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But what options are there when the garage is full? Motorcycle garages and shelters are made to cover your bike and keep it safe from the weather. That way you can have your own small motorcycle garage anywhere it will fit. Motorcycle storage garages or storage shelters are the solution to provide the outdoor motorcycle cover you require. Sure, you could sell one but the heart yearns for bikes. If you start buying extra touring gear for your motorcycle, where will you put those bulky trunks for storage?

Maybe a double cover, even if you just have one bike. Like any good box-shaped object there are three dimensions that must fit your bike. First, measure the length of your bike from furthest forward point to furthest rear point. Usually this is front tire to rear taillight. Measure the width of your motorcycle on its stand stand. With the bike on its side stand, measure from the furthest lean point usually a handlebar or upper cowling to the other side.

Finally, and probably easiest, is to find the height of your bike. Just measure from the ground to the top of your bike which is most likely the windshield. Consider upgrading to a bike garage supported by steel tubing that can be anchored to the concrete or earth.

If your yard is completely open and the winds can rip across without anything to slow them down, a strong storm could end up blowing your motorcycle cover over. Which then results in a domino effect with the motorcycle inside ending up tipped over. Consider your weather and location for storage. Look for a motorcycle cover that can be anchored to the ground or driveway using some solid bolts and anchors. Never leave your cover just sitting on the ground or it might blow away and knock over your bikes!

There are many ways that durable waterproofing can be achieved with industrial materials such as motorcycle covers. Heat sealed polyethylene is a common material for durable covers. The most durable waterproof seams for a motorcycle garage are going to be welded, or melted together. In this process Bike Storage Units For Garage Youtube two layers of synthetic material are actually heat sealed together to create a strong and waterproof bond.

Maybe a branch fell off and punched a hole in your motorcycle cover. Either way there are a couple things you can do to repair or improve your motorcycle cover. By far the most simple solution is to double down. Throw this tarp over the top of your motorcycle cover and hold it down with straps or bricks. You could attempt to remove the failing fabric and sew or replace it that way. However, the added time of making things fit correctly and sealing the finished product against the elements is simply not worth it.

Instead, to extend the life of your motorcycle shelter, just cover it with an extra tarp right from the beginning. This will extend the life of the shelter fabric almost indefinitely for just a couple extra dollars.

Avoid the problem altogether. Motorcycle garages come in just about every size and style you can imagine. Before you come to a conclusion on what motorcycle cover to buy, consider a few things.

Where do you live? Where will you store the bike? What kind of weather do you get? Will the tent go on pavement or dirt? Then choose a motorcycle tent from our list that will fit your bike. Sometimes if you talk with the manager beforehand and do advance payments, you can save some money. Of course this varies depending on where you live; if you live in a heavily populated area such as Los Angeles or Chicago, the prices will be more expensive. If you live in a rural area, the prices will be cheaper.

Storage units also offer climate controlled units. This means they will provide air conditioning or heat in the unit if the temperature requires it. Some storage units also offer parking spots for vehicles, including motorcycles.

When someone uses a storage unit to store their motorcycle, their usual intention is to store it there for long term. While there are different scenarios as to why someone needs to store their motorcycle long term, the usual reason is for winter storage. Whether you are planning on using a storage unit to store your motorcycle for the winter or for some other reason, the preparation is still the same.

There are several steps you need to take when storing your motorcycle that will ensure the life of the bike. There are a few options you have with this. This will prevent the gas from corroding and gunking up the fuel system. Leaving already used oil inside the engine will have a greater chance of the oil breaking down while fresh oil will leave less of a mess for you. Moisture can cause both rust and make the fluid it mixes with less potent.

Your first and best option would be to disconnect the battery and take it home with you in controlled temperatures. Cold temperatures speed up this process. You also have the option of using a battery tender which will automatically charge the battery when it senses the battery is losing power. When a motorcycle sits dormant for more than a few months, the weight of the motorcycle pushes down on the tires which causes flat spots.

Motorcycle tires will eventually lose air pressure and continue to get flat. The best way to combat this is either by taking the tires off completely or putting your bike up on a lift so the tires are elevated. This will ensure the tires are still safe to use when you go to get your motorcycle out of storage. For more details on how to store your motorcycle long term, Outside Storage Units For Sale Free see our other article here. Self storage units have a few rules you will need to abide by if you plan on using them to store your motorcycle.

The interior of the Trimetal storage unit offers plenty of space to safely park and store your bike while keeping it safe from the elements. The design of the unit allows for the double door entrance to be used at either end for added convenience. The exterior features specially coated galvanized steel that is completely maintenance free, fire resistant, and is guaranteed against corrosion for 15 long years.

The Bike Shield features percent weatherproofing capabilities due largely in part to the very heavy-duty polyurethane coating on the inside of the cover, and the highest level of water repellency on the outside for complete protection in any environment. Ventilation windows allow for dehumidification, and the cover allows enough space to clear the exhaust system—simply park and cover without having to wait for the pipes to cool down.

For use in the garage or outdoors, this shelter from Mactity features a black powdercoated frame for superior rust protection and durable denier Oxford waterproof fabric to keep your precious ride safe from the elements or dust that can accumulate indoors.

Mactity has utilized the very best materials for the cover to make it protective from harmful UV rays, and it is completely weatherproof and wear resistant as well.

When the shelter needs to be moved or packed away, its unique folding design makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, and carry away.

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