Garden Shed In Kings Lynn, Norfolk | Delivery & Installation Included King is the title given to a male monarch in a variety of contexts. The female equivalent is queen regnant, while the title of queen on its own usually refers to the consort of a king.. In the context of prehistory, antiquity and contemporary indigenous peoples, the title may refer to tribal www.- ic kingship is cognate with Indo-European traditions of tribal rulership (c.f. Indic. Cambridge (/ ? k e? m b r ? d? / KAYM-brij) is a university city and the county town of Cambridgeshire, England, on the River Cam approximately 55 miles (89 km) north of www.- the United Kingdom Census , the population of the Cambridge built-up area (which is larger than the remit of Cambridge City Council) was , including 29, students. The official archive of the UK government. Our vision is to lead and transform information management, guarantee the survival of today's information for tomorrow and bring history to life for everyone.

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Aladdin Theater Keller Auditorium. Vulcan Inc. Due to its proximity to London there are many commuter towns and villages in Surrey. The population density is medium to high on residentially developed land and the area is one of the richest parts of the UK. Much of the north of the county is an urban area contiguous to Greater London. Before Roman times the area today known as Surrey was probably largely occupied by the Atrebates tribe, centred at Calleva Atrebatum Silchester , in the modern county of Hampshire , but eastern parts of it may have been held by the Cantiaci , based largely in Kent.

The Atrebates are known to have controlled the southern bank of the Thames from Roman texts describing the tribal relations between them and the powerful Catuvellauni on the north bank. The Atrebates were defeated, their capital captured and their lands made subject to Togodumnus , king of the Catuvellauni, ruling from Camulodunum Colchester.

Verica fled to Gaul and appealed for Roman aid. During the Roman era, the only important settlement within the historic area of Surrey was the London suburb of Southwark now part of Greater London , but there were small towns at Staines , Ewell , Dorking , Croydon and Kingston upon Thames. During the 5th and 6th centuries Surrey was conquered and settled by Saxons. The names of possible tribes inhabiting the area have been conjectured on the basis of place names. It has also been speculated that the entries for the Nox gaga and Oht gaga peoples in the Tribal Hidage may refer to two groups living in the vicinity of Surrey.

Together their lands were assessed at a total of 7, hides , equal to the assessment for Sussex or Essex. Surrey may have formed part of a larger Middle Saxon kingdom or confederacy, also including areas north of the Thames. If it ever existed, the Middle Saxon kingdom had disappeared by the 7th century, and Surrey became a frontier area disputed between the kingdoms of Kent , Essex, Sussex, Wessex and Mercia , until its permanent absorption by Wessex in Despite this fluctuating situation it retained its identity as an enduring territorial unit.

During the 7th century Surrey became Christian and initially formed part of the East Saxon diocese of London , indicating that it was under East Saxon rule at that time, but was later transferred to the West Saxon diocese of Winchester. Its most important religious institution throughout the Anglo-Saxon period and beyond was Chertsey Abbey , founded in At this point Surrey was evidently under Kentish domination, as the abbey was founded under the patronage of King Ecgberht of Kent.

The region remained under the control of Caedwalla's successor Ine in the early 8th century. In the 9th century England was afflicted, along with the rest of northwestern Europe, by the attacks of Scandinavian Vikings. Surrey's inland position shielded it from coastal raiding, so that it was not normally troubled except by the largest and most ambitious Scandinavian armies.

In an exceptionally large invasion force of Danes arrived at the mouth of the Thames in a fleet of about ships, which would have carried over 15, men. Two years later the men of Surrey marched into Kent to help their Kentish neighbours fight a raiding force at Thanet , but suffered heavy losses including their ealdorman , Huda.

Withdrawing with their loot, the Danes were intercepted and defeated at Farnham by an army led by Alfred the Great 's son Edward, the future King Edward the Elder , and fled across the Thames towards Essex. Surrey remained safe from attack for over a century thereafter, due to its location and to the growing power of the West Saxon, later English, kingdom. Cnut's death in was followed by a period of political uncertainty, as the succession was disputed between his sons.

It is uncertain what his intentions were, but after landing with a small retinue in Sussex he was met by Godwin, Earl of Wessex , who escorted him in apparently friendly fashion to Guildford. Having taken lodgings there, Alfred's men were attacked as they slept and killed, mutilated or enslaved by Godwin's followers, while the prince himself was blinded and imprisoned, dying shortly afterwards.

