Nov 13, �� John Deere 40 S. Here are some pictures of my John Deere project. This time it is not another tractor, but a wood splitter using a John Deere LU power unit. It is basically like the LA. Some of the features I used are as follows. Two cylinder LU motor / crank start with magneto. 16? tires from my pickup. Hydraulic pump off of a street. Welcome to the official John Deere worldwide YouTube channel. Watch product videos, helpful tips and advice, promos and Woodworking Projects Baby 01 other John Deere content. Deere & Company, founded in (collectively. john deere twin bed planshow to john deere twin bed plans for Top Tip: Building a small wheelbarrow is a fun project that doesn�t require a significant investment. In addition, any person that knows how to use the basic tools can get the job done in less than a day, if you use proper plans.
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