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When scanned, they can take you to a specific website, lead you to a file to download, or even just display a bunch of text about something. For example, I actually frequently use a QR code of my phone number.

If I want to give my number out to someone, they can just open the camera on their phone and scan the QR code image that I have stored on my own phone. There are quite a few apps that can scan QR codes, as well as create them, but my favorite one is QR Reader , which is free to download. Next, select the type of QR code that you want to make from the list provided. Scroll down for even more options. Now, you can stop here and use the app to store your QR codes and display them by tapping on the QR code image to the left to enlarge it , or you can export them to another app or service.

Animal Crossing has a huge amount of items to help players decorate, but kitchen furniture is often in short supply. Thankfully, there are ways to get around this problem using the custom design feature, and by using some clever kitchen decorating techniques. If you want to build your own Reddit-worthy ironwood kitchen, we also have advice on how to build the elusive ironwood kitchenette. Finding kitchen furniture in Animal Crossing may take some time, and unless you're willing to trade with other players for items, you'll have to try a series of different methods to receive random items of furniture.

Here are the main ways to find new items for your kitchen, and some tips on how to maximise your chances. There's no one way to go about designing a kitchen in Animal Crossing, but these pointers will certainly help you on your way to creating a kitchen you can be proud of. Like previous games in the series, New Horizons allows players to customise items with their own designs, and even download designs made by other players via QR code and the custom design portal.

Players have already come up with some ingenious ways to use this to solve the kitchen furniture problem. It's possible to change both the colour of the wood on the stalls and their pattern, meaning you can use stalls as fake cupboards to display all your kitchenware. Inspired by one player's fake ironwood kitchen cupboard , I decided to make my own version to match my kitchen, which can be downloaded using the code below.

As an added bonus, potted ivy will clip into the top of a stall when placed directly above it, which creates a nice mossy effect. Chopping and cooking in real life gets messy - and many kitchens have splashback panels to prevent mess from getting on the walls. So why not design your own in Animal Crossing? Simply use the custom design tool, then display it as a canvas in your house. I designed one for the back of my gas range which blends in with the cooker, but this method would also work on top of any kitchen counter.

Mosaic-style patterns tend to be particularly effective splashbacks. Along similar lines to the splashback, players have created cute canvas designs which can be used as fake shelving. This one by player Elena on Reddit is suitable for a light-coloured kitchen or living space, and can be downloaded using the code below.

Room designs in Animal Crossing can sometimes feel quite flat, but one way around this is by creating an optical illusion with custom designs to trick the eye into believing the room has two levels.

Sure, it's not a kitchen, but the principle is the same - and it's a great way to separate kitchen and living areas. If you want to try this out for yourself, pick a darker colour for your lower flooring, and keep the upper and lower sections similar in tone, as this helps maintain the optical illusion.

A new website with on-line registration is available at www. In addition, a call center has been set up for patients who may not have access to the internet, need assistance registering, or have questions. Individuals are strongly encouraged to pre-register prior to coming to the site.

The Sampling Center is located in portable structures at The Shops at Ithaca Mall parking lot and is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable Cayuga Health employees. Screening includes obtaining respiratory samples, which are then sent to Cayuga Health Laboratory for results.

Patients entering the screening location by car can tune into FM In addition, signs will convey important information to assist with traffic control. If you do not have transportation, please do not take public transportation to the sampling center. Cayuga Health and Tompkins County officials are working closely to determine if mobile sampling is available or other transportation options.

The public will be updated about these options. Pre-registration is also available online at www. Cayuga Health to resume elective surgeries. The NYS requirements consist of fewer than 10 new hospitalizations of coronavirus patients in the county over the past 10 days.

Our team in surgical services has been working hard over the past several weeks to prepare for the reopening of outpatient elective surgeries and we are ready to resume. Together, we have been able to meet the many challenges presented by COVID head on and we will continue to make sure our patients feel safe under our care. A website with on-line registration is available at www. Chamber sets its 5th B2B Meet Up event.