This must have contributed to the antipathy between Godwin and Alfred's brother Edward the Confessor , who came to the throne in This hostility peaked in , when Godwin and his sons were driven into exile; returning the following year, the men of Surrey rose to support them, along with those of Sussex, Kent, Essex and elsewhere, helping them secure their reinstatement and the banishment of the king's Norman entourage. The repercussions of this antagonism helped bring about the Norman Conquest of England in Domesday Book records that the largest landowners in Surrey at the end of Edward's reign were Chertsey Abbey and Harold Godwinson , Earl of Wessex and later king, followed by the estates of King Edward himself.

Apart from the abbey, most of whose lands were within the shire, Surrey was not the principal focus of any major landowner's holdings, a tendency which was to persist in later periods. The Anglo-Saxon period saw the emergence of the shire's internal division into 14 hundreds , which continued until Victorian times. After the Battle of Hastings , the Norman army advanced through Kent into Surrey, where they defeated an English force which attacked them at Southwark and then burned that suburb.

Rather than try to attack London across the river, the Normans continued west through Surrey, crossed the Thames at Wallingford in Berkshire and descended on London from the north-west. As was the case across England, the native ruling class of Surrey was virtually eliminated by Norman seizure of land. Only one significant English landowner, the brother of the last English Abbot of Chertsey, remained by the time the Domesday survey was conducted in When the male line of the Warennes became extinct in the 14th century, the earldom was inherited by the Fitzalan Earls of Arundel.

The Fitzalan line of Earls of Surrey died out in , but after other short-lived revivals in the 15th century the title was conferred in on the Howard family , who still hold it.

However, Surrey was not a major focus of any of these families' interests. Guildford Castle , one of many fortresses originally established by the Normans to help them subdue the country, was rebuilt in stone and developed as a royal palace in the 12th century. John's efforts to reverse this concession reignited the war, and in the barons invited Prince Louis of France to take the throne. Having landed in Kent and been welcomed in London, he advanced across Surrey to attack John, then at Winchester , occupying Reigate and Guildford castles along the way.

Guildford Castle later became one of the favourite residences of King Henry III , who considerably expanded the palace there. During the baronial revolt against Henry, in the rebel army of Simon de Montfort passed southwards through Surrey on their way to the Battle of Lewes in Sussex.

Although the Crane Garden Buildings Lewes University rebels were victorious, soon after the battle royal forces captured and destroyed Bletchingley Castle, whose owner Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester , was de Montfort's most powerful ally. By the 14th century, castles were of dwindling military importance, but remained a mark of social prestige, leading to the construction of castles at Starborough near Lingfield by Lord Cobham , and at Betchworth by John Fitzalan , whose father had recently inherited the Earldom of Surrey.

Though Reigate and Bletchingley remained modest settlements, the role of their castles as local centres for the two leading aristocratic interests in Surrey had enabled them to gain borough status by the early 13th century.

As a result, they gained representation in Parliament when it became established towards the end of that century, alongside the more substantial urban settlements of Guildford and Southwark. Surrey had little political or economic significance in the Middle Ages. Its agricultural wealth was limited by the infertility of most of its soils, and it was not the main power-base of any important aristocratic family, nor the seat of a bishopric. Population pressure in the 12th and 13th centuries initiated the gradual clearing Shropshire Garden Buildings Kingswinford Kit of the Weald , the forest spanning the borders of Surrey, Sussex and Kent, which had hitherto been left undeveloped due to the difficulty of farming on its heavy clay soil.

Surrey's most significant source of prosperity in the later Middle Ages was the production of woollen cloth, which emerged during that period as England's main export industry. The county was an early centre of English textile manufacturing, benefiting from the presence of deposits of fuller's earth , the rare mineral composite important in the process of finishing cloth, around Reigate and Nutfield.

Though Surrey was not the scene of serious fighting in the various rebellions and civil wars of the period, armies from Kent heading for London via Southwark passed through what were then the extreme north-eastern fringes of Surrey during the Peasants' Revolt of and Cade's Rebellion in , and at various stages of the Wars of the Roses in , and The upheaval of also involved widespread local unrest in Surrey, as was the case all across south-eastern England, and some recruits from Surrey joined the Kentish rebel army.

Waverley Abbey near Farnham, founded in , was the first Cistercian monastery in England. Over the next quarter-century monks spread out from here to found new houses, creating a network of twelve monasteries descended from Waverley across southern and central England. The 12th and early 13th centuries also saw the establishment of Augustinian priories at Merton , Newark , Tandridge , Southwark and Reigate. These would all perish, along with the still important Benedictine abbey of Chertsey , in the 16th-century Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Now fallen into disuse, some English counties had nicknames for those raised there such as a 'tyke' from Yorkshire , or a 'yellowbelly' from Lincolnshire. In the case of Surrey, the term was a 'Surrey capon', from Surrey's role in the later Middle Ages as the county where chickens were fattened up for the London meat markets. Under the early Tudor kings, magnificent royal palaces were constructed in northeastern Surrey, conveniently close to London.

