Jan 19, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. Max Chapius has an abundance of trails around him for training near his home in Geneva, Switzerland. Over the shorter days and winter months, he's taken to riding his eMTB in order to get in the maximum amount of riding while the lifts are closed.

His go-to ride takes him through a variety of conditions and terrain. Max prefers the SL version of the Levo as he says it offers the same feelings as a normal bike, but with the motor he can go a little further than he would be able to.

He says it's the best of both worlds for. Max sets the Levo SL in a similar manner to his Stumpjumper, but the Levo's suspension is set stiffer to help deal with the extra weight of the motor and battery. The Ohlins RXF 36 fork is set up with psi in the top chamber, in the ramp-up chamber, 10 clicks of compression, and 6 clicks of rebound in his fork.

For stopping, he is on Magura MT7 brakes with mm rotors. Review: Rocky Mountain Instinct Carbon 90 views. Meet Max, Max uses his ebike to train and so should you!!! Lithium batteries are horrible for the environment. Jsmoke Jan 19, at Shred-BC Jan 19, at Every part of it felt like an advertisement. I suppose you are against electric cars then?

DoubleCrownAddict Jan 19, at It's a slow winter and this is one of the most progressive e bikes out there, so for me it was worth the click. E bikes rule and they are only going to get better and more popular. Having said that, the edit was poor. Didn't really start till half way through, too much pointless drone footage and bad gopro angles. Lithium batteries are terrible to produce, but they are also extremely recycleable. E bikes aside bc from an environmental standpoint they are silly. But cars and backhoes like the stuff they used to build that all e trail make sense bc you can recycle the batteries so the initial damage becomes less in proportion over time and your replacing an engine that damages the environment.

Now obviously things start to change as cleaner grid power becomes more prevalent, which is the real issue, and then and only then will EV be even close.

Ripping through trails in the neighborhood with no complaints! I like enduro bikes, bike shed motor company report bikes, trail bikes, Xc bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, bmx bikes, trials bike shed motor company report, dirt bikes, and even Ebikes.

Am I weird? No hate for bikes. Life is short. Do what makes you happy. Lithium batteries are terrible and carbon fiber is? We also had the question of carbon footprint that we then looked. Just driving around electric and petrol cars produce more or less the same amount of CO2 so bike shed motor company report ECO part already fails. Then as you mentioned we come to lithium and other rare metals that EVs needs in much bigger numbers than ICEs.

The companies are only jumping on the trend as it will make them sales in the long run and they'll be able to survive. I'm not anti-ebike, but there is no equivalence between cars bike shed motor company report bikes when it comes to electric power.

Electric cars are nothing but butterflies and unicorns. Batteries good. Gas bad. No room in that religion. Serpentras Jan 19, at Witch country was it? Did you see how many countries have almost non Fossil fuels for their electronic grid? Take France as an example. Almost only a nuclear power grid. Germany is bad at this, we replaced our nuclear plants with green energy. Not the coal burning shit. Losvar Jan 19, at We still share our electrical grid with the rest of Europe, and our production and consumption is nothing compared to among others Germany where most of the power comes from coal, which is dirty as all hell.

If you want to bike shed motor company report environmentally conscious, keep your old car on the road and don't consume so much shit. Then the manufacturing energy makes suburban way better. But now you can put a new bike shed motor company report in and recycle old one so the study is meaningless and probably was when first written. Losvar : Everyone would be using hydro if there was enough of it.

In fact most low hanging fruits have been picked and constructing new hydro potential is very environmentally impactful.

There is only one country in the world that has a greater hydropotential than its current and future needs. Plus it's got coffers full of oil money. Enjoy rain! Arnaudevinci Jan 20, at Bike shed motor company report have 58 nuclear reactors and someone not in good shape Losvar Jan 20, at Mindless consumption is one of the greatest threats to the environment.

Serpentras Jan 20, at Losvar : well I just checked the energy bike shed motor company report we have for Don't bike shed motor company report that many homes who are built in the last 10 years have solar panels. At least for the private sector. The most stupid thing I see is that smart trainers need an plug. Why dafuq need this thing power if I do an average w output on it? Losvar : Unarguably. Couldn't resist chipping in here as there's a lot of misinformation about electric vehicles out.

The idea that electric cars are worse for the environment in terms of CO2 is simply a myth. Over their lifetime, including manufacturing, disposal and electricity use, they already produce far less CO2 than comparable petrol cars. This will improve as electricity generation improves.

Source: www. So, yes, an ebike is generally worse for the environment, but not as bad as two conventional bikes, and we don't attack people for having a shed full of bikes, do we? In order bike shed motor company report go completely electric in terms of cars and generation of electricity itself, it is estimated we will need to mine as much as we have in the whole of human history so far.

Lithium and other important metals for this are found in areas with habitats that are at risk of destruction e. The Congo basin.

You might not be wrong but Losvar also isnt in asking people bike shed motor company report think about the whole impact and consumption rather than just CO2. They had the battery replaced with a used battery - against the VW importers and insurers wishes - and got the car back on the road for a "measly" EUR The best selling car here overall last year was the Audi E-tron.

A new headlight for that car costs more than what our current family MPV with many years left would sell for - for real! We're talking in the region of EUR - for a headlight! You can choose a city roundabout, or a 2. Hockerz Jan 20, at Please provide some more details please so I can verify this study.

How much energy does it take and pollution does it cause to produce one litre of unleaded petrol? This took into account the source for the electricity for charging etc DoubleCrownAddict : if you actually read the article and didnt just jump to the video it explains the training.

Lasse Jan 20, at Changed from the Assegai to this one and was impressed. Bike shed motor company report these E-bikes can lose some weight by going 10spd drivetrain. No need for a 52tooth plate when there is pedal assist. Hoping we have a sub 35lbs E-bike out soon. ReubenSandwich Jan 19, at I suggested something similar to this on a Facehole post from another source last year and had a bunch of kooks shout me .

The electric bike must have a maximum speed of 25 km/h ( mph) provided by the electric motor. The bike must have fully operational pedals, ie: which allow you to pedal the bike when needed. On top of this, it also depends whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Jan 19,  · a lot of this "new to bikesport breed" once in their life rode a bike and remember how that felt or still owe the old 15 year bike and just got it out the shed. Facilities include indoor and outdoor private property belonging to a house, the side of the road where metered or laid out for such use, a parking lot (North American English) or car park (British English), indoor and outdoor multi-level structures, shared underground parking facilities and facilities for particular types of vehicle such as dedicated structures for cycle parking.

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