During this challenging time, the Chamber says in a press release, "it is imperative that our businesses continue to offer both products and services that are relevant in this radical new environment, while innovating and developing an emergent success plan, all while continuing to network and build business relationships -- and we are here to help! Each session will begin with welcoming remarks, followed by the keynote speaker, who this week will be Matthew Burr of Burr Consulting, helping provide businesses with an effective and practical approach to transitioning employees off unemployment and back to work, and answering any related questions from attendees.

Attendees at these virtual gatherings are invited to introduce themselves and their businesses, sharing ideas and growing their established network to help themselves and each other prosper. Each session will also feature a skills presenter that will discuss ways attendees can assist their businesses during this challenging time, with Paul Thomas, Tourism and Marketing Manager of the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce, reviewing best practices businesses can apply to their marketing and messaging during a time of crisis.

Following that presentation will be an inspirational presentation by Sue Silhan, owner of Selah Yoga, featuring a meditation exercise specifically chosen to help keep attendees grounded and focused. This is in addition to individuals who should seek testing because they are symptomatic or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID Anyone who is symptomatic or came in close contact with a positive case regardless of essential worker status is still encouraged to seek testing.

If your test result is positive, you will be contacted by a Community Health Nurse who will conduct a contact investigation and provide instructions about self-isolation. The Sampling Center is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable Cayuga Health employees. Cayuga Health and Tompkins County officials work closely to determine if mobile sampling is required or alternative transportation options.

Cayuga Health tests local nursing homes on proactive basis; Seneca View visited Monday. Cayuga Health is taking a proactive approach to test at-risk individuals and those who are most vulnerable to complications from the disease. The intent of this screening is to ensure that we do not have any residents who may have tested positive for COVID Currently, we do not have any staff or residents who have tested positive. Previous guidelines hindered essential caregivers who did not show symptoms from getting tested because they would have to be in mandatory isolation while they waited for test results.

The staff of Seneca View will also be tested later this week. This allows for the staff and residents at both Seneca View and Bridges Cornell Heights to get tested without concerns over staffing.

Stallone and the Cayuga Medical experts for their responsiveness. Although we have zero residents infected with the virus, the science tells us that any individual can be a silent carrier.

Sampling Center on-line registration is available at www. A call center has been set up for patients who may not have access to the Internet, need assistance registering, or have questions. Cayuga Health expands Telehealth services. Patients encouraged to make appointments online at www.

ITHACA, April 14, -- Cayuga Health System has announced it is rapidly expanding its Telemedicine services and capabilities to allow patients to stay at home and have online appointments with their health care providers. The expansion is in response to the COVID virus emergency and the subsequent regulatory changes that broadened the range of health services that can be delivered through Telehealth.

Many Cayuga Health providers have online portals and accept email requests from patients seeking Telehealth appointments. Most portals also provide patients with their medical records, medication lists, diagnostic test results and summaries of medical visits.

Additional information and a complete listing of participating Cayuga Health providers is also available using this link. With the expanded Telehealth services, patients can use their smart phones, tablets and computers to have online appointments. Using a high-definition video and audio Telehealth link, patients and providers can hear and see each other in real time.

A provider can evaluate a patient, develop a treatment plan, order medication and schedule follow-up appointments during a Telehealth visit. Most primary care physicians, specialty care providers, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the Cayuga Health System participate in the Telehealth service.

This reduces the spread of the virus in the community and better protects our medical staff on the front lines fighting this pandemic. Some common conditions a primary care doctor may treat via telemedicine include: allergies, arthritic pain, asthma, colds and flu, diarrhea, infections, conjunctivitis, skin inflammations, sore throats and vomiting.

A surgeon might use Telehealth to do post-operation check-ins with patients to make sure their wounds are healing properly. A gynecologist might use Telehealth to provide birth control counseling. An endocrinologist may do video chats with patients to discuss recent lab results and answer questions. Fees are the same for routine Telehealth appointments and in-person office visits.

