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The Premier will not accept incompetence and maladministration. In front is Maropeng Lelaka. Each profession was represented by a Grade 7 pupil and speeches were given to explain the entirety and aspirations needed to accomplish a successful career in your chosen profession. Speakers from various industries educated. The school was visited by, among others, an industrial psychologist, culinary experts, an accountant and an engineer. If you are a company who has been a service provider for the Department of Health and Social Development in Limpopo under the supervision and contractual management of Sakhiwo Health Solutions PTY Ltd, then we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a meeting which will be held shortly and for which arrangements can be made to attend.

Mpumalanga Steam and Boiler Works Mpumalanga Steam is a service provider to the Department of Health and Social Development, Limpopo who was awarded four tenders 4 for preventative maintenance at various provincial hospitals throughout Limpopo.

After commencement of our contracts with the Department of Health and Social Development we were informed by the Department that the contract would be managed by Sakhiwo Health Solutions and that Sakhiwo would be involved in the day-to-day management of the contract for, and on behalf of, the Department. Sakhiwo managed the contract until it was told by the Department that it would no longer be responsible for managing its contract and Mpumalanga Steam was told that it needed to liaise directly with the department, particularly insofar as payment was concerned.

Mpumalanga Steam is currently still rendering services to the department and has done so for the past two years, despite having last received payment in August Despite having had several meetings with department officials � Chief Financial Officers, Heads of Department, Treasury Heads of Department, General Managers, Administrators and the MEC, we have still received no confirmation as to how the department would go about to pay outstanding monies owed to us which runs into millions of Rand.

Gister is gister se dinge, maar vandag is vandag se dinge. Dit is al tradisie dat hy Donderdagaande spaghetti met maalvleis maak en die twee dogters wat in Polokwane woon, Ria Elliott en haar gesin sowel as. Mnr Piet Lancaster en sy vrou, Rita was Vrydag 66 jaar getroud en die liefde blom nog. Op haar skoot is hul troufoto. Misverstande tussen hulle is net daar en dan uitgeklaar en hul was nog altyd tevrede en dankbaar met wat hulle het.

Hul raad aan jongmense of jonggetroudes is kort en kragtig. Doen dinge vir mekaar uit liefde, nie selfsug nie. The most pressing of these was their demand to have a cell phone ban lifted.

The management of Bosasa was accused of ruling with an iron fist and allegedly deducting amounts ranging from R to R monthly for uniform fee without proper consultation. Polokwane Observer was first to arrive at the scene to find Bosasa employees chanting and singing revolutionary songs.

The management is refusing to buy us uniforms, instead they are deducting from ours salaries to cover our uniforms. It is however untrue that the employees are being ill treated and marginalized. A number of issues were raised by staff, including the ones you ask about.

Our facility is a security establishment and as such we constantly review security protocols in the facility. We do not make any deductions from the salaries of employees unless authorized by such employee for uniform purchased from the company outside of the requisite legislation We note with urgency the matters raised by staff and management has committed to revert back to staff in the next few days. The official photographer for the event will also be available on the day to take photographs that can be used to accompany the entry form.

A fee of R50 is payable for the workshop. The closing date for entries for the prestigious Miss Limpopo and Miss Limpopo Teen competition is set for 25 October and the organisers urge those desiring the crown not to delay entering the competition.

Polokwane Observer is the print media sponsor of the pageant. Be at least 18 years of age and not older than 25 years of age on 29 November strongly on out2. Be at least 15 years of age and not older than 18 years of age on 29 November 3.

Be in possession of a matric certificate or equivalent qualification if relevant 5. Not have visible tattoos 8. False information may lead to disqualification place at Bolivia 9. Submit a personal CV, certified copy of ID document, and a motivation of why you should be selected as a finalist, in no more that Lodge on 27 words Attach two recent A4 colour photographs one head and shoulders, one full length dressed appropriately, and of good quality.

Please note that photographs will not be returned An administration fee of R non refundable must accompany the application. Life may well be about the journey For more information please visit our nearest branch or contact us at Burgersfort Branch 30 Eddie Sedibe Road Burgersfort Tel: Bosasa employees going mad about a cell phone ban by the employer allegedly without proper consultations. Terms and Conditions apply.

Beef Stew R Mondays to Fridays from to Saturdays from to Public holidays from to In verlede week se Polokwane Observer is berig oor dwelmverwante misdade wat skerp toeneem in die provinsie en die werklikheid is duidelik uitgespel nadat onderhoude met ouers wie se kinders betrokke was of is sowel as met tieners wat in die web vasgespin is onderhoude gevoer is. Die volgende simptome, tekens en veranderde gedrag kan op substansafhanklikheid dui, maar minstens drie of meer van die simptome moet voorkom.

Bly kalm en vra die kind uit. Dwelmtoetse kan by die Limpopo Alkohol- en Dwelmsentrum Sanca in die stad gedoen word om alle onsekerheid uit die weg te ruim. Kyk uit vir herhaaldelik-gevoude papiertjies, bondeltjies wit of bruin poeier toegedraai en styf vasgebind in stukkies plasties soos stukkies ballon, bruin of wit poeier of kristalle.

She added that since its launch in ,. Add Hope has raised over R million towards feeding hungry children. Natural Living interiors NLI invited their A-list guests to the first annual summer cocktail party celebrating its most recent association with Erna Lister Gardens, the appointment of its new management team fresh arrivals and the acquisition of Camelot Spa last week.

Although only three CDs were up for grabs, over 40 SMSs with the correct answer were received by the newspaper from eager readers wanting to win a copy of Tsatsawane. Judging by the way her new Tsonga traditional wedding music album wanted to be acquired by Polokwane Observer readers, Kate Seala seems to have struck the right notes. This week we focus on immune boosters. Al wat jy moet doen is om haar pluk- en eet-groentetuin op die sypaadjie van die NG Kerk Bendorpark te besoek en groente te neem wat met liefde en moeite geplant is vir almal om te geniet.

Almal is welkom om enige. Me Gerda van Niekerk, inisieerder van die groentesypaadjie-projek en haar helper, mnr Johannes Seleka, wys trots hoe welig die groentetuin groei.

Van Niekerk vra net dat daar aan die volgende persoon gedink moet word wat ook van die groente wil geniet. Haar helper, mnr Johannes Seemela, maak seker alle onkruid word verwyder. Sy volg die Foundations For Farmingmetode wat die werk en waterverbruik minder maak. Die grond word met ordentlike kompos behandel en dit is nie nodig om die hele tuin om te spit nie.

Maak seker daar is genoeg kompos in die gaatjie vir die plant om gesond te groei. Die tuin staan tans welig met sappige broccoli, bone, spinasie en ertjies wat gereed is om gepluk te word. Haar einddoel is om die belangrikheid van groente in enige dieet tuis te bring.

