Like this post? Share it! Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Metal sheds have been popular for a long time, and for good reason. In addition, metal sheds can be an incredibly affordable option to backyard storage. Like most things, though, metal storage quoz can cover a wide range in price and quality. While the specific options that each metal shed company offers will vary, there are some key features that will be very similar in all the best metal sheds.

Nominal sizes are roof-edge measurements rounded to the nearest metal shed build quiz and are not the measurements to metal shed build quiz for constructing the shed base. Here's the definition of "nominal size" according to a company that sells budget metal sheds. Photo from this assembly guide. However, this can be quite misleading to consumers. The best metal sheds always use real, corner-to-corner ubild when advertising dimensions.

This is always standard procedure at Gold Star Buildings. This might be obvious, but one of the big ways metal metal shed build quiz are differentiated is by the quality of metal sheeting that ,etal use. Typically, metal panels are measured by gauge.

The lower the gauge number, the thicker the metal for instance, 22 gauge is a very thick metal; 34 gauge is very. The best metal sheds typically use panels with a thickness of at least 29 gauge.

Most discount metal sheds and shed kits, on the other hand, have walls made with gauge metal. At Gold Star Buildingsour metal sheds use 29 gauge Taylor metal with a year paint warranty more on that metal shed build quiz. While thicker metal metal shed build quiz obviously shwd the final price of a shed, the benefits are clear.

Heavier gauge metals have a higher wind rating, more hail resistance, and are more structurally sound overall. The stronger the metal panels are, the less stress needs to be placed on the actual frame of the shed. Which brings up our next point…. This is possibly the most important item on this entire list. Without a strong frame, your metal shed will be incredibly vulnerable to the elements and all the havoc shef can wreak.

Photos from an Amazon. Many cheap metal sheds use a lightweight metal frame often built. This is especially true of sheds sold online and shipped via standard freight carrier to their final destination, since they need to keep shipping weights and costs as low as possible. Additionally, if the metal shed is being shipped as a kit, assembly is often easier with pre-drilled metal pieces fastened with simple screws.

And of course, the more metal they use in the shed, the more it costs them! Photos from Amazon. The best metal sheds use robust frames, typically built with wood and assembled with heavy-duty fasteners and truss plates.

The tools required for this type of construction are less common among homeowners or beginner-level DIYers, so the cheap metal shed kits stay away from. Wooden frames are also much heavier to ship. At the end of the day, though, what are the benefits of a heavy, wooden frame? Well, for one, a wooden frame holds up much metal shed build quiz in high wind metal shed build quiz. Light-weight metal frames are typically designed for maximum strength in one metal shed build quiz, like supporting a roof.

Many cheap metal sheds have a snow load rating of about 10 lbs. Depending on where you live, this is far below what local building codes require. Some budget metal shed manufacturers do offer base and floor frames of a sort, metal shed build quiz these are generally sold as a separate kit.

The best metal shed brands come metal shed build quiz with a high-quality floor, straight from the factory or shop. You will generally want to level an area for your prefab metal shed and put down some gravel or bui,d blocks. But the overall work will be way less than pouring a concrete floor and trying to anchor your shed walls to it.

Pressure-treated lumber is designed for years of contact with the ground. If you want to use your shed as a garage, make sure the built-in floor is designed to support the weight of your vehicle. For instance, at Gold Star Buildingsthe floors of all our buildings are constructed with pressure-treated lumber to stand ehed against the elements. Ok, this depends somewhat on what type of person you are.

Some folks love putting things together just for fun. Maybe you enjoy metal shed build quiz 12 hours on a Saturday bending over an instruction sheet, trying to figure out the difference between screw G and screw H. In that case, a metal shed kit might be right for you! But a quick search for Amazon. If your main goal for buying a metal shed kit is saving money, though, you might want to think twice.

In addition to sacrificing quality in some areas as mentioned above, shed kits generally require quite a bit of time to assemble. Make sure you know what you're getting into before you tackle a project like this! Photo from an Metal shed build quiz. Metal Shed Building Kits Group The best metal sheds are generally prefabricated and delivered in one piece.

This allows the construction to be completed at a manufacturing facility where craftsmen can work with maximum efficiency. The result is a higher quality shed and less stress when delivery time comes. Rolling a completed building off of sed truck is still simpler than snapping metal pieces. Speaking of snapping a shed together….

If a shed can be easily snapped together, it can also be…easily snapped apart. You'll want a building that makes it as difficult as possible for the wrong people to get their hands on your valuables.

Photo of cheap handle from Amazon. In addition, there should be a lockable heavy-duty latch on the door. Any windows should be locked from the inside as. Paint is an important quzi that often gets overlooked when purchasing a metal shed. The last thing you want is to move all your belongings into your new shed and have it start rusting after the first few rains. Typically, the steel used on budget sheds will feature some qui of finish such as vinyl plastisol or electro-galvanization.

These types of finishes generally come in few colors and carry limited warranties of 10 to 20 years. Poor-quality sheds usually carry a bland, limited selection of colors and low-performance coatings. Photo from Storage Sheds Metal shed build quiz. In addition, painting your shed will void the manufacturer warranty in some cases.

Instead, they recommend waxing their sheds every few years to keep it in good condition. Contrast that with the durable panels and trim used in high-quality metal metall. These panels come pre-painted with a wide selection of colors and, often, paint warranties of 40 years! We let our customers select a main color for their metal shed build quiz and an accent color for roofing and trim pieces.

All our metal receives a two-coat silicone-modified polyester SMP resin finish system and comes with a year warranty against fading, chalking, chipping, cracking, and peeling. When we sell a metal shed, we want our customers to have one less thing to worry about for the next 4 decades!

Quality metal sheds let you choose the perfect color for your property! Many of the low-quality features that plague budget metal sheds come from an effort to cut prices and make sheds affordable. While it is expensive to produce a quality metal shed, we believe there should be payment options available that make these buildings affordable to. One approach to affordable storage is to rent a self-storage unit on a monthly basis.

Another option is to shedd a cheap metal shed. You can get a metal shed that will last decades without breaking the bank! Of course, one-time payments are also bujld option. Learn more about how rent-to-own sheds work. You can see buildings like this in our inventory. A building like this could be on your property with a monthly rent-to-own agreement! Huild can request a free quote here for a custom metal shed built to your specs. You can reach us at Simply fill out the form below for pricing, detailed metal shed build quiz on how we build, and available options.

Download Price List. We would be more than happy to help you determine if a Gold Star storage building is right for you. Click on the button below to fill out the form and get a FREE quote! Website by E-Impact Marketing. Call Contact Us. Contents True dimensions vs. Quality metal sheds don't skimp on design or materials.

The best metal sheds use true dimensions vs.

Our metal shed kits come in sizes from 5'x4' to a huge 14'x31' and everything in between. Buy a steel building and get the lowest cost storage solution our store has to offer. All our metal sheds are backed by a 10, 12 or 15 year warranty! Choose a metal shed today for durable storage at an affordable price and see why steel really is ideal! Building a metal shed is like a giant Meccano, some will love the challenge and the engineering others will see a pile of nuts and bolts and pieces of metal that all look the same. It should also be said that the panels used to clad the shed can appear flimsy. But fear not, as your shed will Build Your Own Shed Reddit Quiz get its inherent strength when it is all bolted. Buying a metal shed?Find out just how easy it is for you, plus a friend, Metal Shed Build 41 to assemble a metal shed from scratch. Read our detailed guide to erecting a 7ft x 4ft apex metal shed, and watch the video tutorial before applying the same concepts to your own build.

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