Ground cover plants for the shade help to provide greenery to areas where other plants don�t grow well. Creeping, clumping, or trailing plants are good landscaping solutions that generally require little maintenance. For extra color, you can also choose ground cover plants that flower in the spring, summer, or fall. There are many varieties of ground cover plants for any type of garden. Flowering ground cover plants can transform pathways, accent garden features, or grow where there is little sun. Generally, ground cover plants for shade are hardy types of creeping or spreading plants that are. Your guide to Groundcovers for high traffic lawn alternatives and low traffic garden enhancements. Read on to find our ratings for the most and least durable groundcover plants.� Grow a sustainable lawn that is green, resilient, drought-tolerant and can handle just about anything. Find your ideal GRASS. Ground Cover - Shade. Collection by Elise Burt � Last updated 2 weeks ago. � It's also incredibly useful. Only 2"-3" tall, you can walk on it (releasing its lemony aroma), tuck it between pavers in a garden path, use it as a tidy border or fill in a flower bed. It grows quickly but isn't pushy, delivers texture, fragrance, and flowers, is great for cooking, and requires almost no care.� Some are suited to full sun, others are best for shade. Many also produce flowers. Outdoor Landscaping Outdoor Gardens Landscaping Ideas Shade Garden Garden Plants Garden Weeds Shade Plants Ground Cover Plants Shade My Secret Garden.� There are groundcovers for hot, dry sites, ground covers for shade, poor soil and areas that are always wet.

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