Vir meer besonderhede of om die projek te steun, kan Van Niekerk by geskakel word. Die geld gaan saam met die res van hul spaargeld gebank word om hul groot ideaal te bewaarheid. Hulle het hul oog op die huis langs hul huidige perseel omdat die vraag na verblyf te groot word om te hanteer.

Livestock farmers rely heavily on a dependable supply of animal feeds, supplements and specialist equipment as required in their daily business. Snyman Feeds, situated in Ladanna, fills the gap by providing feed for cattle, sheep, horses and game as well as animal medicine and technical advice to farmers.

They also sell day old chicks and a variety of accessories used in farming. Snyman Feeds was established in and has steadily gone from strength to strength. Initially they only sold chicken feed, but as the demand grew and people became used to their quality service, they expanded their product range to include horse, sheep and cattle feed. The next step was the introduction of medicine and day old chickens.

Being market leaders in the supply of animal feed they are also able to supply valuable advice on all feeds and medicines. They can tailor-make starter programmes to suit every unique requirement. An added service is training sessions given on site and presented by professional technical personnel. They are proud agents for Meadow Feeds, which is part of the Astral group. Meadow Feeds has been in business for 70 years and has exceptional experience in the industry of quality animal feeds.

Snyman Feeds has expanded their range of products but more importantly has increased their stockholding while managing to keep prices low by absorbing supplier price increases. The busy suburb and business area of Ladanna offers something for everyone and business owners in Ladanna are adopting a specialised and hands-on approach to customer service to maintain the upper hand with their competitors in other areas of the city. Businesses in the area flourish most possibly because of Ladanna creating the gateway to the city for residents from Seshego, Mogwadi, Bochum and Alldays.

When it comes to shopping and services Ladanna offers businesses such as butcheries to liquor stores, mini-supermarkets, wholesalers, scrap yards, panel beaters, engineering companies and fuel distributors.

Loyal custom-. One of the businesses in Ladanna worth visiting and supporting is Snyman Feeds, that sells feed for chicken, horse, sheep and cattle as well as a variety of related products. Boabab Premium Oil Distributors are distributors of the best motor and industrial oil available. From farm equipment lubes to passenger vehicle motor oil at wholesale prices to the public.

They deliver their products within 24 hours, Monday to Friday and are open from to on weekdays. Hosting the Municipal Traffic Department as well as the fire brigade also makes Ladanna a popular suburb for businesses as well as residential property. This creates a sense of. Located next to the Polokwane International Airport, this suburb is likely to be the first to receive visitors from neighbouring countries.

Blooming businesses and manufacturers in the area create a first impression of wealth at people entering the city via the airport. To deal with housing needs the Polokwane Municipality established the Polokwane Housing Association which established the Ga-Rena Rental Village which provides proper accomodation for residents in the low income category.

Dealership: Polokwane Multifranchise Hyundai What made you decide to work at this dealership? Name some of its unique features. Right: There is nothing fancy to the interior but the Renault Duster still offers a touchscreen navigation system with Bluetooth, USB and auxiliary connection.

The bold styling of the new Duster turns heads no matter where you go. Its sleek yet muscular design allows you to adapt naturally to any road conditions. The unmatched fuel efficiency makes long drives pleasurable; while a variety of safety features keep all worries at bay.

Packed with a host of smart features the Duster helps. From the outside the Duster with its elegant style, chrome plated radiator grill and double optic front lamps has a very reassuring appearance. The double barrel headlamps do not only look good but ensures better visibility while the satin chrome roof rails also add to the sporty character of the vehicle. Getting behind the steering wheel the Duster offers a large and comfortable interior.

It is practical and functional and holds five passengers easily with up to litre of boot space. The spacious interior complements the grand vistas outside. There is nothing fancy to the interior but Renault focussed more on the safety features and a comfortable and practical ride. The seats and steering wheel can be adjusted to create a better view and more comfortable seating position behind the wheel while the touchscreen Medianav entertain-. The Duster is available in two engine models: a 1,5 DCI diesel and a 1,6 16 valve petrol.

With Renault to be the first manufacturer to introduce turbo technology in F1 in the diesel engine benefits from this experience. With its low inertia variable geometry turbo common rail coupled with piezoelectric injectors, delivering a very good level of power and torque.

The diesel engine delivers 80 kW and Nm of torque and coupled with the six speed gearbox the diesel engine gives you an unparalleled pleasure of driving.

The 1,6 litre petrol engine offers 75 kW of power and the combination of a sequential multi-joint injection the petrol engine ensures a steady and smooth response in any condition. Table bookings are limited. Ek het baie moeite met die plakboek gedoen en verdien volpunte. Dit val lekker op die tong en kan letterlik gebruik word om enigiets onder die son, goed of sleg, te beskryf. Die titel van Werner se inskrywing was Mense en hulle dinge. Die geheim is om reeds lank voor die sluitingsdatum al jou prente en woorde uit te knip en die plakboek noukeurig te beplan.

This will save you a great deal of money in the long term. If at all possible, raise the biggest deposit possibly, or save up for a large first payment while you are waiting for transfer to go through. The bigger your deposit, the better your chance of getting a lower interest rate and reducing the total interest charged on your bond.

The next step is trying to get the lowest interest rate possible from the outset. This is best achieved by shopping around for the best home loan deal. Some people consider taking their bond over 30 years rather than This reduces their monthly repayments, but ultimately increases the amount that they pay back because the interest is charged over a longer term.

Geldenhuys explained that you should always pay as much into your bond as you can afford, both at the outset and at any time that you have the extra finances. Interest on a mortgage loan is calculated daily and then billed monthly. Because of this, if you make any additional payments into your home loan, you will reduce the outstanding balance and the interest that you pay. Boorgat asook waterskema-water. Buitegeboue o. Rede vir verkoop: Medies. Prys R The next step you can take to reduce the interest charged and paid, involve your.

There are two conversations that you could have with your bank manager. The first is about reducing your interest rate at some point down the line. If the answer is no, find out when you can talk to them in future about a possible reduction. Box , Polokwane, Tel: Fax: E-mail: polokwane aidasa. Agency: Harcourts Real Estate What is interesting about your work? This plot is next to the tarred road with easy access, with lots of trees. A large lapa will give you hours of pleasure.

Playful garden with water feature and spacious storeroom. Play pen for kids. A strong borehole and green house with irrigation. Phone your friendly by nature agent! Situated in an upmarket and secure area. Stunning spacious living area separate dining and lounge with lapa.

Well kept property. Call now! Ideal for all people from all walks of life particularly government officials and developers. Close to most amenities such as schools, churches and planned shopping mall. This is for you. Beautiful home that consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms - double garage and patio. It is very well situated. Lots of paving. You can convert the double garage into offices as well.

