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Caulk all the seams, inside and out, with the Patio Storage Box Costco Ranking same sealant. You could always use paintable caulk for this part, but the 3M Marine Sealant takes care of it all. Keeping it nice and dry. But a box is boring. Cut your trim board with straight cuts, gluing and nailing the top and bottom trim boards first, then measure the sides and cut those trim boards to length. TIP: For easy and accurate measuring of the trim, hold the trim board in place and then mark with a pencil where you have to cut.

This method will give you an accurate cut and save you the hassle of pulling out the measuring tape every 2 minutes! Finish the edge of the lid with PVC quarter round molding. Glue and nail it to the box. See the knots? This is why you want a really good piece of plywood. They could always be filled with wood filler if you prefer.

Fill all nail holes on your outdoor storage box with 3M Wood Filler and then lightly sand where you patched with 3M Advanced Abrasives sandpaper.

Place the box on a ScotchBlue drop cloth and prime every surface of the box with 2 coats of quality primer, even the underside. Next give your box at least 2 coats of good exterior latex paint.

Screw in the 4 casters to the bottom corners of the box and also attach the galvanized hinges to the lid first and then the box. The outdoor storage box fits all of our cushions easily and we have been using it both as a side table and as extra seating. I love it! Here is an update on how it looks 5 years later summer ! It could use another coat of outdoor paint but overall it still is looking fabulous and holding up amazingly well.

The outdoor storage box has sat outside in the elements for the past 5 years several hurricanes and snowstorms! See the rest of our coastal deck makeover HERE.

Find out more awesome projects at 3MDIY. This post is a collaboration with 3M DIY. To keep up-to-date on projects, products and sampling visit 3MDIY. You did a great job — the storage and the whole deck look fabulous. And so do you in your cool glasses! This looks great, Kim! We could really use something like this on our patio. Thanks Michele! It took us just the afternoon to make and then I painted it the following day.

It was far easier than I thought it would be. You amaze me every time! One because you are super talented, two because you manage to always look so darn cute while working with power tools!

Awww, thank you sweet Heather! I think I drank about 6 bottles of water during that afternoon project! Construction seriously only took one afternoon. I painted it the next day. Even I was surprised at how easy it was and was kicking myself for not doing it sooner! No brainer. I love how this turned out Kim!

The pop of color on the inside is fabulous. And your tutorial is awesome. Thanks Mique! I actually built it about a month ago and we are loving it! Kim, I just love this, perfect for patio pillows. Thanks so much Denyse! This was a fun project to utilize the gorgeous paint! Thank you Erin!

It was sooooooo needed on my deck. Pillows were laying everywhere getting dirty and targeted by bugs.. Awesome job KIM! That came out great. So smart using the marine adhesive too. That would work great here in wet Oregon. And what exactly would be needed on the outside to get that? Well, quite simply I started with my available material, and thought briefly about how I would assemble this box.

Now, my fence boards I knew where 1x4. Again, too short! Now I did think briefly about building two separate smaller boxes, I have to tell you I was trying to look for efficiencies. I mean — I already knew this was going to be a fairly complex project. While it was a little unfortunate that I wouldn't be able to assemble my box with boards that would reach side to side in a single pass, I did something that would end up being a little more like patchwork.

After all, the most important aspect of the boards was their width. I would just have to use two panels each on the front, back, bottom and also on the top. To achieve this I started by assembling the panels I would need. While I thought about assembling these panels using an intricate maze of pocket screws, I opted instead to simply glue and clamp.

Later I would add structural elements and trim to hold everything about the box together. This was actually the most time consuming aspect of this project simply because I was limited by how many panels I could do at a time.

I was also somewhat limited in that even quality wood glue needs to be maintained at above 50 degrees or so for more than 24 hours in this type of application. I did most of my work on this project outside. That and the lack of cord, let me tell you, is very, well, freeing.

The bench-top clamping features on the Workmate came in very handy when I needed to plane, sand and otherwise make small adjustments to my panels. In other words, I fit the panels inside of one another other, glued and screwed them together. Later I installed trim using stainless 18ga brads; there was added both to the interior and the exterior of the box.

While the top followed roughly this same formula, it proved to be a slightly bigger challenge because I wanted to liberally cover the entire box. Leap of Faith Crafting. This beautiful outdoor coffee table pulls double-duty as a place where you can put your feet up or set your drink on. Open up the top of the table and there's a lot of room for you to store patio cushions or whatever else you'd like to store outside.

Mama Needs a Project. Here's a DIY outdoor storage idea for all the outdoor or garage toys that your children might have. It's really a two-tired bench that would look great outside or you could even use it inside to corral toys. The lips on the shelves make it a great place to store anything that might roll away, like toy trucks or balls.

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