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The Master range also comes in smaller sizes than the Expert, which makes it a more affordable option for many customers.

That being said, both the Expert range and the Master range come in a multitude of width and depth options, and offer a windowed and a windowless option. Be specific! We give you the freedom to customise your shed to your exact requirements. Overlap garden sheds are the older brother of the newer tongue and groove buildings. Overlap garden sheds are cladded with individual boards overlapping each other vertically, nailed into place, which allows rain to run off the building, due to the slanted structure of the boards.

Overlap garden sheds are affordable, while still offering strong protection against the often drab British weather. Many of the wooden sheds we stock include the option of having your wood pressure treated. In addition, pressure treatment is a more environmentally-friendly preservation option than other methods, as it requires less energy and maintenance than other methods. Metal sheds are ideal for individuals looking for a stylish outdoor building without the need for maintenance.

Metal sheds provide reassuring protection against the weather, and last ages due to their galvanised steel frame, which helps to prevent long term issues such as rust and corrosion. For more information about the advantages of galvanized steel, check out our blog post outlining the top Large Garden Shed For Sale Uk Address twelve advantages to purchasing a metal shed. Plastic sheds are a great value-for-money solution to most garden storage issues. You can use your shed for almost anything, whether that may be a modest storage container, a workout space or a state-of-the-art home cinema.

Why not go even further and open your own village pub, with some second hand bar stools and a mini-fridge? There are endless ways to utilise the classic garden shed. Adding a few decorations and some furniture can transform a small space from looking like a building yard to looking like a hotel in the space of a day. Visit our blog for more ideas on what to do with your new or old!

You might even find yourself wanting to spend more time in your shed than in your actual house! One of the main benefits of storage sheds is their ability to fit so much stuff in. Available in a variety of styles, storage sheds can be wooden, metal or plastic; thin or wide; tall or small. This allows you to manipulate the lighting and security of your shed in order to meet your needs.

This is ideal for storing more expensive items in an outdoor storage unit, such as 6 X 8 Garden Sheds For Sale India bikes, lawnmowers and drill equipment. Yes, you absolutely should consider purchasing a garden shed!

Not only are they highly affordable, but owning one will open up a whole world of possibilities. Owning a shed will enable you to clear out the clutter in your house, garden and garage - with the ability to store everything in your brand new garden shed. With robust overlap construction to provide water-proofing, as well as the option of tongue and groove roofing and flooring for additional structural strength, the Keeper is the ideal starter shed!

Thanks to its strong tongue and groove construction, the Apex Workshop represents a fantastic space for pursuing DIY tasks and other hobbies which would otherwise not be feasible in your own home. A windowless option offers additional security and privacy, while the windowed alternative allows for plenty of natural light within your workshop.

The Expert Reverse Apex Workshop can be used as a traditional storage shed, or as a home workshop. The apex design both makes it easier to move around inside, while also allowing for the storage of taller items such as ladders. The Master Apex Shed is as versatile as it is practical, thanks to 7 unique size options which ensure that regardless of your garden's shape and specifications, it'll have no problem housing a Master Shed.

This is a perfect shed for storage, with wide opening double doors making it far easier to transport larger tools in and out of the shed. There are definitely some things worth considering before you make a garden shed purchase. We've listed some of the most crucial ones below:. There are three main types of garden shed: Wooden, metal and plastic.

Each of these offers a unique set of advantages, depending on your wants and needs. Wooden sheds can complement almost any garden and are available in both traditional and modern designs. Thanks to being made of galvanised steel, metal sheds are highly durable and sturdy, making them ideal as a Large Garden Shed For Sale Nyse secure storage unit or DIY workshop.

Plastic sheds are similarly strong but also lightweight, meaning they can be comfortably moved around, in order to find your preferred garden position. Undoubtedly the most popular type of garden shed, wooden sheds have been kept in gardens for years, thanks to their multi-purpose and classically pleasing nature.

Listed below are some the most important wooden shed advantages:. Metal garden sheds have seen a serious rise in popularity over recent years, thanks to their sturdy nature. Here are some of the best reasons to buy a metal shed:. Plastic sheds are the ideal choice for those seeking a low maintenance, yet highly practical garden shed. Here are a few of plastic sheds biggest advantages:. This depends on several factors, such as how you intend to use your garden shed, your budget and the space available in your garden.

If you plan to use your shed as a means of storage, then a small shed - starting from 4x6 - will be more than sufficient.

If your desire is to create a workspace then something bigger, such as our Expert Reverse Apex Workshop, available in 20x10, would be sensible. Be sure to bear the size of your garden in mind when choosing your shed, as this is the most important determining factor. Though it does represent a further monetary outlay, a high-quality shed base or foundation can add years-upon-years to the lifespan of your shed, making it something which is definitely worth considering.

A dry and level foundation for a garden shed - which can be concrete, paving slab or bearers - is crucial when trying to give your shed the longest life possible! Toggle navigation. Who would you like to speak to? Call time 9am - 7am. Popular Products. My account Contact us Blog. Nearly 1 million buildings sold. Home Garden Sheds 58 Results. Garden Sheds. Wooden Sheds. Pressure Treated Garden Sheds. Fast Delivery Sheds. Overlap Garden Sheds. Storage Units. Metal Sheds. Plastic Sheds.

Featured Products Made by us, loved by you. Take a look at some of our top picks. At Ace Sheds, we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke customisation process which allows you to alter aspects of your large timber outbuilding.

From dimensions, the position of your door, thickness of cladding and framing, door type, window type, quality of roof felt, security features and optional extras. We recognise that a garden building needs to built for purpose, unique to each individual. Designed to be both functional and attractive. With over 3 decades of experience crafting quality, British-made timber buildings, we are specialists in our field. We pride ourselves of providing a one-of-a-kind service through our passion for sheds and personalisation.

You can have peace of mind knowing our timber buildings are never outsourced to companies overseas. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen build all of our sheds with attention-to-detail and care.

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