Medicare and most private insurers have waived co-pays and deductibles during the COVID emergency and have expanded the range of health services that can be provided by a Telehealth provider. Those waivers are expected to expire when the COVID emergency ends, so check with your health insurer on fee changes.

Check with your insurer to know what services will be covered and the amount of the fee the plan will pay. Patients having a medical emergency such as chest pains, seizures, and head or neck injuries should call Walk-In Clinic is closing on Saturdays.

If you believe you have a serious illness or injury which cannot wait, please call or visit the Schuyler Hospital Emergency Department. Please contact the clinic at or info schuylerhospital.

Cornell University provided the two buses to transport the teams from Cayuga Medical Center at a. B2B Meet Up connects area businesses. Each session will begin with welcoming remarks, followed by our special keynote speaker covering a topic that is relevant to the immediate, ever-changing business climate we stride through every day.

Attendees are invited to introduce themselves and their businesses, sharing ideas and growing their established network to help themselves and each other prosper. Scholarship named in Harrington's honor. This year the scholarship program has been formally named in honor of Debra Harrington, a mom, wife, daughter, friend, and a passionate advocate for leadership development and enhanced educational programs for students.

Harrington pictured at right , who died on Dec. Regional Leadership Summit. Applicants are asked to identify an opportunity to improve the quality of life for Schuyler County residents and make recommendations for how that can be accomplished. Completed applications and accompanying responses must be emailed as PDF files by April 30, to Liz Salamendra at liz watkinsglenchamber. Questions about this opportunity can also be emailed to Salamendra using the same address.

Photo in text: Debra Harrington File photo. Hospital setting up mask production site. Volunteers are being asked by the hospital to sign up in advance so a schedule can be made. Email volunteer schuylerhospital. Volunteers are encouraged to work a 2-tohour shift. The production site is the second one being established by the Cayuga Health System. Patterns are being cut from blue wrap from surgical instruments being upcycled.

Each Corner Cabinet Vanity Key work area will maintain social distancing, and infection prevention measures will be in place. They are durable, waterproof and sterile and they don't come in contact with patients. Volunteers may also sew cloth masks at home, and should contact Tiffany Bloss at the Schuyler Health Foundation for details at or blosst schuylerhospital. Roundtables are set for small businesses. Three Industry Roundtable sessions are scheduled for small businesses that need to know the state and federal programs that are available to them and where to get hands-on, "help desk" support.

The schedule is as follows: Monday, March 30th: p. Tuesday, March 31st: p. Wednesday, April 1st: p. Downtown Businesses within our Villages. Event to connect businesses to businesses. Wednesday, April 1, enabling businesses from Schuyler County and the Finger Lakes Region to share ideas and opportunities, and to work together finding innovative ways to thrive.

Said the Chamber in a press release: "During this challenging time it is imperative that our businesses continue to offer products and services that, despite many hampering factors, are still relevant to their customers while striving to be innovative, and developing an emergent success plan. Moodie, participating businesses will have three minutes to share with the audience what services or products they are offering that can assist other businesses during these difficult days.

Following the presentations, the audience will have 15 minutes to ask questions of the presenters. All Finger Lakes Region businesses, whether they reside in Schuyler County or beyond, and whether they are a Chamber member or not, are invited to either present or be an audience member at this online gathering. Cayuga Health seeks mask-making vols. Volunteers need to sign up in advance so a schedule can be made.

Contact information is below. Those who are unable to leave their homes can also help by sewing masks at home. The CDC has declared homemade masks acceptable in times of crises. Our team will provide the mask pattern and specifications. Production is taking place at Cornell University's Bartels Hall in the side basketball court.

Sewing began on Tuesday, March 24 and will continue daily Monday through Friday from 8 a. There are many volunteer positions available and several things that can be provided to aid the volunteers.

