convenient spot on the wall. The taper of the molding fits nicely into the space between the handles at the joint. From pliers to wire cutter and tin snips, this is a good way to keep your tools neatly organized and out of the way.

When it comes to creative tool shed storage ideas, you should never waste as much as a single inch of available space, including the areas between each wall stud.

All you need to do is install shelves between the studs. You can screw the shelves in place or buy plastic shelf spacers like those in the picture for the ultimate in shed storage for an incredibly wide range of supplies. I hope you have enjoyed reading about these creative tool shed storage ideas I have found for you.

To me, there is nothing worse than a disorganized shed. I hate wasting more time trying to find tools or parts than it takes to make the repairs or finish the project.

There are so many different ways to improve on and increase the amount of usable storage space you have in your shed, these are just a few of my favorites.

Share 3. Tweet 0. Pin Quick Navigation. Quick Navigation 1. Image courtesy of Pinterest If you are like me and have a ton of long handle tools for use out in the garden, they tend to create quite a mess. Image courtesy Pinterest Most tool sheds have more than their fair share of extension cords, ropes, chains, and hoses lying around just waiting to trip you.

Mount the pipes under the cabinet and viola, instant storage 4. Overhead Storage Bins Make use of the wasted space right under the ceiling of your shed. Image courtesy of Hative Plastic storage totes like these are cheap, sturdy, and readily available. From Shoes to Glove and Small Tools.

Take a simple hanging shoe holder and get creative. Pie Pan Saw Blade Holders. Take a slice out of the pie pans for your blades. Image courtesy of Pinterest When you have several different types of circular saw blade laying around your shed, you can count on at least one or two of them becoming lost or damaged. An old standby that is just as good today as it was 50 years ago.

Magnetic Tool Holders. Stick your tools to any convenient spot in the shed. Com You can buy magnetic tool holders that can be bolted to any convenient spot on the wall, under a cabinet, on the edge of a bench, even the ceiling. Easy Up Hammer Rack. It's Hammer Time, with this simple to build hammer rack. Image courtesy of Pinterest Take one wood bookshelf and two metal tubes and create a great way to store your collection of hammers. Milk Jug Storage Bins.

Milk or milk jugs does a shed good. Com While baby food jars are perfect for small items like nuts and bolts when you need something a little bigger, why not make use of all those plastic one-gallon milk jugs you have been recycling.

Pegboard for Literally Anything. Large or small, pegboard can be used to store it all. Com Why waste an entire wall for one piece of pegboard? Tie Rack Wrench Holder. Simplified wrench storage at its best. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Simple Plier Storage. Turn that old towel rack into the perfect place for the many pairs of pliers you have. Image courtesy of Pinterest This is nothing more than a wood towel rack that has been repurposed. Use Every Inch of Space Effectively. The space between the wall studs should never be wasted. Image courtesy of Pinterest When it comes to creative tool shed storage ideas, you should never waste as much as a single inch of available space, including the areas between each wall stud.

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