Dave Mathia made his shed two pallets wide by three pallets long, with 2-by-4s around the perimeter and lengthwise down the center. Photo Courtesy Farm Show Magazine Inspired by other Farm Show Magazine readers, Dave Mathia built an 8-byfoot shed mostly out of pallets and other recycled materials. His total cost was less than $ Jul 13,  · The pallets walls were attached to each other by lining them up square, then drilling through with the long 5/8's drill bit. We then measured and cut a piece of allthread a couple inches longer than each hole needed. We bolted the pallets together top, bottom and center using the . Aug 24,  · There are great benefits of having a garden shed, if you are linked to gardening then you can understand better how worthy it is to have a Make A Garden Shed From Pallets Me garden shed!You can carry all your tools and equipment to store in the outdoor garden shed so while being uncluttered, your garden will automatically gain a precious aesthetic appeal! Share on pinterest. I think it looks neat and it also saves a lot of room. Do you like the idea of displaying your planter boxes on the wall outside of your home? This can be nearly impossible to prevent by securing the edges with rope, twine, staples, etc. I love this pallet garden.

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