At Richmond an existing royal residence was rebuilt on a grand scale under King Henry VII , who also founded a Franciscan friary nearby in All these have since been demolished. During the Cornish Rebellion of , the rebels heading for London briefly occupied Guildford and fought a skirmish with a government detachment on Guildown outside the town, before marching on to defeat at Blackheath in Kent. Surrey's cloth industry declined in the 16th century and collapsed in the 17th, harmed by falling standards and competition from more effective producers in other parts of England.

The iron industry in the Weald, whose rich deposits had been exploited since prehistoric times, expanded and spread from its base in Sussex into Kent and Surrey after The production of brass goods and wire in this area was relatively short-lived, falling victim to competitors in the Midlands in the midth century, but the manufacture of paper and gunpowder proved more enduring.

For a time in the midth century the Surrey mills were the main producers of gunpowder in England. George Abbot , the son of a Guildford clothworker, served as Archbishop of Canterbury in � In he founded Abbot's Hospital , an almshouse in Guildford, which is still operating. He also made unsuccessful efforts to revitalise the local cloth industry.

One of his brothers, Robert , became Bishop of Salisbury , while another, Maurice , was a founding shareholder of the East India Company who became the company's Governor and later Lord Mayor of London. Southwark expanded rapidly in this period, and by , if considered as a separate entity, it was the second-largest urban area in England, behind only London itself. Parts of it were outside the jurisdiction of the government of the City of London , and as a result the area of Bankside became London's principal entertainment district, since the social control exercised there by the local authorities of Surrey was less effective and restrictive than that of the City authorities.

Surrey almost entirely escaped the direct impact of fighting during the main phase of the English Civil War in � The local Parliamentarian gentry led by Sir Richard Onslow were able to secure the county without difficulty on the outbreak of war.

Farnham Castle was briefly occupied by the advancing Royalists in late , but was easily stormed by the Parliamentarians under Sir William Waller. A new Royalist offensive in late saw skirmishing around Farnham between Waller's forces and Ralph Hopton 's Royalists, but these brief incursions into the western fringes of Surrey marked the limits of Royalist advances on the county. In the uneasy peace that followed the Royalists' defeat, a political crisis in summer saw Sir Thomas Fairfax 's New Model Army pass through Surrey on their way to occupy London, and subsequent billeting of troops in the county caused considerable discontent.

He raised his standard at Kingston and advanced south, but found little support. After confused manoeuvres between Reigate and Dorking as Parliamentary troops closed in, his force of men fled northwards and was overtaken and routed at Kingston. Surrey had a central role in the history of the radical political movements unleashed by the civil war. In October the first manifesto of the movement that became known as the Levellers , The Case of the Armie Truly Stated , was drafted at Guildford by the elected representatives of army regiments and civilian radicals from London.

This document combined specific grievances with wider demands for constitutional change on the basis of popular sovereignty. It formed the template for the more systematic and radical Agreement of the People , drafted by the same men later that month. It also led to the Putney Debates shortly afterwards, in which its signatories met with Oliver Cromwell and other senior officers in the Surrey village of Putney , where the army had established its headquarters, to argue over the future political constitution of England.

In the Diggers , led by Gerrard Winstanley , established their communal settlement at St. George's Hill near Weybridge to implement egalitarian ideals of common ownership, but were eventually driven out by the local landowners through violence and litigation. A smaller Digger commune was then established near Cobham , but suffered the same fate in For two centuries before the Reform Act, the dominant political network in Surrey was that of the Onslows of Clandon Park , a gentry family established in the county from the early 17th century, who were raised to the peerage in Members of the family won at least one of Surrey's two county seats in all but three of the 30 general elections between and , while they took one or both of the seats for their local borough of Guildford in every election from to , usually representing the Whig Party after its emergence in the late s.

Successive heads of the family held the post of Lord Lieutenant of Surrey continuously from to Until the modern era Surrey, apart from its northeastern corner, was quite sparsely populated in comparison with many parts of southern England, and remained somewhat rustic despite its proximity to the capital.

Communications began to improve, and the influence of London to increase, with the development of turnpike roads and a stagecoach system in the 18th century. This phenomenon of commuting brought explosive growth to Surrey's population and wealth, and tied its economy and society inextricably to London. There was rapid expansion in existing towns like Guildford, Farnham, and most spectacularly Croydon , while new towns such as Woking and Redhill emerged beside the railway lines.