There is a clause 20 approval. Contact us for viewing! Perfect for beginners - bachelors or spinsters. Close to city and commuter network. Solidly built. I need your call today.

Property in good condition - spacious family home urgent sale. Tiles and a stunning garden in lovely street close to taxi rank. Beat this for value, wooden windows, open plan kitchen. Do not miss out on this one! Modern well desighed offices being developed in popular Bendor area.

Modern, Architect designed sectional title office block. Suitable for the business who needs compact and usable office space. This property has a big lounge � dining and TV room.

Nice kitchen with a breakfast nook. Great value! Come and see for yourself. Spacious main bedroom, clean yard - single garage.

Just move in. Call now. This family home offers 3 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms and open plan living areas. Well planned kitchen with scullery and laundry. Electric fence with remote control gate - 2 geysers for your comfort. Aircon in lounge. Phone me now to view the property. Good for government officials from all over the entire spectrum.

Close to all amenities such as schools - shops and place of worship. The house is secured by burglar bars and yard is protected by pre cast walls. Price reduced for you. Home with 2 en suite bathrooms and 3 living areas. Bank valuation held and selling for correct price. Situated in quiet street - walking distance from all schools - easy access to all main roads. Call me today! Our name means a great deal! It will cost you twice this price to build.

A Familly home with lots of charactor. Enclosed stoep with braai area. Seperate SQ and 4 garages. Well maintained 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home calling for a new family. Lots of extras. Lovely garden. Double garage and good security. Optionals include a pool and many more. Double garage - remote doors. Extras such as CCTV system and patio with built-in braai. Beautiful finishes, 3 living areas, 3 bedrooms, stunning modern kitchen, double garage. Outbuildings which can be converted into a flat.

Excellent security. Wendy house. Secure area. Close to shopping complex. Beautiful bushveld area. House - R Netjiese plaas met uitstekende geriewe. Goeie geleentheid. Prys: R6 A stunning property! Price: R1 Duplex 3 bedroom: R5 R9 Modern 2 bedr, 1 bathr, braai area. There are two separate entranes and separate alarm systems. The property offers 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 spacious living areas, kitchen with pantry, 3 garages, carport. TRACY Thabo Mbeki Garden Flat R3, Plein View Townhouse R7, Van Boeschoten House R11, Lute Vink Saterdag voor van sy kunswerke wat hy as deel van sy demonstrasie aan lede van die Kunsvereniging van Suid-Afrika gebruik het.

Kindly contact us during office hours from till , Monday to Friday. Upstairs has a large entertainment room, very neat and well maintained home. Double garage. Double carport. Available Immediately. Secured area. Available 1 Nov Prepaid meter. Prepaid meter, garden services included. Available Immediately Fully Furnished self catering units available on monthly basis. Daarom het hy Saterdag sy liefde vir die natuur en alles om hom met lede van die Kunsvereniging van Suid-Afrika in die stad gedeel in die hoop om dieselfde liefde by hulle te kweek of verder uit te bou.

Die demonstrasie is in me Celia van Rensburg, voorsitter van die plaaslike vereniging se studio gehou. Sy pa was ook kreatief en het pragtig geskets. Hulle het arm grootgeword en was bereid om te gaan werk na sy weermagopleiding, maar sy ma wou niks weet nie en het hom by die Universiteit van die Witwatersrand ingeskryf. Agt maande later het ek te veel met kunsgeskiedenis gestoei en opgeskop.

Die volgende agt jaar het ek voltyds gewerk en deeltyds geskilder. Om dit reg te kry, maak ek seker dat diere in die regte seisoen vasgevang word. Van die vlinders tot die atmosfeer moet korrek uitgebeeld wees om die toneel tot sy volle reg te laat kom. Kuns is niks anders nie. Vra die kenners vir raad en verstaan waaroor kuns regtig gaan. The group, led by drum majorettes, did their part to ensure loads of energy and interest. The walk was followed by the staff calling in at the many stalls manned by various units of the hospital to educate their colleagues about different health related issues.

In most instances employers focus on the output and tend to ignore the input. Hul doelwit om R50 in te samel is binne bereik met nog net meter materiaal om te verkoop. Diegene wat die Dameskring wil help om die laaste meter materiaal te koop, kan Bakker by skakel. Sy beman nie meer daagliks hul uitstalruimte by Mall of the North nie, maar sal bestellings op versoek aflewer. Available immediately. For further information, please contact Lizl Page on or lpage equrahealth.

Are you a neat and very picky buyer? Step right into this move-in-ready 4 bedr home and make it your own. The property is old but very neat and in an impeccable condition.

Feels like a home. Plus 1 garage. You can still live in luxury in this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse with a lock-up lapa which has a built-in braai, 1 garage, 1 carport, storage, jacuzzi, private garden and is very secure. There is also a 3 bedroom unit for sale at R1 in the same complex. BENDOR: R This unit consists of a 2 bedroom and a bachelor unit joint together to form a 3 bedroom townhouse with 3 bathrooms, 1 garage and a covered braai area.

The backyard is a lovely tropical oasis. Flat: 2 Rooms, kitchen, bathroom. Badkamer, sitkamer en kombuis. R 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage Afdak. Geen more. Parking 3 garages, servants alarm, borehole, irrigation. Lounge, diningwaskamer room, 3 bedrooms, bathrooms,. Borehole, patio, dining room, kitchen, study, swimming pool. House: Entrance, lounge, dining sitkamer, room, TVeetkamer, room, 3 bedrooms, 2 badkamers, TV kamer, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, scullery, fenced, full kombuis, waskamer, spens, studeerburglar opwas, bars, lapa with braai, borehole, kamer, 44 ceiling motorhuise, afdakke, pakkamer, fans, 2remote gate.

Water ligte 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, guest-room ingesluit. Beskikbaar 1 November. The Moroccan-style gaming mecca will be the home of the model search campaign for the next three years.

Anticipated to become the ultimate glamour and fashion event in Lim-. Fully fenced. Building packages range from R - Secure yours to avoid disappointment. Strong borehole with sprinklers. Big stand with 1 garage and 3 carports. Alarm, electric fence and gate. Only R1. Its an entertainers dream with 3 living areas and all areas of the house looking onto the pool and lapa.

You also get a gym, domestic quarters, wendyhouse and storeroom. The kitchen is ultra modern with built in microwafe and induction stove. This well maintained house has a pitch corrigated steel roof that cant be seen from the outside. Phone me for a private viewing. If you want to list your property, phone any agent, if you want to sell your property, phone me!!