To sign up to volunteer, contact Crystal Barkman or Michelle Vallake An email has also been established for this project: volunteer cayugamed. The Sampling Center will be open starting Tuesday, March 24 from 10 a.

A new website with on-line registration is at www. In addition, a call center has been set up for patients who may not have access to Internet, need assistance registering, or have questions. I would also like to thank the entire Cayuga Health staff for their tireless dedication and hard work over the past several weeks. I would like to thank Dr.

Stallone and his entire team for leading this effort for the Sampling Center. The Sampling Center is located in portable structures at The Shops at Ithaca Mall parking lot and will be staffed by experienced and knowledgeable employees. Screening will include swabbing the throat and nose and will be sent to offsite designated testing centers for results.

The new Sampling Center will replace the previous sampling facility, which opened on March Few exceptions as hospitals suspend visits. We are working hard to provide alternative solutions for patients that may not have access to these devices. Hospital, Schuyler health officials provide update on the Coronavirus pandemic. Last week we declared a State of Emergency for Schuyler County in response to COVID to protect the health and welfare of our residence, and we expect everyone to take this seriously and approach every day with the utmost caution.

She asked anyone who believes he or she may have symptoms of COVID coronavirus and meets risk factors to call their primary care provider for advice on actions to take. In order to keep patients, residents, visitors and employees safe, Gould said the hospital has implemented the following measures :.

For nearly years, Schuyler Hospital has been the primary healthcare provider in and around Schuyler County. For more information on services available at Schuyler Hospital, please visit schuylerhospital.

Top: Dr. Cayuga Medical Center restricts visitors. The restrictions begin Sunday, March 15 at 3 p. Any and all visitors, including family members, with symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath will not be allowed in patient areas to help control the spread of illnesses.

Cayuga Medical Center will work with families who have special circumstances, such as a critically ill or injured family member, on a case-by-case basis. We again apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Rotary cancels its annual antiques show. Infection threat leads Hospital, Seneca View to implement enhanced measures for visitors. Starting Friday, March 13, at 5 a.

Seneca View will be providing video tele-communications so that residents may continue to communicate with family and friends. With questions, please contact Schuyler Hospital at or email info schuylerhospital. Finger Lakes-themed silk lantern festival planned in Hector area starting in August. The "Finger Lakes Fantasy of Lights" festival, with silk figures stories high affixed to metal frames and emanating colorful lights in a themed format, was announced this week by AllPark Solutions, Inc.

He discussed his company's success with creating such festivals at various other sites around the world, and the planned timeline for this one -- which, assuming first-year success, envisions a longer operating period say August through December in future years. Other similar efforts by AllPark -- in the U.

Chinese lantern festivals date back some 2, years in China -- where the workers who create current-day festival structures are recruited. The festivals have nothing to do with small lanterns draped along a walkway: these are huge displays, with some structures in AllPark festivals reaching four or five stories high. They require a large space -- hence a park like that proposed earlier at Havana Glen or the wooded terrain behind the Grist Iron Brewing Co.

The area selected behind the Grist Iron will, says Montgomery, entail "a one-mile illuminated night-time forest walk" past hundreds of seasonal, themed structures "and millions of lights. AllPark, Mongomery added, hopes to "build partnerships with other businesses" in the area. One obvious one is the Grist Iron, which he said is hoping attendees eat dinner there before their walk and drink there afterward. These festivals are normally located in larger population centers, but Judy McKinney Cherry, executive director SCOPED, has envisioned this as something that can both play off existing tourist traffic, attract new visitors and succeed on its own smaller terms.

While disappointed when rebuffed by the Montour Town Board on the Havana Glen proposal the board oversees that park , she -- along with Montgomery an Ottawa resident -- simply started looking at other potential sites. Enter Bill Allington, who Montgomery and Cherry thanked profusely at Wednesday's annual meeting for his support, with Cherry saying: "Hats off to you for taking us into a whole new event.

