Skip to main content. Just as strong and sturdy as standard metal sheds, woodgrain sheds have the added bonus of a lovely rustic look which many people find appealing. Outdoor storage is extremely versatile. Includes shipping. Stofage Rating.

There are a wide-range of backyard storage sheds on the market, whether online or at your local retailer. Which kits are the best outdoor storage sheds worth buying � AND will still look great in 5 or 10 years. What are you looking for today? We all start off storing our outdoor equipment and all sorts of other stuff in the garage. Sound familiar? This is the best storage solution for homeowners.

These versatile structures come in a variety and sizes that will meet your needs and fit into the look of your yard. Choosing the best outdoor storage shed for your needs may seem difficult at first. They are made from all sorts of materials and some are better than others � your climate may be an important deciding factor as to which outdoor storage shed is going to be your best option. Best outdoor storage sheds that look great, are durable, easy to setup; while providing flexible space to store your stuff.

Features Suncast Tremont Series :. These are large outdoor sheds, the 8 X 10 foot version provides a lot of storage. Here, the Suncast BMS range rises to the occasion.

While looks may be important, practicality and durability are equally, if not more important. The Suncast has a steel reinforced double wall resin construction.

This makes it incredibly sturdy and highly durable. The shingle style metal reinforced roof panels are excellent and are going to stand the test of time. This is an important thing to look at.

You want your shed to last and remain looking good for years to come. This design will most certainly do just that. Practicality is great, the Suncast is a very user-friendly outdoor storage shed. If you start by looking at the double doors which not only have a beautiful appearance, they also offer perfect access for large items like lawnmowers.

It also has a latch that allows you to lock Plastic Storage Sheds Walmart Office it with a padlock for extra security. The floor is reinforced and can support a tractor mower. I really like the four skylights. The interior design of the walls are also well thought out. There are slots in the walls that make it really simple to install modular shelving. Two corner shelves are supplied with the shed but they have a wonderful range of storage solutions available as optional extras. Constructing the shed is made as easy as possible.

It comes in a complete kit and the instructions are as clear as daylight. Certainly, one of the best outdoor sheds available. This Suncast model is large enough to neatly keep all your stuff safely tucked away. Their year limited warranty is a clear indication that these outdoor sheds are made to last and the resin material needs no maintenance.

Best outdoor storage shed if you want a beautiful space, complete with shutters, Windows, and Skylights. Steel-Reinforced design makes this an excellent storage space that will endure for many years to come.

Easily the king of outdoor storage sheds, the 8 x 15 foot Lifetime shed is about as big as it gets when looking at this type of prefabricated shed kits. A wonderfully practical and good-looking outdoor storage shed. This shed has dual, metal reinforced polyethylene HDPE walls. This is an incredibly durable resin product that requires absolutely no maintenance. The shingle-style Wood Storage Sheds Tallahassee English roof is great and just as durable as the rest of the structure, constructed using the same dual polyethylene method.

The steep roof, supported by steel A-frame trusses, is as strong as it gets and will handle heavy snow, rain and wind without a problem. Each window has two decorative shutters that help give the shed a more attractive look. Two opposing air vents at the top of each gable provide excellent air flow and help keep the shed cool in summer.

The double doors at the front center of the shed are fantastically practical and give you great access. The door handles are also super tough and it has a strong padlock loop. All the steel components are powder coated for added durability. The interior is just as tough and is wonderfully practical. Slots in the walls make it quick and easy to install shelf kits or any of the other neat storage solutions that they offer as optional extras. In my opinion, the Storage Sheds For Rent Central Coast Loc Lifetime is about the best outdoor storage shed that money can buy.

This product comes with a year limited warranty and is going to serve you well for a long time. Made with weather-resistant resin with steel reinforcement. This is a wonderful series of outdoor storage sheds with a nice range of sizes to choose from. Best outdoor storage sheds with a nice balance between price, quality and durability.

The Keter Factor range of garden storage sheds comprise a great selection of sizes. You can be sure to find one that will work for you. It is, however, cheaper and is made from similar materials. It is as durable as any of the best outdoor storage sheds. The exterior walls have a wood grain finish which looks quite attractive and suits the classic design of the shed. The two larger units have double doors, offering adequate access for a lawnmower and other large garden equipment.

These doors seem to be as sturdy and well-constructed as the best of them. They are lockable, but the lock is not included in the price.

Keter Factor � 8 ft. In addition to this, there is a large skylight that runs along the apex of the roof, offering a good deal of extra light. Good ventilation is supplied by vents that are situated the highest point of the roof. But if we look at this realistically and compare them to similarly priced items, these sheds come up tops. What this boils down to is that the Factor range can be seen as the best outdoor storage sheds for their price. Despite being cheaper than many others, the Factor range carries a year limited warranty, so it has the quality standard to match any of the best.

Learn more about the Keter brand by visiting their site. Wood and Plastic Composite shed. Absolutely beautiful shed that will make your neighbors jealous. Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. Tile roof is reinforced with steel to handle the weight of heavy, wet snow. Its heavy-duty materials stand up to rain and strong winds. The Fusion range from Keter comprises their premier outdoor storage sheds. The largest in the range measures 7. There are quite a few factors that distinguish this range of outdoor sheds as being unique � both in the materials used and the design.

The fusion range is made from a wood plastic composite. This is probably the best material to use when constructing an outdoor storage shed. You have all the benefits of a resin polymer which means no maintenance for life and the all the benefits of wood. So it looks great, is more solid, and is better insulated than any other plastic resin or metal shed.

The composite wood and plastic offers you best of all worlds. The double wall construction is perfectly ridged with an excellent reinforcing. These panels slot together by means expertly machined tongue and grooves. This offers a perfectly watertight, insulated wall combined with an incredibly easy installation process. These walls are also drillable, so you can fix anything to the shed, anywhere you choose.

The roof is one of the strongest around with a 20 pound per square foot PSF weight bearing capacity. Most others are around 15 PSF. So the Fusion sheds are the best if you experience heavy snow in winter. The roof is very attractive with genuine-looking shingles.

A design feature that I find to be wonderfully practical and well thought out are the windows. These are narrow strips that run along the length of the walls.

Combined with the very effective skylights, these windows offer the best lighting without sacrificing usable wall space. The Ceiling in the Keter Manor is high enough for an adult to move around easily when inside. Keter does an excellent job of engineering outdoor storage sheds for the real world; built to withstand wind, snow and rain.

Luckily, these Keter Manor sheds can handle the elements:. Smaller sizes are also available. This is a basic, no frills outdoor storage shed. They look really great with a wood grain finish in a variety of colors.

These sheds have double walls made from recyclable polypropylene.

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