This may have survived among the "Surrey Men" into the late 19th Century, but is now extinct. Meanwhile, London itself spread swiftly across north-eastern Surrey. In it extended only to Vauxhall ; a century later the city's growth had reached as far as Putney and Streatham. This expansion was reflected in the creation of the County of London in , detaching the areas subsumed by the city from Surrey. The expansion of London continued in the 20th century, engulfing Croydon, Kingston and many smaller settlements.

This led to a further contraction of Surrey in with the creation of Greater London , under the London Government Act ; however, Staines and Sunbury-on-Thames , previously in Middlesex, were transferred to Surrey, extending the county across the Thames.

In Brookwood Cemetery was established near Woking to serve the population of London, connected to the capital by its own railway service. City offers personalized Valentine grams at Patriots Park Feb. For more information or to purchase a Valentine Gram, please contact the City of Kings Mountain Special Events Department at or e-mail the department at angela. Mykel and Alex Baker opened their shop offering holistic products featuring homemade candles, wax melts, and body butters.

They moved to Kings Mountain with hopes of opening a business this year. Thanks to the help of many, their dream came true a little earlier than expected. In two weeks, the shop will add holistic products containing almost percent natural ingredients such as herbs, plant extracts, phytonutrients and antioxidants, and essential oils.

In addition, they intend to add metaphysical items as well. The store also offers custom made furniture; signage; local artwork; and jewelry, including diffuser necklaces and bracelets. Paul James Candle Co. Photos by Loretta Cozart. Wax melts are available in the same scents as candles.

Essential oils are available in bulk or small bottles. Jar candles are made using recyclable glass. The wax leaves no residue as the candle melts away. Sign are sold at the shop, supporting local artists.

Since vaccine rollout began, vaccine allocation from the State of North Carolina has been extremely unpredictable which has caused Cleveland County Government to have to shift and adjust on an almost daily basis.

Last week, counties across North Carolina had a call with North Carolina Secretary of Health and Human Services Mandy Cohen who apologized to counties for not being transparent with the dose allocation disbursement model. They committed to counties to give dose allocations three weeks in advance. However, during this call, counties were also told weekly dose allocations across the state will be limited, with only 84, vaccine doses being shared amongst all approved providers in counties based on population.

Due to this change, Cleveland County anticipates only receiving a very limited number of vaccine doses moving forward. As a result, county officials made the decision to transition from mailing letters to notify of appointments to scheduling appointments by phone call in an effort to get their limited doses to eligible individuals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you receive a busy signal, please continue to call back. A number of NC counties had to call thousands of people to cancel their appointments because they did not receive the number of vaccines they hoped to receive. If we did this, the waiting list would very quickly grow to having thousands of people on it.

Scheduling weekly appointments based on vaccine dose allocations guarantees that those who sign up will attend the event. In addition, because many individuals sixty-five 65 and older do not have access to the Internet, making appointments by phone seems to be the most equitable way of scheduling appointments under our current circumstances.

Residents who have access to transportation are encouraged to look for mass vaccination events across the state. The county will share these opportunities on social media sites as they become aware of them. With 19, residents 65 and older and weekly dosage allocations of less than , this will take time.

Cleveland County is committed to ensuring that every dose received is given in a timely manner. School board members voted six to three to begin returning elementary students back to the classroom during their January 25 meeting. Two weeks later, on March 8, students pre-K through fourth grade will return to a five-day school week.

A remote option will remain available to parents. During the meeting, 19 people spoke. Others worried that returning to the classroom too soon might endanger students, educators, and staff. On the other side of the argument, concern was shared for students who do not have the needed support at home and are falling behind in their studies. Board members also voiced the desire to make vaccines available to educators, but the vaccine is currently designated for those years and older.

However, in other parts of NC educators are being given the vaccine. On January 22, Jackson County Schools dismissed early to vaccinate the teachers. By working with local hospitals in their area, vaccines were made available. Since then, public school employees in Rutherford County, Union County, and Swain County have received their first dose of the vaccine.

Councilwoman Annie Thombs was absent due to illness. At question was to rezone property consisting of approximately Phase 1 of the development will contain no more than apartment units. Phases 2 and 3 will have another units of homes and townhomes. Catawba Ridge will offer housing for casino workers, as well as those looking for apartments with upscale amenities and quick access to I Mark Hughes, a resident who lives near the Catawba Ridge property spoke against the rezoning.

