Oct 26,  · Milwaukee Morgan 10" woodworking vise - PM; 3 comments so far. bobdurnell. home | projects | blog. posts in days #1 posted PM. Dear Chris- I just looked at their web site for the quick release woodworkers vise. You say you have had it for a year or so. My experience with some quick release vises is in. Oct 22,  · $ vise or a $ vise. Based on the amount of iron in this thing, I'd say it's even a $ vise, but it looks like the $ Record has it beat on capacity, if not massiveness. It says MORGAN VISE CO CHICAGO to the left of the screw, and MORGAN 10A VISE to the right. The jaws are 7" wide, and I estimate it would open to about 10" if I could. The vise is attached to the bench using a couple of lag bolts from underneath and a few wood screws from the rear jaw into the bench. Oh, and we also include an extra couple cotter pins so you don't have to save the bent one you pull out to install the vise. Instructions for a typical installation are included.

It is a great, American-made tool. We stock two sizes of quick release vise. Installation was very easy and the included instructions were helpful. Have the 10 inch version. More filters To tighten morgan woodworking vise vise just push it closed against your workpiece and then give the wooden handle a turn.

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