As part of the preparation, Montgomery noted, Allington is "shaping a parking lot" with a path "leading to the top of his property. Montgomery, Cherry and Lisa Ferraro, a member of the SCOPED board who heads up its Business Attraction Committee, expressed unbridled enthusiasm during the annual meeting regarding the festival and its potential economic ripple effects.

Montgomery said the festival set-up would begin in June, and involve about 40 Chinese nationals brought to the U. They are artisans long experienced in silk lantern festivals. Once they are done, three or four would remain through the festival period for maintenance. A local work force would not likely exceed 15 people, with only Corner Cabinet 40 High Tide a half-dozen on so needed on any festival evening. The size and scope of the festival "is difficult to describe," Montgomery told the meeting attendees, noting that it is something you need "to see live" to fully comprehend, for "it is really unique.

The first year's theme will be Finger Lakes-related, he added, although he would not reveal what that specifically will be. Marketing touting that theme will hit the media and social media outlets as the startup date nears.

That, and word of mouth, should carry the experience into the realm of success, he suggested. Second: Scene from video presentation of a Chinese lantern festival. Third: AllPark Solutions logo. Date: Wednesday, April 1, Time: p. The Business Expo begins with a showcase that is open to the public from p. Participants and attendees also have the opportunity to network, build new business relationships, and learn about the unique products and services available from members of the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce and the community at large.

At p. Refreshments will be available during the mixer portion of the event. The networking and business-to-business opportunities are invaluable. Registration ends March 11th. There is no fee for Chamber members to participate. To submit completed registration forms, or if you have any questions about the event, contact Events Manager Liz Salamendra at or liz watkinsglenchamber.

Schuyler Habitat to dedicate 2nd house. The public is invited. The house, located at Broadway in the Village of Montour Falls, has been built over the past two years by a corps of volunteers and through the generosity of many area businesses. The house has been constructed in honor of the late Carmen Nicastro, D.

His widow, Marion Nicastro, and family will attend the dedication ceremony. Habitat Chair Robert Groll will speak of the community effort to build the house. The second Schuyler County Habitat family, the Venderwerffs, will soon occupy the home.

A search is are underway to find property to build a third house. Persons who may have property or a home to be donated and renovated can contact Bob Groll at bgroll schuylerhabitat. Interested persons are welcome to attend. Hospital 'Celebrity Chefs' to raise funds. That's the evening that Schuyler Hospital providers and "stars" will serve up pasta there as "celebrity chefs. Michael Eisman; Dr.

Martin Stallone. Dinners will be served from p. Reservations are strongly encouraged by contacting Veraisons at Zinger buys Haughey-Wood Funeral Home. Zinger is a graduate of the Simmons Institute of Funeral Service in Syracuse and has been a licensed funeral director for over 23 years. He resides in Montour Falls with his wife, Tiffany, and their children. Cayuga Health team turns Surgical Wrap into blankets for area residents in need.

ITHACA, December 11, -- Cayuga Health has announced that a team of employees from the Neurodiagnostics Department at Cayuga Medical Center came up with the idea to turn surgical wrappings, that are normally disposed of as medical waste, into warm blankets for area residents in need. So, we got a team together and came up with the blanket idea to distribute to the needy in the community," said Deanna Jacobs, R. The surgical wraps are 4-by-4 foot sheets used to heat sterilize surgical instruments.

They are durable, waterproof and retain heat. Jacobs and team developed two initial prototypes and took them to Quilters Corner in Ithaca, and a group of their charity sewers -- who look for community projects to partner in -- have created 12 blankets to date.

They use twelve 44" x 44" squares to make one blanket and it takes about two hours to create one. The blankets are large and heavy and can be used as sleeping bags as well. Cayuga Cares. We are so excited to begin distributing them! Jacobs and team have identified many uses for the blankets. As the need grows, the team would appreciate help from other sewing organizations and volunteers. That is a win for all! Excellence in customer service recognized and applauded at the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance annual holiday party.