Hughes, along with 13 of his neighbors made their case to city council voicing their concerns regarding crime, lowering the quality of life in the area, lowering home values, and worsening traffic. And I am sure that at some point everyone on council made that same promise. I am going to do what I said I would do and be the voice of the people. I would urge each of you to do what you promised. Local fundraisers benefit Cpl. Last weekend, three events were held simultaneously across Kings Mountain.

Lee Whittington for a hamburger and hot dog fundraiser. This is their fourth Back the Blue event since September. Whittington, and the community came out to show their support.

Ingles on Hwy. All of us just want to show our support for local heroes. Anyone who puts on the badge and goes out every day is a hero to us. We are blessed to have the support of the citizens of Cleveland County.

We really appreciate it. Even if you do not know him personally, you can come out to support him and show him the respect he deserves. Kings Mountain businesses supported the raffle big-time. They were so generous. To all the people that helped cook and do the raffle, thank you. Y'all are amazing and we will be doing more cookouts for our police.

We sold shirts in our first order, between December 27 and January 9. So all the money we raise goes to Lee. Leave a comment on the page. If there is enough interest, a second order will be made. The same day, Paul James Candle Co. In December, Cpl. Whittington was shot in the line of duty while responding to a burglary call on Downing Drive in Kings Mountain.

Whittington faces a long road to recovery and the people of Kings Mountain responded to the call Shropshire Garden Buildings Kingswinford Group to show their love and support of Cpl. Whittington and his family. The casino will be operated by the Catawbas, according to a press release from the Catawba Nation Office of Tribal Government.

With work on the compact completed, we will advance the project from the site preparation phase to vertical construction of an introductory casino gaming facility to open this Fall. The compact acknowledges this connection to North Carolina as well. We look forward to creating thousands of good jobs for our hardworking local people. We thank the Catawba Nation for extending their hand of partnership in making this dream a reality. What is a compact and what does it mean to the project?

Under federal law the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act there are three forms of gaming, Class I which are traditional and social games subject only to Tribal authority , Class II with are various forms of bingo subject only to Tribal and Federal authority , and Class III which are all other forms of gaming--generally casino-type gaming--which is subject to Tribal, State and Federal authority.

That compact then must be approved by the Department of the Interior. That compact will now go to the Department of Interior for final review and approval. It is not anticipated that this compact will pose any special difficulties as it is closely modelled after a compact that Interior has approved for another Tribal Nation. The payments to the State are similar to what is provided in the Cherokee Compact.

In addition, the Nation has agreed to make payments in lieu of taxes to Cleveland County. The organization sent two types of mailers to Kings Mountain residents.

If you live near the casino site, you probably received a packet encouraging you to mail included letters, stamped and ready to mail, to Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein asking them to oppose the casino in Kings Mountain. Other residents were sent postcards asking them to reach out to elected officials and oppose the project. At DefendNC. NC Policy Watch solicits online donations which can be made at their website. Make a tax-deductible financial contribution today and count yourself among thousands ensuring real news is reported.

Neither are listed as non-profits, either. If you donate by check, you are asked to write the check out to the NC Justice Center in Raleigh, using their address. We know�more than ever�what a significant role each of us can play in building a more progressive state. One that stands by individuals from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender identity, income, sexual orientation, country of origin, immigration status, religion, disability, or history of incarceration.

But the latest census data shows they are not significantly better off than Cleveland County. Their argument does not take into consideration the improved economy since or the proximity of the proposed casino site to major highways and cities within a one to two-hour drive. DefendNC claims to be supported by North Carolina elected officials, communities, residents, and organizations who oppose the casino deal.

If a casino is such a bad deal for a community, why do so many communities and organizations around Cherokee in Western North Carolina support the Eastern Band of Cherokee in this effort? The last thing we need is a new threat to the economic well-being of communities in western North Carolina. Last October, DefendNC took their argument a step further making the issue personal and accusing Kings Mountain Mayor Scott Neisler of supporting the project for personal gain. The group represents the Cherokee tribe.

People in Kings Mountain are smarter than to fall for the outright false statements of this non-registered lobby group concerning this project. Maybe they should explain what it has done for them. It has dramatically lifted up the Cherokee people. Defend NC and the Cherokee tribe are trying to stop the Catawbas from prospering like the Cherokees have for years. The land has already been approved and granted to the Catawbas solely by the federal government.

Defend NC has no problem smearing anything or anybody to protect the monopoly of the Cherokee Casino. On Tuesday, the Council may vote to rezone a large amount of land, based on little more than the assurances of an indicted developer, Wallace Cheves. But you have falsely smeared me and my family plus misled people thinking we have the power to stop the casino. So where does your truth start? Something you seek to deny us obtaining. I really do understand why you seek to be involved in our affairs.