Double garage and 2 carports. Truly stunning town house! Luxury estate living! Excellent first time buy! In process to rezone for offices. Private and secure yard area R25 pm VAT incl. Very close to the CBD!! Act now and come and negotiate! Two very good residences in a secured and tree rich area on the property as well as shed buildings, workshops, cattle handling facilities etc!

Game comprise Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, Gemsbuck etc etc. Ideal for the businessman farmer. Price: R10,M Neg. Stands priced from R Walk to amenities. Come with offers. Call your expert property consultant today to help you each step of the way!! Large kitchen and 4 bedrooms, 2 luxury bathrooms main en -suite , large entertaining area and lapa.

Truly stunning house! Auditions will be held in selected venues throughout the province from where district winners will be chosen to compete at the grand finale set for The lucky winner will win a modelling contract as well as an all expenses paid tour of four European cities tour.

The latter will include a photo shoot in Amsterdam, a tour of Rotterdam, a meet and greet of fashion elite in Antwerp and two nights in Paris. Onderwysers en graad 6-leerders het op verskillende maniere vir die res van die skool demonstreer wat in daardie tyd gebeur het. In die skoolsaal kon leerders van nader met oudhede wat die lewensstyl van die Voortrekkers uitgebeeld het, kennis maak.

Ms Tina Botha, Founder and Director of the fund said in a press release that thousands of South Africans are diagnosed with leukaemia and other life threatening blood disorders annually. For more information on how to become a bone marrow stem cell donor, call the toll free line on 12 10 82 or visit www. From R p. Polokwane Self Storage. Ek kom u sien, waar u ook al is.

One year course turnkey operation R , terms available. U must be able to start immediately. Own car. Achieve sales targets. Geen rokers of drinkers. Weddings, funerals, theme parties, ethnic. Electric garage door. Prepaid electricity. Central loc. No agent. R Soverby complex in Valencia St. Call to view.

Come now and find out how we can help you. R3 p. R1 p. R2 p. In a secure area. Storeroom, pool and 4 garages. DORP R8 3 bedr, 2 bathr, 2 carport. Extra outside room. Dubbl afdak parkering. Veilige en rustige omgewing. Streng keuring. Near Savannah. R8 In a security area. R5 Immediately available.

Departing Wednesday, Friday and Sunday return. DVD player on board. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the above address or at PO Box , Polokwane, within a period of 28 days from 11 October Besonderhede van die. Any objections to or representations in respect of the application shall be logded in writing simultaneously with the applicant and with the Municipal Manager, Polokwane at the above address or at PO Box , Pietersburg, , within a period of 28 days from 11 October Tel: All persons having claims against or who are indebted to the above Estate are called upon to lodge their claims or to pay their debts at or to the under mentioned firm within a period.

Note: All races and gender groups are encouraged to apply. Note: African, Coloured, Indian, White males and females are encouraged to apply. Salary: r per annum Level 7 ref. The Department reserves the right not to appoint any applicants to these positions and to conduct pre-employment security screening. We are a zero tolerance to fraud and corruption Department and we urge you to report any suspicions of fraud and corruption to the National Anti-corruption Hotline NACH : Applicants with foreign qualifications must submit a SAQA evaluation report on the qualification.

Non-SA citizens must attach a certified copy of proof of permanent residence in South Africa. In addition to completing the Z83, applicants are required to disclose any pending criminal, disciplinary or any other adverse allegations or investigation against them.

Applicants must also provide the full names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least 3 referees. Failure to submit the requested documents may result in your application not being considered applications lacking evidence of relevant experience will not be considered. If you apply for more than one post in the Department, please submit a separate application form for each post.

Applicants will be expected to be available for selection interviews at a time, date and place as determined by the Department. If you have not been contacted for an interview within 3 months of the closing date, please assume that your application was not successful.

Correspondence will be entered into with short-listed candidates only. Closing date: 25 October Applications will not be considered after the closing date. Kone Solutions K Strong, confident, target driven people, experienced in photography would be an advantage.

Full-time position, includes weekends. Call Steve for initial telephone interview Parasol Portait Photography. Fax CV with details of experience to or mail to richline telkomsa. Must have 2 to 3 years Catering Management experience in a hospital environment. Please forward application to Zandi on zsigabi tsebo. The amount will be donated in November after A big field of golfers entered for the BMW Silicon Smelters have looked at the proposals Golf Day on Thursday and over golfers from charities during October.

Former acting principal of PHS, Freek ners on 88 points, with the Oil Shoppe fourSchutte, Las du Plessis and David Crouwkamp ball clinching second position on 87 points emerged victorious with points.

A Charity Golf Day. Requirements : Matric with University exemption Mathematics and Accounting compulsory or Busy with studies towards a B. Com Acc degree or In possession of a B. The successful candidate must be: SANC registered A licensed driver Computer literate with access to e-mail Have a licensed vehicle and cell phone Enjoying driving will be an added advantage Equipment for oxygen will be allocated and the visit entails taking patient vitals, training and checking the oxygen output of the concentrator.

This is captured on a Netbook and sent via Internet. On appointment a 2 day training session will be arranged in Johannesburg, which includes project background, software and product training, etc. Transport and accommodation is covered. Admin Controller This opportunity exists for a highly motivated and energetic individual who is eager to join our rapidly expanding company and whose profile includes a proven success record in the specific area of furniture retail mentioned above. Please Note: The successful candidate must be willing to work night shifts, on weekends and on public holidays.

Applicants who do not meet all the requirements will not be considered for appointment. In addition to excellent career opportunities, the Shoprite Group offers market-related remuneration packages, which include attractive benefits.

Forward your CV, a covering letter clearly indicating the position you are applying for and a certified copy of your ID in confidence via email to smartin shoprite. The organisers, sponsors and role players involved in bringing the KFC mini cricket festival to the Polokwane Cricket Club on Saturday. The coaches and close to 1 children between the ages of six to ten-years-old from 60 schools in the province made full use of the opportunity to get to meet Zac, the Protea mascot and Chicky, the KFC mascot as well as playing a game of mini cricket.

Nashua Titans players, Ethy Mbahalati and Rowan Richards made the trip to Polokwane after playing a Momentum One Day Cup match against the Cobras the previous evening to get to meet the kids and answer questions relating to cricket. The children also received some useful tips from the Titans pair on how to improve their cricketing skills. Experiment with the pro gram to create your own customized snake. Function key, or with a combination offunction and shift keys, allows devur programmers to create Ifi unction keys.

Certain keyboard characters, such as he asterisk and ques tion mark, cunnot be used as parts of Filenames when saving. This personal budget and record-keeping system will allow you to keep track of your income and expenses DoodlBl and Koala graphic formats. Professionals and amateurs alike will find this a fantastic tool for computer art. HUN Point.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Use HUN Wortis lor a lull 30 days If it doesn't satisfy your productivity needs, simply return ihe dish and fully illustrated documentation book for a complete refund! When contacted, Abramson was in credulous. I've never won anything before in my life. As the winner of ihe contest, Abram son will receive a complete D system, including a monitor, RAM.

