Setting up the Flex SDK. Install the Flex SDK. Setting up external SDKs. Adobe Flex 3. The AIR command-line tools require Ait to be installed your computer. Separate APK packages are used for devices and emulators. This folder contains a sample application descriptor file, a sample of the seamless install feature badge. For a detailed description of the application descriptor file, see AIR application skd files.

Schema files for the XML structure Flex Sdk Air Sdk Version of the application descriptor for each release version of AIR are also found in this folder. Building AIR applications with the command-line tools requires that Java is installed on your computer.

Sdj applications for Android and iOS requires that you download provisioning files, SDKs or other development tools from the platform makers. As of AIR 2. Still, the Android SDK can Airwave Bideford Garden Wooden Tool Shed Video be useful for a variety of development tasks, including creating and running software emulators and taking device screenshots.

However, special certificates and provisioning profiles are needed. For more information, see Obtaining developer files from Apple. View Help PDF 5. For ActionScript 3. Note: Java is not required for end users to run AIR applications. Note: On Sck computers, make aid that you copy or replace the individual files in the SDK folders — not entire directories.

By default, copying a flex sdk air sdk 10 on the Mac to a directory of the same flexx removes the existing files in the target directory; it does not merge the contents of the two directories. The libs directory contains code libraries flex sdk air sdk 10 use in AIR applications. The flex sdk air sdk 10 directory contains the C-language header file for writing native extensions. The AIR runtimes for the desktop and for mobile devices.

Download the AIR SDK installation file. The AIR SDK is distributed as a standard file archive. To install AIR, extract the contents of the SDK to a folder on your computer (for example: /Users//Applications/AIRSDK). If the Flex SDK is newer than the AIR SDK, it can rely on AIR functionality that isn't present, resulting in compile-time or runtime errors. The latest version of AIR SDK available is AIR The download and usage of this is subject to our license agreement, which is similar to the license agreement from Adobe but tightened up in some places and with the requirement to purchase a subscription according to our pricing www.- ordering your license subscription, you can place an order from the pricing page.

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