Brenda Hoover received her vaccine earlier this month. It was not an open drive-thru clinic. Residents receiving the letter were asked to bring their letter and arrive at their scheduled time. It was so well organized, smooth as could be. From entrance, until 15 min wait after vaccine was given, took less than 30 minutes.

Great job by all, and much appreciated. Representatives will be available 8 am -5 pm, Monday to Friday to help. Eighty-six counties are red with critical community spread of COVID and 13 are orange with substantial community spread. As of January last Saturday, 7, Coronavirus cases were reported within a hour period and 3, North Carolinians were hospitalized. Kings Mountain has experienced 2, cases and 79 deaths, so far.

Only go out for essential activities like work, school, health care, or caring for family, or buying food. If you cannot avoid being with other people, stay outside and keep it very small. Do not do things where you need to take off your mask, like eating or drinking.

Scaffolding in front of the Parker Building has been removed. Repairs the sidewalk appear complete. What once appeared lost has been reclaimed as Michael Parker Construction continues bringing this old landmark back to life. It is a lot different where we are here on main street; it is completely different even though we are in a small town. Being able to see that reaction was really nice on opening day. It is probably five to six times more than we used to carry, because we have so much more space.

We have new pieces, due to constant turnover, and new offerings as they are released. With this move, I got to make it what I always wanted it to be now that I have finally gotten into the door in town. New inventory arrives every Tuesday, for those who keep up with the most current fashion trends. Lee Whittington Back the Blue event for Cpl. Lee Whittington is scheduled for Saturday, January 23 from noon to 6 pm.

Hamburger and hot dog plates with fries and a drink will be available for a donation. The event is hosted by Elmer Oboyle.

All plates are available by donations only. Tumblers and shirts will also be available. Proceeds will go to Cpl. Thanks to several fortunate occurrences, the date was moved up to January I met Keith Falls and before we knew it, we were moving to Kings Mountain. I have only lived here short time, but I can see what a caring person his is toward others. As luck would have it, this shop was also available, and everyone encouraged us to open the business.

Keith helped make that happen. The developers presented their plan to those gathered with information they had shared with City of Kings Mountain prior to the meeting. The presentation stated that the Catawba Village Planned Use Development is a comprehensive mixed-use development intended to bring high quality housing development to Kings Mountain. A challenge for the developers is available housing supply.

There is also limited available inventory among all levels of affordability for multi-family rentals, based on Bowen National Research. Several artist renderings of the proposed units were shared in the presentation, along with a description of amenities for each apartment unit. They are concepts representing what the builder intends to do.

The apartments shared were multi-level units of three to four-stories and showed three bedroom units of approximately 1, sq. After the meeting, the Herald spoke with Mark Hughes who attended and lives nearby. Hughes also shared concerns about the number of apartments and that without home ownership, renters might not take pride in the property. He also worries that transient populations might bring vice into the area. City Council will address this project zoning again at the public meeting scheduled for January 26 at 6 pm at City Hall.

Battleground Ave. The old location, including the storeroom, was sq. The new location is 2, sq. This is a very exciting move for us. We hope to see everyone for our grand re-opening! The shop includes cute tops, bottoms, sweaters, shoes, swimwear, outerwear, and accessories for young women.

Community prayer rally was held at Patriots Park Gazebo on Saturday. The prayers were heartfelt and are summarized here so that all who missed the event might hear their words and remember the first responders. We certainly need Him in the hour we are living in here today. In time, the Lord will deliver us. We pray right now, in the name of Jesus, that You give them the tenacity to keep moving forward.

We know, God, that nothing is impossible with You. With You, all things are possible. We come against the spirit of the virus in the name of Jesus. Others pursue a calling and make it a career. Father, as they make their shifts, my prayer is that You help sustain Fire and Rescue workers spiritually.

As they lie in their bunks, may it not be idle time. May they find themselves drawn with the need and desire to study Your word, so when they leave out, they leave out with purpose. God, give them the vision to see that those they help are people, just like the rest of us, and they may be helping them in the very hour of their greatest need. Brian Taule of David Baptist Church prayed for retail workers. Not just ones in the grocery store, but all of the retail establishment.

God, protect them. We thank You for them and we thank You for living in a county where we can go. Thank You for the blessing of just being able to shop and not have all the stores closed.

Many have laid down their lives, Lord. We know You said that there is no greater love that a man could give than to lay down his life for his friends.