Cli mate and Weather contains databases. A wide variety of shots is allowed, including a "banana" shot, which curves over and around defend ers, and a 1'ele-style backwards over head kick. Also, Pro Soccer includes both indoor. In the outdoor game, a weather option lets you produce high winds and wet turf to create havoc tor the ball footlers. To gain an understanding of weather patterns, students assume the role of employees of a navel and relo cation agency.

As the "employees" an letters from. Format Executive, V4. NTON, Kl. Included is a utility lor reducing the Size of graphics to create clip art. The accompanying man ual shows how to use the program to transfer files from other computers,.

The build ings may be as simple or complex as the user desires, and can be designed from the software and built by hand by children and adults. When finishing as sembly, the models may be used as dec. ST and the Apple Macintosh. Features of Format Executive include "burst" file-transfer technique; file transfers be tween all lor mats: conversion from.

RAM-disk and hard-drive support; and partition support. It's available for S Check Reader Service number Software Gallery July reviews include the snap, crackle and pop of war games and the red, white and blue of sports simulations! Chances are good that you'd come up with something very close to l'olarware's Electric Crayon scries. The Hol. Here you must destroy their lethal energy bolts while attempting to blast away their tops.

In the third software segment, Luke dives into the Equatorial Trench that. With its cinema, coin-op and C forebears, its. Another clever addition is a sound-chip device on the box that,. Nonetheless, arcade warriors who cn-. The operation is very simple, with movement controlled via mouse, joy. Anyone who has used a multi-fea. Holidays and Seasons works on the same prem. Everything enclosed within that area becomes that color.

So, players who prefer exercising. If you suc cessfully bring iiboul the "big bang," it's on to the next, more difficult level. The Broderbund program is far su perior to the game in a number of ways.

For instance, the colorful new graphics are more spectacular, greatly enhancing the excitement. The fluid. Brodtrbund Software, liu..

Your goal is to End and shoot the ship's exhaust port and cause. The mouse activates the pointer Smoothly, but slowly. This is irritating to me, but younger users might find it an advantage, because it makes it easy for. Note: The instruc tions warn thai printing banners with. Greatest Eighteen lets you play on three different golf courses.

The first is an imaginary course consisting of holes selected from 18 of Jack's favorite courses in the U. Skateboarding Equipment! I won't be doing much skateboarding in the near future: the broken leg that. Each player has a choice of a male or female on-screen golfer, two skill levels and three tees Pro, Men's and [.

Other options let you ad-. Greatest Eighteen lets you choose your own club from an assortment of one driver, two woods, eight irons, two wedges and a putter. A power bar lets. However, despite a gallant effort, this RUN'. In addition, gauges that indicate wind speed and direction or the break of the green are displayed so that golfers can compensate.

Unfortunately, three aspects of the Greatest Eighteen make it disappoint ing. First, the animation of your golfer is spoiled by an inexplicable pause right.

Adapted from a coin-op program, this one-player C game supports ei. Each begins in the Main Park, where runaway cars, discthrowing thugs and other dangers threaten to make you eat concrete. At the lark's edges arc entrances to. To be houesl, this is more noticeable when you're watching someone play than when.

Second, the graphics of the fairways are unimpressive, with different areas separated by blocky, jag. And you strut your stuff with some amazing spins, slides and handstands on tile U-shaped free style ramp.

With hoi new boards, skates, shoes ;md helmets, you race faster, fly higher and recover more quickly from spills and collisions. More important than money is your point total, which determines how far in the game you can go. Aside from. When one person dies, the computer takes his or her place. In that way, the survivor con tinues battling two others, which makes Chop 'n' Drop more complex, interest ing and enjoyable than Karate Champ.

In both games,. The Main Park is lit tered with ramps and other structures. Also, joystick in the newer game. A record of your successes and the ability to restart the game at the most recently attained level would make this game more appealing. Chop V Drop offers nothing revolu tionary in game play; however, for fans. If you bought one of.

About the only other problem with the program is the relatively long pause that occurs as each event is brought to the screen. Kven with a software accel. This translation of a very popular coin-op doesn't differ much from the multitude of martial arts simulations that preceded it. But neither the game's graphics nor its sound can be faulted, and best of all. Everyhody xoas Kung-Fu Fighting!

Mediagenic bills Chop 'n' Drop as a derivative of Karate Champ, a popular. You're eliminated if you're not in second place when an enemy wins the round, no matter how well you did in previous levels. Every third level is a bonus round, where you're given a shield that deflects bouncing balls coming from both di rections, but what this activity has to do. The premise is that Billy L�, and his twin brother Jimmy, musi find Billy's girlfriend, who has been kid napped by a local street gang.

Hilly and Jimmy can't run away from trouble be cause the screen won't scroll until all opponents on it are defeated. They can, however, circle around it. The brothers can move up, down, left or right or. Chop V Drop, however, is no clone of its older cousin. In most ways, it is a definite improvement over the original. The graphics are excellent, beauti fully depicting both the primitive and the futuristic hazards you face.

Yet the twins take so much punishment thai it's difficult to. Unfortunately, there's no provision in Double Dragon for beginning a new game where the oki one ended. I think. I know this happens in most. Think of it as inspired chaos. All in. You'll need sharp reflexes when you play this sei iiel to Ikari Warriors. Vic tory Road has live phases, and your goal.

You always think you can do better than the last time, and it's nice not to have to sink. You Start out with a total of four lives.

When you die. Unless you survive these. A few of Purple Heart's antics seemed decidedly arbitrary. Sometimes, a single bullet wiped me out; at other limes. Now and hen, you come across hu man corpses in your path.

If you step on one, you get a nifty flamethrower, die�then it's back to shooting bullels. I found dial 1 preferred using a flame. You begin with a rifle and three lives. You earn more powerful armament by. Your enemies won't. Melting monsters this way is fun, but remember to keep moving! As you travel, pulsating noises splii the air.

This brand new collection of the most useful GEOS en hancements, desktop accessories, utilities and applications. A collection of nifty new fonts and. Save more! D YES! Canadian and Foreign Orders: Please add S3. I live in Canada near the U.

One hour on Q-Lmk costs S9. The program puts you in front. I also want to congratulate pro. Poseidon Electronics One of three people is manning the phone at all times. If the information requested requires special assistance not immediately avail able, we will write back or call within. Audit amuses me that Mr. There arc no "free hour" or "bonus mouth" re ductions in Canada.

What a Delightful Idea! RUN reserves the right lo edit letters for style, clarity and space. This is an opportunity i�r you-ihc render-to vole lor your favorite entertainment software developed over this past year. You must choose from among almost entries. The rules for this contest are simple.

