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And their woodworking plan already got fans - another couple built a log holder from Susan's directions. The photo below shows their almost identical design. This is actually a huge rack. We like the design and we've created a free building plan for it see below. We've followed Jim and Susan's idea but with just one difference. We believe, on a 8-foot span, the 2x4s rails will eventually sag under the load.

Also, one potential problem with this plan is that the commonly sold 16" firewood logs will fall through the 24" open sides. So you may want to attach a few extra 24" planks to the sides. They should be stained, ideally, to get preserved from the elements.

You can have all lumber cut in the store HD , as shown below. Notice that the two 2x6 x 8' boards rails are not supposed to be cut. For steps 1,2 and 3, pre-drill all the 'through' holes - it'll be more convenient to assemble and much easier to drive the screws in. In STEP 2, if you're building the rack right in your backyard, you may want to lean the first frame on a fence or a wall, then get on a small stool and from this higher position, drive the screws through the Top Links into the vertical posts.

It all depends on how comfortable you're. Of course, assembling this rack on a large work bench or a table would be easier but neither may be available. STEP 4 - attach ten 2-foot pieces cut from the 1x6 x 10' boards as the flooring of the firewood rack. They are spaced 3" apart see the building plan diagram above. You could also take a different approach. Then lean that Frame against the wall and do another.

As he describes it, it was made using six! His plan was placed on the Internet over 3 years ago. He goes into details here. This is a simple but quite sophisticated firewood rack design, with a top shelf. Very convenient. When we calculated the amount of lumber needed, we realized that we can substitute one 8-footer 2x4 with a footer 2x4 and have no leftovers.

Then only five 2x4s is needed, not six see our material spec below. In overall, our free woodworking plan for this rack design follows the original dimensions photo above precisely. Also, nails are not included in the total cost.

To make all 15 shelf cedar liners, follow these steps. Cut 3 fence pickets into 3 equal 16" pieces each. Then cut 2 remaining 16" pieces out of the 4th picket. Use the leftover part to cut out one 13" piece. Then use the 5th picket to cut out 3 remaining 13" pieces. Though this plan consists of 4 some-what similar frames, building it frame by frame and then connecting the 4 frames together would not be possible.

Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 8' by Woodhaven. Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 6' by Woodhaven. Woodhaven Brown Firewood Rack - 8' by Woodhaven.

Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 4' by Woodhaven. Woodhaven 5' Crescent Firewood Rack by Woodhaven. Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 5' by Woodhaven. Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 16' by Woodhaven.

Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 12' by Woodhaven. Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 10' by Woodhaven. Ugly Duckling House. This DIY firewood rack may be small, but it fits a surprisingly large amount of firewood while keeping it off the ground and dry from the snow and rain. It's built completely out of 2x4s and you'll only need a few tools to get it all put together. Besides building instructions, there's also a great video to go along with this project.

You can make sure your wood stays extra dry by putting it underneath a covered area like an awning of a shed or a barn. Here's a firewood rack plan that builds a larger storage rack, and if you're a heavy firewood user, this may be perfect for you.

It's put together from several sizes of pressure-treated lumber, all which you could have cut at your local hardware store when you purchase it. It's a straightforward build that will take you just an hour or two to put together. Pretty Handy Girl. Take your firewood storage to the next level with Outdoor Wood Storage Rack Plans Amazon this free firewood rack plan that uses salvaged wood to build a home for your firewood.

This is really more than just a rack, it's a complete shed that keeps your firewood organized and dry. There are two shelves, a smaller one on top for kindling and a larger lower shelf for the logs. It's build off the ground and has a simple corrugated roof so everything stays nice and dry.

This firewood shed plan includes everything you need to build it. There's a materials list, cut list, building instructions, diagrams, photos, and even a video.

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