The design is playful and original and also manages to be simple and complex at the same time. This quirky garden office was designed by Studio Ben Allen and was built in London. The exterior and the entire bottom section of the interior feature various different shades of green in an attempt to camouflage the office into the garden surroundings. The white frame door and window let natural light inside and give this lovely office space a cute and cozy look.

This garden office takes up quite a bit of space, extending from one side of the backyard to the other. It was built as an extension for a house located in London and it was meant to serve as a small sanctuary from the Brexit-dominated environment at that time.

As you can see, it has a very distinctive exterior, being clad in weathered steel which gains a unique patina over time.

The materials were left to rust and change color in order to give this place an authentic look. The roof has a particularly interesting design, featuring a pyramid-inspired shape. The name has Garden Office House Value Game an important significance in this case because it references the fact that the roof is made of translucent polycarbonate. It allows natural light to filter through in a very pleasant and convenient way. The exterior of the building is clad in black corrugated fiberglass panels which gives it a modern and sleek look.

The interior is lined with plywood and that creates a warm and inviting ambiance inside. Managing to naturally integrate an office or any other structure into a backyard or a garden can sometimes prove to be challenging. This was a project developed for a writer who wanted a small detached space to do some work and seek inspiration into. Use this gardening product when you want to enhance the growth of your plants, indoors or outdoors.

Are you installing posts? Using a post hole digger will make the process much easier! Just push the two handles together, thrust it into the soil, pull the two handles outward, then bring up the soil. This tool has a hand grip that's connected to a metal spike with a split prong at the end. Have you wanted to start a garden but feel you don't have the space? Try a micro-garden! Pick up some garden containers and your favorite flowers, herbs or veggies, then plant away!

Use these when you want to protect the delicate skin on your hands when laboring in the garden. Gardening gloves are an essential tool for your gardening adventures. A weed cover, also known as weed fabric, is useful for places you want to preserve for planting but aren't quite ready to actually plant in yet.

It's a great alternative to black plastic, crushed stone and organic mulches. Do you know which plants are most prone to dying from frost? Potted plants, soft woods and currently blooming plants are likely to die when the frost comes. Protect your beloved flora by using these protection bags. Secateurs - or pruning shears - are a fancy pruning tool that you can easily use with just one hand.

They are tough enough for outdoor plants, yet compact enough for indoor trimming. An unassuming but valuable asset, the plant label is a great way to make sure your garden is organized and identifiable. Plant labels are a great way to make sure you pick the right veggies!

For larger gardens, the disc harrow is used to till up the soil and break apart weeds and last year's remnants. The disc harrow can also be used to prepare trenches before planting seeds and small plants.

Protect your nice duds when wearing your gardening apron. Some aprons come with pockets to hold hand tools or other small items. The garden tool can save some real coin if you care about your clothes! The watering can is a basic necessity, especially if you have a large garden and no sprinkler system. It is also useful for making indoor plant watering efficient and easy.

Manure is considered one of the best fertilizers used to improve plant production. It is made primarily from animal dung and may also be mixed with a variety of soils and mulched vegetation. Manure spreaders apply an even coat of manure across fields.

This tiller consists of a long handle at one end and several rotating digging wheels or spikes that break apart the earth. Some versions may also have a fixed set of prongs that dig and a T-handle on the other end to twist the earth apart.

This tool is used to remove weeds or stir up soil. A loop hoe has a long handle with a metal loop at the other end that aids the user in tilling the earth to a specific depth and soil consistency. The classic tool for cutting wood or chopping down trees, the axe has a sharp metal head that slices into the wood like a knife into butter. The other end is a wooden or fiberglass handle that the user grips and swings. Make sure you spread your feet apart and practice basic safety when using this tool.

Hydroponics is an alternative farming system where a farmer grows plants in a water nutrient solution as opposed growing the plants in the soil.