You stlect your live favorite games from the ballot listed below. Tear out the entire ballot and send. Be sure to include your name and address to be eligible for our drawing. We will select one lucky RUN reader as the winner of ;i fabulous grand prize�all of the game software listed on the ballot.

Then1 will be ten prize winners in all. The winners, as well as the results of the voting, will be published in the December I'. Only one balloi per person and only live selections per ballot, t- Anyone of any age may enter, but prizes won by a minor musl be claimed by parent or legal guardian, p. First prize: All the sollware listed on ihe balloi,. Software titles are listed below according to the distributor, not necessarily the manufacturer.

Bjlllei of ihe Civil War: Vol. However, [he smooth and efficient operation of your computer is in some cases less important than the appearance of the final printed output. Hewlett-Packard ll-l1 LaserJet compatibles the type of laser. Some models are much. RUN Script word processor, which has the ability lo use printer macro commands that are created by a separate program called Define Macros, which is in the January It takes a lot of RAM to generate these high-resolution.

To take advantage of the features of your laser printer, you'll have to do some homework, looking up in the printer's. In my experience,. Of course, these numbers must be in the form of a printer-control sequence�not just. To connect a laser printer to your C or C, all you need is a standard Centronics printer interface, the same. You can also generate other text-styling commands, such as italics or underlining.

Even more exciting, laser printers. The key question isn't the physical connection between the printer and computer, but one of software compatibility. If you're seriously thinking about getting a laser printer, the. As I mentioned, our RUN Script works very well with the laser printers, but will your word processor work as well?

If you're skeptical as to whether there's any currently available C or software that's designed lo be used. Also, the word processor should have the option of outputting true. First, although few word processors in the C or market come already set up for H-P or compatible laser printers, many of them do allow you lo create special printer-com mand sequences for customizing your word processor to.

Berkeley Softworks wisely created a system of using installable printer drivers for their bit-mapped operating system. Normally, you'd use 75 dpi,. This is a great way of making high-quality,. Basic 8 allows you to generate custom graphics screens from to dots wide, and it also supports the full. And, because it allows very highresolution graphics screens, Basic 8 makes it possible to generate and print graphics images that reach the iull dpi mode of the laser printer.

To find out just how well a Commodore computer would work with these primers, we asked several manufacturers of. Explosives CompanTj. I am sure that you will find it both informative and exciting, as everyone here strongly believes in our new project. As you know, our new personal nuclear reactor, code. Beginning ol a letear printed with tho Tandy LP Once again, it's time for RUN's reader choice awards, which, this year, will be devoted exclusively to games software.

Readers will be encouraged to cast their ballots for their five. Figure 3. In Text mode, it had both bold and italic styles avail able with some of the supplied fonts. The toner cartridge is the standard used with the H-P, which gives you about pages per cartridge. RAM as standard, and comes with 16 built-in fonts. There are two fontcartridge slots, but these do not use standard H-P font cartridges; In stead, they use a format available only from Star Micronlcs. While that's a bit of a drawback, It Is worth noting that each of the Star car tridges has more fonts than a com.

Since the LP does not use the same type of toner cartridge as the H-P LaserJet, you'll have to get replacements from Radio Shack, rather than from your local computer. It was the least expensive of the three I tested, but had the fewest supplied fonts, and adding more would probably be. These cartridges are cheaper than those for the H-P LaserJet, but you get only about pages per. Since It has no font-cartridge slot, you can add additional fonts only by using software to download them to the printer, and all the software for this is, of course, MS-DOS based.

The toner cartridge Is standard H-P, and you can expect about text pages per cartridge. I have to admit that of the three printers tested, I liked the Star LaserPrinter the best. It generated high-quality output, was dependable and had two excellent and indexed manuals. If I had to choose one for my desk, this would be It. Both have recently been discontinued by their manufacturers, but can be purchased for under through a variety of outlets.

The Laserline 6 comes with 14 fonts, making It. Perhaps Its only drawback Is its limited memory ca pacity of K, expandable only to K. This makes the Laserline 6 Incapable of producing a full-page, x dpi graphics bitmap.

In reality, this limitation may not be crucial for many C and owners, as I am not aware of any Commodore software that produces such large bitmaps,. However, you should bear this limitation In mind If you think you might want to use your laser printer with software on other computer systems that utilize full-page. In this standard configuration, the Pageprinter 8 can emulate only an Epson FX or a Diablo , but these emulations make It compatible with just about every.

Curiously, even though the Epson FX Is certainly graphics capable, the Pageprinter 8 will not allow you to output bitmap graphics of any resolution unless you. This was a strange decision on the part of the printer's designers, as K Is certainly adequate for most FX Graphics modes. Genicom, the company that purchased Centronics a few years ago, has promised to continue to support the Pageprinter 8 through , and they market a variety of.

Re cently, I have seen the Pageprinter 8 priced as low as. S, which makes II an excellent value for someone looking for a very fast letter-quality text printer. According to sources ;il Brother, this laser printer will be repladng the HL-8; the price is the same, but the board and Touts will be different.

MT Mannesmann Tally Corp. Here's the versatile disk- and file-handling utility that Commodore should have included with every C and C RAM drives to drive B. You can also configure RUN Shell for single-drive operation by setting both. Called RUN Shell, it's the newest and most. Then, for the C, type in and save to the same disk the following small boot program.

The program can be loaded in either 64 or mode, but don't try to load it. You may, however, toggle between HO- and Column modes. However, due to the way it configures itself under the Basic of both machines,.

If you change your mine! When you're finished highlighting all. You can usually abort to the main menu by pressing the stop key.

There will be instances where RUN. Shell expects a keypress from you lo. The rule here is to press the space bar to continue or the stop key lo abort to the main menu. C own. When the highlight bar appears, enter a new file name that's no longer than 16 charac.

When you're ready to acti vate all the new names for the directory, press the F7 key. Scratch a File�This option operates much like Rename. Use the cursor keys and space bar to select and highlight filenames you wish to scratch.

When all. The F5 key deselects a file if you change your mind after highlighting, and the stop key aborts to the verification prompt. First, the Format routine. As you'll see. Kui indica DFi. MuldiL-rm fi4. Press the space bar again to lock in the block size, and then answer the prompts as they appear. To create a subdirectory from he par. Here again, select whichever logical drive is assigned to the RAM drive. This may sound confusing, but you'll get the.

Clean Up a Disk�This is a collect operation, and no verification is in volved, so be sure the disk is in the. Consider the follow ing mock directory:. It works best with two drives, although it can be used with one. Ifyou have a , keep in mind that trying to single-copy HOOK.

