Add STA-BIL Storage, according to package directions, before filling your gas can with fuel. After adding the treated fuel to the fuel tank, run your mower for a few minutes so the stabilized fuel circulates through the engine's fuel system. STA-BIL fuel additives are the official fuel treatments for all Briggs & Stratton´┐Ż engines. Store lawn mower or equipment in clean, dry place for up to 24 months If gasoline in the small engine has not been treated with a fuel stabilizer, it must be drained into an approved container. Run the engine until it stops from lack of fuel. The use of a fuel Lawn Mower Storage Gas Installation stabilizer in the storage container is recommended to maintain freshness. Storing lawn mowers vertically can lead to fuel and oil leakage, which can damage the mower. Some lawn mowers however, are designed for vertical storage, which can save up to 70% on storage space. The potential damage of the engine is a good enough reasons to .

Does fuel stabilizer ever get to old that it should not be used? So at the end of the mowing season, give it the attention it deserves. Snapper Pro. Wondering how you storags ensure your lawn mower and outdoor power equipment will be Greenworks Lawn Mower Storage Engine ready to roll when the grass turns green? Http://www.- /onetable/garden-storage-box-amazon-jp.html Can Metal Gas Can 5 gal.

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