While there are several positives to hydroponics, the main benefit is the ability to grow plants without taking up valuable field real estate which becomes more valuable as traditional farms are slowly disappearing. Terra-cotta pots are a time-honored favorite. For the eco-friendly gardener, try biodegradable planting pots. Some common biodegradable pots are Jiffy-Strips, Western Pulp and fiber. A pickup truck is a popular choice for many farmers' vehicles. The pickup is used both as a family vehicle as well as a hauling vehicle - both on the farm and long distances.

The first pickup - or similar version - is attributed to the Gallon Allsteel Body Company in A hose is a great tool for getting precious water to your plants. Coming in variable lengths, it can also be used for clean-up jobs or keeping your puppy entertained!

Kneeling pads are just for those gardeners with knee problems; they're a great proactive solution for any gardener of any age! Keep your joints young by taking one of these with you next time you're weeding or planting on your knees for extended periods of time. This tool is great for recycling everyday items into usable plant food. The compost bin is an ideal way to let science take its natural course and recycle food waste into fertilizer.

A gardening tamper is a square of cast iron or another strong metal with a long, wooden pole attached to it. If you need one of these, go to your local hardware store and look in the "striking tool" section. Used for tying up plants to support stakes, twine is an essential gardening tool. Whether you are securing your start-up plants or reinforcing your fence, twine is key for your garden. Did you know that the largest seed in the world is that of a palm tree, and it can weigh up to 40 pounds?

Don't try to put one of these in your seed tray! The lawnmower is certainly the best tool for managing the length of the grass in your yard, ball field or farm. Generally gas powered, the lawnmower can be a simple single blade that you walk behind or a set of multiple spinning cutting blades that the user rides atop of.

A barn is one of the most symbolic buildings used to identify a farm. A barn is a large building used to store grain, hay or straw as well as provide shelter for livestock. Many barns are equipped with livestock milking stalls, farm-specific workspaces and tool and equipment shops. The pickaxe is shaped like the letter T; there's a wooden handle on the bottom and a strong metal bar on the top. It is a strong tool that can break apart stone and other hard materials.

Customer Service. Due to the structure and build of the building, our garden office structures need to be free standing — so cannot be attached to your home. However , consider this for a moment… Having additional space that is detached from your home often has benefits that outweigh the benefits of a traditional attached extension.

Privacy, peace and quiet to name a few! Being detached from your home means that you can have your additional space anywhere in your garden that you would like — freedom to get creative with the choice of view to work gazing upon.

A completely separate workspace also guarantees utmost privacy for those who want to use their space for business use or work-related purposes. Or if you want a home gym or art studio, peace and quiet is always guaranteed. We can build our garden offices within proximity of mm to any solid obstacle — like a house or another garden structure — if the design of your building is within 15m2 or less. For anything over this size, a 1m gap will be required between the garden building and any solid obstacles.

The restrictions explained above are part of Building Regulations, so this does mean that we cannot install our buildings as a lean-to on part of your existing home. Find out more about our construction process here. You can book in your free site survey , or request our free brochure for more information. Please fill in your telephone number so we can contact you to book your free virtual or on-site design consultation. Design Consultations are the best way to discuss your project in detail.

Appointments to speak with our Design Team are always free of charge, and you can start with either a virtual or on-site appointment depending on what best suits your needs.

A video consultation with a member of the Design Team will help answer any questions you have about our product, as well as helping design your ideal building. It is helpful to know roughly what size you are looking for, but we can always help guide you on getting rough measurements beforehand. A member of our Design Team will come to your property to measure your garden space, appraise the access and your suitability for a garden building.

A 2m safe distance will always be maintained between you and our team, and we won't come into your home. Green Retreats started it all back in and is our original garden room brand. Green Retreats offers four garden room buildings that are highly customisable. Whether you choose a garden building from Green Retreats or The Garden Office, rest assured that there is never a compromise on quality and you can always expect unrivalled customer service. View The Green Retreats Range. The Annex specialises in creating beautifully crafted, self-contained garden annexes that enhance both your home and lifestyle.

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