Copy File routine when appropriate. The C, with its Burst protocol, singlecopies the same disks in about 12 min utes and a little over seven minutes, respectively. These times are slightly lower in dual-drive operation. With Create Dir, you can create partitions and subdirectories On the disk drive more easily lhan with the utility supplied on the demo disk.

Just select the starting track of. Once a directory is in place, you must access ihe "root" directory by pressing. Then you must reopen the directory in which you want to nest the new subdirectory before you access the Create Partition option.

I'd advise you to play around with this option before attempting any serious partitioning, and to refer to the. RAM�This option for owners of. It includes three suboptions and requires that your RAM ex-. When RUN Shell asks you which logical drive to use, always select the log ical RAM drive as the target to load to and a disk drive as the source to load from.

Then highlight the desired files and press F7 to initiate the load. With this option, you don't have to load a word processor lo examine a sequential file. Just load he file into the RAM drive and download it into system memory; then, using the cursor keys,. Just open a subdirectory on your drive and select Disk to Fxpansion to load the files into memory.

Then close the subdirectory see Directory, below , open the target subdireclory and select Fxpansion to Disk. Select the logical RAM drive as the source and the logical disk drive as the. Anytime a partition is the active directory, you'll sec a message to that effect. Yiiu can access the root di. Don't deselect a drive or change disks without first returning to the root directory. There's nothing worse than staring sage while you're holding the destina tion disk in your hand!

The routine attempts lo read track 41 of the disk to determine whether the disk is single- or double-sided 35 or This won't hurt your drive; ail you do is press. All normal DOS errors arc displayed in the message window dining disk ac cess press the space bar to recover from.

Running Instructions: Type in, save and run Listing 1 and then the boat program In the tent. A-Z Scramble The letters are mixed up, and you may be, too, when you play this alphabet strategy game. You can change the swap areas by modifying line in the program. Before entering the iast coordinate,. The grid size for a game tan range from two-by-two, with only four letters, all the way to eight-by-eight, with sixty-.

Duplicate letters must be grouped in order. The program starts by asking for the number of players, the number of grids chances per player and the grid size. Then the game screen appears, with the grid columns lettered and the rows numbered. To swap two letters, just en. You'll lose that turn, and the program will continue to your.

If it hits two to four squares on a side, you're limited to adjacent letters, ver tically, horizontally or diagonally; with a grid that's five to seven squares on a side, you can swap adjacent letters or those separated by one other; with an.

Running Instructions: Typo in Listing 1. Li siting 1. Scramble program. Available or RbRUN disk. Boo page To retrieve a section that you've already placed, press its number and then the R key.

The number at the top of the. BIX I. In addition to rotating the six sec tions, you can rotate the entire contents. To work with a section, press its number. Numbers 1 and 9 will move it in and out along the Z axis, 2. If you attempt to do something the program doesn't allow, such as place a section in an occupied area of the cube or beyond the cube's boundaries, a tone will sound to remind you. There is no. Running Instructions: type In and sovo Listing 1.

Type in, sbvb and run Lilting 2. Then load and run Listing 1. Cubix 1 Basic program. See page V41 or V3. The sqilwdre paciojje includes ALL d the necessary programs ro make ar chival bactups cf erBrytHiiig! Wilh jusl a!

What canit copy? II you don't believe us, Inr it. The hardware beard will now lii ALL Cnmm�! The software is easier to use. The "Parameter Construction Se! The booVi. Encased in a handsome box, sets on top ol your drive. The rest d Eiplode. These graphics wprl wilh Print Shop and Print Master.

Best oi all, it doesn't use up any memory. To use, Simpty touch a function key, and it responds to your commend-. Easy to use and worts very well. A Better Mousetrap In which we spring on our readers a routine for using a joystick and a proportional mouse at the same time.

Many Commodore users know how 10 program a joystick; it's easy enough to do, even from Basic. The original mouse is equally easy, since iL works exactly like a joystick. These are also documented in REM state ments in the program listings. When the ISM proportional mouse came along, however, it posed a new programming challenge: namely, to.

Therefore, most programmers prefer to have the joystick work with the rear port port 2. With the mouse, the. These val. They use the builtin IRQ routine, which suspends what. Note thai, while 1 refer to "pointer movement," Mousetrap simply prims. Of course, these frequent checks can be handy for cer tain drop-down menus, which appear. The following commands give in structions to Mousetrap. Since they must include a dummy variable, A of an equivalent must be present, but it will not return a meaningful value.

All year long, ReRUN disks bring you pre-tested, high quality, ready-to-run programs for your business, home, and educational computing needs. Shipment occurs after the second issue is published. First available back issue I-. B should fall in the range If it's. Poke commands to manipulate SID chip values or to highlight menu selec tions, filenames, and so forth, without. That s rpght These RAM uruis are armosi impossible to ouy. We've aFways specialized in fmcjing sorutions to Commodore.

Tho Pocket Soncs from Digital. IN from Batteries Included; it you'ro using ANV of thnsn prog rams you wonl bfllreve the difference thai the n-tra memory makes'. Harcil oui Ihs ccnoo-. This doesn't have lo happen lo you. Tig a heavy-Cuty power supply mai mil graaiiy dmnisn your ear ol a power supply. Tnoy wjIi provide you. Or call our oil Irei- order lineal l-flOO' It seems as though every lime we lurn around, another. Olympics�California style.

You and up to seven other dudes can compete in radical events�skateboarding in a half. By creating and saving a Ranger character to disk, you can keep a cumulaiive score as you advance through. Control a "Vaus craft' at the bottom of the screen and deflect a ball against a wall of blocks�you're playing Arkanoid.

The destruction of. Bubble Bobble Adapted from a coin-op game, Bub ble Hobble concerns Bub and Hob, two bubble-blowing dinosaurs who must burst bullies by blowing bubbles that box up the bullies and then burst the bullies in the bubbles. I'ut on your racing gloves and buckle.

Choose a track and put your machine in gear! A word of caution�Grand Prix Circuit requires a gentle touch to handle the turns. You must break in, iiccelerate out and man age the sensitive steering. Outstanding graphics let you lose yourself in your dream tar!

HEX and even disassembly modest Even includes comprehensive on-line help screens'. Our parameters ttavr; been but cuen they will be amazed by the enhancements and additions we ve made, inciting. One more Ifcmg ihe nect time you Lhmk about buymg a pfoqfam remember lhat you '6 also buying a bit of Iho company that. The Cartridge Wats. How did we do if By understanding lhat it is no! Like Supur Snapshot v4. Bui weve also worked hard to give those utilities a sense ol stylo and grace.