These men and women are called to the duties they do. You have put them in that place, and we trust You to bring them safely home to their families night after night. As they lay their live on the line, may they have eternity with you in their hearts. We praise You before we ask You for anything. As we lift up every transporter, You appeared to and guided the children of Israel and we ask that You do so in a like manner to every transporter.

Guide them, protect them, keep them from seen and unseen dangers. Let Your grace, let Your mercy abide heavily upon them in Jesus name. When we have times of service, they can be so intense and physically draining for volunteers.

I pray Your blessing on each volunteer that You have brought to serve during this trying time. I ask that You set a guard over each volunteer and keep them strong in You. You promised that You will be our strength, so I ask you to give each volunteer the measure of strength that they will need to accomplish what You have called them to do even though they are not compensated financially. You said in your word that You would reward them if they stored it up where no moth or rust can destroy.

So, Father, I ask You to reward them mightily. You ordained that that is a place of refuge, a place where we can run into and find refuge. It is also a place the community calls the Watchtower. You have also ordained ministers who are the Watchmen on the tower. You have asked us to go into the world and preach the gospel. We thank You for the city of Kings Mountain and the whole community we have here.

We want to thank You, Father God, for the ministers in the area who worship You in spirt and in truth. Let Your name be glorified and let Your love abide in us. Most of all, have mercy on our Country and grant us peace. Lord, they pass through times of plenty and they pass through times of peril. In this turbulent time, my all of our leaders be led by Your wisdom.

May our leaders seek Your will and not theirs. Lord, if they do not see clearly and have turned from Your way, I pray that they will repent. You are our hope, God. You are our strength, our help in our time of need. Serving through the light that You shine upon their minds and their hearts. They have been called, one by one. As we call God to remember us, we want to remember Him as our creator, as our redeemer, and as a healer of our land.

Dear Father, we lift up the Kings Mountain Community. We ask that we understand who we lift the community up to, the Creator, the very One who brings about all the things we so desperately seek. And whenever we look at this place, that we will remember one thing.

That the center of Kings Mountain is The Christ. John Sloan, Jr. In obedience to You, we have gathered together, we have sung, we have rejoiced in our fellowship. We have prayed, Lord, specific prayers for specific needs. Lord, now we just want to give thanks to You. We thank You for Jesus, for he is our helper.

I thank You for this land we call America. You have for so many years protected us and given us a place of protection. We thank You for how you have blessed us with this great land.

Lord, we thank You for the government, for the wisdom of the founders, who designed a government that is truly for the people and by the people. The technology we enjoy today is a gift from You. Lord, I give you thanks for this town.

We are grateful for it. We are grateful, Father, for every citizen who is here. And we thank You Lord for every church that stands to minister for You to build harmony and unity. Lord, we give You thanks for the big things and the little things. In the precious name of Jesus. It is wonderful to be here and see a community that has come together for the needs of the people of the community. It is such a blessing to be a part of this.

We pray that Christ may grant us, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with the power in our inner being through his spirit. So that we may be filled with all the fullness of God. To Him, be glory and the Church, and Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever.

May you now go in peace. God Bless you. Bell what this event meant to him as a member of Kings Mountain Police Department. Currently there are no issues of being seen by Emergency Departments, but there could be an issue with finding a bed if a patient needs to be admitted.

Some patients have been transferred to other facilities. But patients have also been transferred here if beds are available. Queen reported that he checked with Shelby Pediatrics and they suggested that January 19 was not the right time to go forward with in-person learning. Motion was made by Rodney E Fitch to return pre-kindergarten through 4th grade students to full-time instruction on February 8, second by Danny Blanton.

While public participation was not allowed at during this meeting, the next Cleveland County School Board meeting is January During that meeting, public participation will be allowed.

Vice Chairman Joel Shores spoke in favor of allowing public participation at this special meeting, but it was voted down 7 Battleground Avenue on property owned by Shane Adams. Last Saturday, a concrete truck was parked outside the property, as Adams and workers poured Shropshire Garden Buildings Kingswinford Academy a new floor in back right portion of the building.

What we had was years old and it is easier to fix it now and before we do further renovations. No date has been yet been set for the opening. City of Kings Mountain hosts Virtual online event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. King and follows key moments in his life beginning as a young boy experiencing racism for the first time, to meeting his wife, Coretta, to becoming a pastor and finally a national inspiration.

Audiences will get the opportunity to watch the production live on Facebook at www. In addition to this special production, Mauney Memorial Library will honor Dr. Schools throughout Cleveland County will receive the link to allow students to watch the production as well. For more information, please contact the City of Kings Mountain Special Events Department at or access their website at www.

