Campbell Shed Products Campbell comprises a group of companies specializing in various aspects of ocean transportation. Working with our collective strengths and effectively coordinating among our business units, we create and deliver business solutions in the industry. Our objective is to be recognized as a group that provides exceptional service to the clients we serve. USD. No additional information is available at this time. Serving the SF Bay Area � specializing in backyard sheds and shed studios � ideal for home & garden storage. Wood shed, garden shed, storage shed.� Our versatile sheds solve dozens of space needs. All?Purpose Storage Sheds. Home & Garden Storage Bikes & Toys Emergency Supplies Workshop/Playhouse. Studio/Office Sheds. Home Office Art & Craft Studio Music Studio Exercise Room.

Featuring a belt driven pump and 12v burner system. Built with cabinet style protection and industrial welded frame. Pressure Washer Hot Water - Belt driven pumping system, built tough with a maneuverable design.

Featuring an electric start Honda engine. Custom builds are what we do best. Once we draw up a pressure washing system for your unique application, our expert builders will construct it from the ground up. If your cleaning system needs to be mobile, we will also build a trailer exactly to your specifications. Detergents Detergent - Specialty Products. Pressure Washer Detergent - Transportation Products. Detergent - Parts Washer Solutions. Detergent - All Purpose. Scale Stop. Campbell's Inc.

Environmental Compliance Water Recovery Systems. Coalescing Systems. Evaporation Systems. Water Treatment Systems. Water Heater - Horizontal Oil Fired. Water Heater - Stationary Oil Fired. Industrial Parts Washers. Compact Top Load Parts Washers.

Parts Washer Rollout Turntable. Industrial Space Heater. Radiant Heaters. Portable Cold Water Pressure Washer. Aluminum Frame Challenger Power Washers. Pressure Washer Hot Water. Pressure Washer Trailers. Pressure Washer Trailer Cold Water. Steam Cleaners. Dry Stream Generators. Oil Fired Grease Steam Cleaners. Detergent - Specialty Products. Learn More.

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