To make sure that not only could you do a task, but that you could bo il easily and logically. While our compelilors were making utilities lor Commodore computers, we were designing our utilities tor the people. Qtyn 5fweB let iiii inr. Be forewarned; slight miscalculations bring instant death. Bui, ofcourse, Indy never miscalculates! This game lacks the touch of a good graphic artist, or any ariist, for that matter. But what it lacks in graphics, Road Raider makes up for in mutant-.

Editor's note: This is one man's thoughts on his all-time favorite action games. Ut US know what game titles might appear on your hit parade list. Add several post-Great Biological Holocaust cities, thousands of radioactive mutants and one de. Include E4. Order Dinx. Take a look at this extensive collec tion of personal productivity software, utilities, games, educational programs and much more!

But hurry�quantities are limited! All other programs run in C mode only. Amazing Color Print Ma chine. Video Poker. Judging from reader re sponse, this updated version has been warmly received. Unfortunately, there are no other. The question is basically how you go about. A former Mirage Concepts Fan myself, I realize that the program has never en joyed the widespread popularity of. For this reason alone, many users will find it an indispensable utility, especially if they use a nonGEOS-compatible word processor along with geoWrite and want to ex change files between the two formats.

Now to some geoTips. Provided you have the S ! If you have files created with a not-sopopular word processor, try converting those files with Text Grabber's Generic I and. Even substituting wild cards for the filename characters won't work. The solution is surprisingly simple if you lake the following steps. Just be certain to save in all uppercase letters any GEOS files that may later need con. Don't try to click on the album icon; rather, dou ble-click on the Photo Manager.

Space permitting, you can create more. Another handy trick I discovered in. To facilitate copying a file from. The file copying will begin immediately. Clearwater, fl geoCalc Grids GeoCalc offers the added advan tage of printing forms that contain al most any type of grid.

Simply create a. On several occasions, I tried to check a document with geo Spell, only 0 have nothing print out but the header. I'm not sure whether it was the format of the header or some other problem. In any case, the printer repeatedly ad vanced the paper, but no document was. I dis covered that all my problems were caused by the presence of Partner You won't find this mentioned in the GEOS manual, so beware of problems.

RlgKl Shiiul. Commodore Clinic Using a dual disk drive vs. Qllnw can I make a program unlistable after I've haded and run it, so that others cannot list it and make changes? A The easiest way is to puke to the lisi vector, Since you didn't say which computer you have I'll give you. However, Copy can be used with a single drive to make. If you wain to re-enable nm-itop and restore, first save the original contents of the memory locations, then poke them back.

Here's an example. I POKE Use a terminal program that lets you capture what comes in as text. Log on to the RUNning. As you list u category, you'll capture it in your buffer. Then save the buffer to disk. Repeat this for each of the categories. New Files from the Files menu, capture it in your terminal's buffer and save it.

Readers who wish to try our hour. I'm using several large arrays lluit take up about one-third of the C's variable mem.

However, when the computer uses the same subroutine again, it works veryfast, and. A No, it's not a bug�it's perfectly normal. The initial slowdown you're experiencing is due to the pres ence of ihe large arrays you've created. When you use a subroutine for the first time, it must find and create whatever variables you use.

Since you have these large arrays, the computer must move. Once it has allocated mem ory for this variable, it doesn't need to do it again, so whenever it re-encounters. Since each subroutine probably has some variables unique to it, they must have resources allocated ihe first time,. Then, after dimension ing your arrays, use a simple loop to assign each element a default value.

After you do this, your program should run at top speed. It's quite long ind toes a lot ofsulnoutines, and theproblevi. Snrlsl, DB BM Printer, 25 ft. Parallel, 30 Pin, 10 t. VSI iiftilchiea end Cflibe swaoping. HC, BKM. Diali Noichor Dual Coisr. RS Inlsrlsco tlfi. Full plastic caao. VSI S. Requires a Commodore 64, 64C, or. V Commercial Graphic program aimpatibilily. Man ant Conpvur Af. J:"m QmfUrnxrU, p. Ommodarr IVwW. K KM Eipam. Kijpi, tttluwniitivn Mownunt, ft! Select Numbers lo Play 5 Diflereni Ways!

Validate, access PRG. Easy do-i. No electronics eiperience or special tods re quired. Illusirsted siep-tiysisp insipuciions included. Call orwriie or moro inlormation. Please specify computer and drive when ordering P. Boi 70! WHbrohsm, MA Shippinu: c r ppu Cnnlinenlal U. Canjilj Sorry, nn olher nJlionil acceplcci!

PA reiidenls ship ii"S r''�K". Wewillnnl prnt ess a return svitnoul J rciuin. Prt are suhjecl lo haojter Neis lilies ail' arriving daily' F'Jrjsr lall fur roOtf inimmalion. Shippinjt- finliniTil. APO-add Si on all. We1 will mil mmi a return willi.

Pik-ci A -n. Vtis lilli-s ,irr jirinnj daily! MiililM imMliv 1. The screen will. Always disable HCWs Checksum before attempting. Note; You can abbreviate Basic keywords; 5pates affect the checksum only when within quotes; and the order of characters affects [he checksum.

With this new version, when you press return after typing in. If this number matches the. If the number that appears doesn't match the checksum value,. Then move the cursor back up to the line and make your corrections. Now, after you press return, the correct checksum value should appear. Continue entering ibe listing until all be. Save the finished program. All the graphics and control characters in the listings in RUN have been translated into understandable key combinations. They are the instructions you see inside the curly braces.

You do nnt type in the curly braces. Here are some more examples;. Type-in Troubles? After a while, you fee! But we can share our. If so, perhaps the answers will help you find and correct the difficulty. This means that a program line was reading from Data statements and reached the end of he data before it was done reading, There are two possible problems.

One might he with the line that reads the data, usually a For Next loop. Make sure you have the proper values for the loop, because if the I is ting has a loop of 0 to and you've typed 0 to , you'll get the "Out of Data" message. If the loop is correct, then the prob lem lies in the Data statements themselves.

One pos. That's easy enough to find and correct. More likely, you may. Again, this is easy to check for and correct. You might have added an extra digit, or perhaps you ran two numbers together instead of ,5 5. This could be almost anything.

What it tells you is that there is some. Usually you've mis spelled a Basic keyword or omitted some required character. List the line and examine it carefully. This occurs in programs that add up all the data as read, and, when finished, compares thai sum with what it should be if all the data were typed in correctly.

If il isn't the same, it means an error somewhere in typing the Data state ments. Go back and check the data carefully, correct the mistakc s. Finally, we urge everyone who intends to type in one. This nifty little program will. That means thac you've read a number from a Data state. The error occurs because the number is larger than Does no!

DOS computers at work and Mavplho Commodore or Complete Concordance, Word s in text can be found and displayed in seconds. Includes both. Add notes, comments, and references. Make your Bible Study organised and on permament iccord'. Plus a tape lo disk program copier. Prtc�: US

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