Glenora's Merritt earns honor for service. The Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance is an association with over tourism related businesses, and strives for regional tourism growth and sustainability in the Finger Lakes.

Merritt, nominated by Administrative Manager Kerry Keller of Glenora Wine Cellars, was one of five individuals considered for the award. Founded in , the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance is recognized as one of the oldest destination marketing organizations in the United States.

FLTA is an association of private-sector attractions, tourism-related businesses and county tourism offices working together in an effort to enhance and promote visitor business for the 9,square-mile Finger Lakes region of New York State.

November 30, , marked the 10th Annual Small Business Saturday, a celebration of small businesses and the positive impact they have on communities across the country. American Express, having created Small Business Saturday in , says it is working with organizations and independent businesses to provide solutions that support communities and uplift local economies.

The welcome station included coffee, hot cocoa, snacks, and crafts for kids. Also in Schuyler County -- up in Odessa -- a vendors fair featuring crafts and products of various kinds was held in the Municipal Building community room and in the adjoining fire department bays.

Food was available, served by Boys Scout Troop 50, and raffle prizes were available. Leszyk, in his talk, said "it takes courage to try to go out on your own" as a small business person, but that "there is no better place to start -- or resume -- a business than right here in Watkins Glen.

O'Hearn praised Marks and Chef Orlando for their vision, and Orlando for "your willingness to take a risk. Carroll said the grand opening marked "a brand new chapter with a little spin. It's a little bit different than we had before. Chef Orlando, in a statement leading up to the grand opening, said: "For as long as I've wanted to be a Chef, long before I began my formal education at the Culinary Institute of America in the Hudson Valley Region, I have always wanted to own my own restaurant.

And as was the case with the founders of this beloved establishment, Graft will continue to be a family affair, with my wife Natacia Rodriguez the co-owner, and my daughter, an aspiring media developer, helping out with our social media and marketing. We look forward to maintaining and growing the excellent reputation we've inherited with Graft, and continuing to serve locally-sourced, creative food to our neighbors, fellow residents, and visitors alike.

Graft will serve and sell a variety of New York State hand-crafted wines, beers and ciders accompanying its many locally sourced dishes, which will change regularly with the changing availability of those food sources.

Photo in text: Chef Orlando Rodriguez and his family at Friday's gathering. Noms sought for annual Chamber Awards. Community members are invited to nominate deserving individuals! Leader in Business Award -- must have made a dynamic contribution to the Schuyler County business community within the last decade; must have expanded the business mix in Schuyler County; continues to foster economic opportunity such as creating new job opportunities; must have assumed considerable risk; highly respected entrepreneur.

The Max Neal Award -- must have demonstrated consistent dedication, selflessness, faith, determination, and solid support in the future and well-being of the Chamber; must have made it clear to the Community that they recognize the Chamber as their Schuyler County organization of choice; is an amazing investor and mentor into the future leadership of Schuyler County; must be well-respected, highly honored and beloved by the residents of Schuyler County; and must have served on a committee or the board of directors or been employed by the Chamber for a minimum of five years.

Please note that past recipients are listed on the nominations forms. The deadline for the receipt of the nominations is October 31, , and they should be emailed to rebekah watkinsglenchamber.

Gorge Around Gorge Restaurant Week set. This event will take place October 28 through November 3. For more information, call the Chamber at or email the Chamber at liz watkinsglenchamber. Cabezas opens new engineering business. Cabezas Engineering specializes in mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering services.

Howard Cabezas has worked on construction projects from 5, to over , square feet. He has experience in designing hotels, higher education institutions, prisons, psychiatric centers, DOT facilities, K schools, fire stations, office buildings, museums, and county buildings. Photo in text: Howard Cabezas Photo provided. Schumer visits Lakewood Vineyards in drive to amend 'arcane' container rules. Senator Charles E. According to a Lakewood representative, Schumer was "speaking in support of an effort that Lakewood has led" to change existing out-of-date and business-limiting rules regarding canned wine sizes.