Fantasy Light show in downtown Kings Mountain honored police officers. The trees along Railroad Avenue were trimmed in blue. It is a great opportunity to show Kings Mountain Police, and all law enforcement in the county and the region, how much the community appreciates all they do to keep everyone safe.

All veterans are invited to this free breakfast the first Saturday of every month. Others are welcome to attend for a small donation that helps fund future breakfasts. Lee Whittington, Jr. Here, with another officer, they express their concern for fellow officers. The KM Ministerial Association will lead prayer for all essential workers who protect our community. The community prayer gathering is planned to pray for police officers and all essential workers in Kings Mountain who work to keep the community safe and who are always there to help in a time of need.

This has been a one of the most challenging years in the lives of most people. These people are on the front lines for us. They need our prayers and support as a community of faith. Railroad Avenue in Kings Mountain. Hindsight is the year in review January 6, Issue By Loretta Cozart The year is one few of us will ever forget, but one probably we wish we could. Just days into the year, the Coronavirus pandemic began, resulting in say-at-home orders, mandatory wearing of face masks, and governmental assistance to citizens as well as businesses.

As of Dec. On that day alone, 3, North Carolinians were hospitalized. In Cleveland County, 6, cases of the virus and deaths were reported last year. On a positive note, three pharmaceutical companies have developed Coronavirus vaccines and two have begun inoculating those at highest risk: medical professionals and those living in congregate housing.

This week anyone 75 and over can get the vaccine. It will take a while to get everyone inoculated but it is a good step forward. Despite the virus, all news was not bleak.

The area has seen business growth and witnessed firsthand the resiliency of people. Front-line workers kept commerce flowing as everyone worked to help each other through one of the toughest times in recent memory. January � As began, a year mystery was solved at Moss Lake. A fisherman using a fish finder discovered a submerged vehicle near the Camp Creek Church Road boat ramp, feet below the surface. It was reported missing in Oct. On January 15, Sgt. Friends of Crowders Mountain asked for volunteers for trail work and litter pick-up.

Greg Payseur offered free genealogy assistance at the Mauney Memorial Library. Atrium Health Kings Mountain tightened visitation requirements due to the prevalence of flu in the region. After years of service, the Kings Mountain Kiwanis Club disbanded.

Edgar Lee Dean Adams retired and closed his barber shop after working years in his profession. Accelerate Cleveland began recruiting for their spring class. February � Layoffs were announced for Eaton Corporation due to consolidation of its heavy-duty transmission assembly division. Starbucks announced opening a new store at York Road in July.

Mauney Memorial Library announced a Makerspace sneak-peek. Early February brought an EF-2 tornado to the Dixon Community, toppling four high tension electrical transmission towers and felling trees in its wake.

Sheriff Norman switched political parties, registering as a Republican. City of Kings Mountain acknowledged a water spill of 3. Temple Baptist Church celebrated its 75th anniversary. Shaw represented North in the district level competition. March � City of KM trashes its recycling program due to costs. Thoroughbred Partners announce plans for the old Senior Park.

Don Crawford celebrated his 90th birthday. Cub Scout Pack 93 celebrated its 25th anniversary. Kings Mountain ranked 25th among the safest cities in NC. Because Governor Cooper declared a state of emergency due to the Coronavirus, Atrium Health Kings Mountain restricted visitors to those age 13 and over. Lenten services, Frozen, Jr. Kings Mountain Historical Museum temporarily closed. The nation celebrated 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. Local schools celebrate Read Across America and invite local celebrities to read to the children.

Citizens start feeling the impact of Coronavirus. Beginning on March 19, city buildings were conducting business but limiting access. NC schools were closed until May Patrick Senior Center was closed. Cleveland County Schools announced the continuation of the school lunch program.

In stores, signs on floors and on isles reminded shoppers to stay six-feet apart and travel isles in one direction only. Reminders of the 3-Ws were everywhere: wear your mask, wait maintain social distancing six-feet apart , and wash your hands. Glenn Mollette noted that 9, lives had been lost to the virus, with 22, sick. Atrium Health added new restrictions for visitors. Restaurants were closed to COVID; takeout and delivery became extremely popular with local restaurants that remained open.

American Legion celebrated its st birthday nationwide. Cleveland County Potato Project collected food for those in need. KM Spring Litter Sweep kicks-off. City of KM broadcast its city council meeting on Facebook Live for the first time. Fifteen Kings Mountain and Gastonia residents were quarantined at Ft. YMCA offered daycare for essential workers. The Easter Bunny visited Kings Mountain on the back of a fire truck.

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