Schumer, who visited Rochester in the mornng and was heading toward New York City later in the day, said he is lobbying to get the "arcane" rules in question altered so "people can have what they want" -- in this case readily accessible ounce cans and single sales of popular 8.

Currently the rules call for less popularly formatted and thus difficult to obtain in small orders As the Lakewood representative said, "We are requesting to be allowed to have greater discretion in the sizes which we are allowed to sell. Schumer, who like his Washington colleagues is on a two-week break from the nation's capital, said he also wants adjustment of what a press release issued by his office called "a lengthy and burdensome labeling process" now borne by wineries. To attain that would help "unshackle the Southern Tier winery industry and boost the regional economy.

Shumer was introduced to a gathering on a patio at Lakewood by Judy Cherry, executive director of the Schuyler County Partnership for Economic Development. Also speaking was winemaker Chris Stamp, president of Lakewood and a son of Bev and the late Monty Stamp, the couple that built the business from humble beginnings -- a business that is now a tourist destination. Chris and his wife Elizabeth have carried on that earlier growth. After his talk, the senator posed for photos with the Stamp clan and various individuals before heading back out on the road, toward his next stop -- part of an itinerary that every year takes him to each of the counties in the state.

This was his 21st annual visit to Schuyler County. Here they are shown greeting Senator Schumer upon his arrival at Lakewood. Senator Schumer back to camera discusses wines with the Stamp family during his visit to Lakewood Vineyards. Cayuga offers new robotic surgical system. The fourth generation da Vinci Xi Surgical System is designed to enhance surgeon capabilities and advance Minimally Invasive Procedures.

The da Vinci Xi was developed by Intuitive, a global technology leader in minimally invasive care and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery. The da Vinci Xi offers advanced instrumentation, vision and features such as integrated table motion. It is versatile and flexible, with setup automation and guidance that promotes OR efficiency. Local Boating Club backs new safety law. Cuomo on Aug. The new law requires everyone over the age of 10 to pass a state-approved boating safety course to legally operate a mechanically driven vessel on waters in New York.

Older operators will be gradually affected by the law, with all operators of a mechanically driven vessel required to pass a boating safety course by Jan. The law applies to all vessels with a motor, including powered boats of any size, sailboats that have a motor and personal watercraft, also known as jet skis.

Operators of sailboats, kayaks, standup paddleboards, rowboats, canoes and any other watercraft without a motor are Blind Corner Cabinet 12 Opening Lyrics not required to have a boating safety certificate to be on the water. But those who want to get started early can take the course online. The local chapter of the United States Power Squadrons boasts members from across the Finger Lakes Region who enjoy their time on the water in vessels ranging from kayaks to power boats to sailboats.

Boat ownership is not a membership requirement. Chef Orlando to take over Graft restaurant. It follows a letter in May from Marks announcing the closing of Graft on July 27 with the relocation to Philadelphia of partner and chef Christina Mckeough and her family and a desire by part-owners Ted and Katie Marks to "change gears.

After an outstanding twelve-year run as Executive Chef of Veraisons At Glenora Winery , Orlando along with wife Natacia has purchased Graft with the intention to continue to bring locally-focused cuisine and drink to Franklin Street in WatkinsGlen. At Veraisons, Orlando always creates connections with farmers for his menus and the cuisine is not only seasonal, but innovative, beautiful, daring and delicious. Having his own restaurant with Natacia and their four kids was part of the family plan and while the timing may have been sooner than intended, the opportunity to take over the successful, existing kitchen and bar presented itself in an unlikely manner With excitement for all involved, Graft will continue as a gathering place, a local hub for eating good food and drink.

Orlando has great ideas for change and growth in the Graft space; more details will be revealed upon the completion of the sale. Not only for his commitment to local, but because I have loved the innovation and elegance he brought to Glenora -- he once made a chocolate mousse that was so good it brought tears to my eyes. Photo in text: Chef Orlando Rodriguez Photo provided. Historical Society exhibit honoring Italian family founders to open Aug. Among his jobs was running the commissary at a laborers camp in Burdett for the Lehigh Valley Railroad, which hired many immigrants.

The Italians also answered the call for workers at the two salt companies in Watkins. The informational pieces were submitted by their descendants after an appeal to the community by the Historical Society. The celebration continues on Sunday, Sept. The free talk will be at 1 p. Admission is free. He was employed by the International Salt Co.

Chamber launches Coffee Connections. Coffee Connections are relatively short sessions where potential members can learn about the benefits of Chamber membership, meet other current and future members, and hear directly from them about their experience, as well as network with potential business partners. Current members can learn more about the benefits of Chamber membership to ensure that they are leveraging all of the benefits that are available to them, and also meet fellow members to explore potential partnerships and business connections.

Plus, say Chamber officials, "this is a wonderful chance to interact with Chamber staff and keep them informed of your business developments, needs, and more while sipping on a delicious cup of Seneca Sunrise coffee!

Attendees are encouraged to bring business cards, questions about the Chamber, and ideas for how the business community can be enhanced. Participants are also encouraged to bring a sampling of marketing materials.

Past, present, and potential future members are encouraged to RSVP for this informal networking session by either calling the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce at or via email: marybeth watkinsglenchamber.

Saturday hours begin at Historical Society. The museums, located at N. For more information, call the Historical Society at The Community Partner Award is presented annually to an organization or individual in recognition of helping Schuyler Hospital achieve its mission.

Hospital employees volunteer with WGI for several events each summer, and in return WGI makes a donation to the hospital. Recently, the Cayuga Health System has started partnering with WGI for sponsorship opportunities, including a walking trail and kid-friendly activities. WGI pulls plug on Woodstock 50 festival. WGI has "terminated the site license" for the planned Aug.

Meanwhile, a principal organizer has said the show will go on. Gregory Peck, a managing member of Woodstock 50 LLC, said: "We are in discussions with another venue to host Woodstock 50 on August 16thth and look forward to sharing the new location when tickets go on sale in the coming weeks. The festival had announced plans for 80 acts across three days on the expansive acreage of Watkins Glen International.

Questions abounded in recent weeks as to the stability of the announced schedule, given the mercurial nature of the ongoing drama. While WGI's move was no surprise, Schuyler County Administrator Tim O'Hearn, in a statement, said it "comes as a major disappointment to us," but added: "We commend WGI for their actions, which we feel are in the overall best interest of the community.

During his time at the museum he has held roles managing guest relations, strategic corporate partnerships, and outreach initiatives. He also played an important part in the planning and execution of the GlassBarge , which traveled across New York State in and in celebration of the bicentennial of the Erie Canal. DeRusha brings a personal passion for vintage cars and Upstate New York automotive history to his new position.

He currently owns and regularly drives a Franklin model 12B 5-passenger sedan manufactured in Syracuse , and a MGB, which he inherited from his father and ran in several Stone Bridge Driver events during the Grand Prix Festival in Watkins Glen. DeRusha is also a past president Corner Cabinet Round Game of the H.

Franklin Club. As executive director, he will have overall operational, administrative and financial responsibility for the IMRRC. Spanning continents, eras and race series, the IMRRC's collection embodies the speed, drama and camaraderie of amateur and professional motor racing throughout the world. The Center welcomes serious researchers and casual fans alike to share stories of race drivers, race series and race cars captured on its shelves and walls and brought to life through a regular calendar of public lectures, special events and now online through its website, racingarchives.

Photo in text: Daniel G. DeRusha Photo provided. Montour, Burdett are offered CCA option. Community Choice Aggregation is a New York State program that allows communities to combine the buying power of multiple households into an energy buying block.

MEGA asserts that the pricing takes advantage of current low energy rates and protects consumers against energy price spikes that may occur during heat waves and polar vortex events.

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